Endorphin & Neurotransmitter Sessions

  Scalar light assembles endorphins and neurotransmitters inside each cell of the human body thereby serving to effectively deliver and evenly distribute these natural chemicals throughout the body. Succinctly, the Scalar Light Endorphin & Neurotransmitter Session is an excellent delivery system for endorphins and neurotransmitters inside each cell of the human body. Scalar light is

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Lyme Disease Testimony

Babesia Microti disassembled via scalar energy pathogen cleanse

Lyme disease testimony received June 2018. Scalar energy is a healing energy that is capable of disassembling pathogens associated with Lyme disease. Below is a testimonial of a person who was successfully treated for Lyme disease by way of the scalar energy pathogen cleanse. Lyme Disease Testimony Received June 2018 Scalar energy has given me

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Benefits of the Natural Foods Sessions

Natural Foods Program

The benefits of the Scalar Energy Natural Foods Sessions. Perfect delivery system Optimal nutrient source Clean uncompromised food source delivered to the molecules of the body Synthesizes essential vitamins, essential amino acids, phytochemicals and minerals Independent of physical digestion and absorption processes (frees up the energy of the body) Scalar energy is a carrier wave

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Who Does The Scalar Session Benefit?

Who does the Scalar Light session benefit? People, pets, plants, farm animals, race horses and wild animals. All living creatures can benefit from scalar light. Homes, buildings, cars, clothes and other non-living objects are not intended to benefit from the remote scalar light sessions. Pathogens that cause chronic illness are eradicated on the First Pathogen

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Addictive Behavior & Chemical Detox Feedback

Weekly Feedback Message A request for feedback will be sent to your email address each week. We require your participation to create the best addiction cleanse session possible. What’s in the Addictive Behavior & Chemical Detox Sessions? Nutrients in the Addictive Behavior & Chemical Detox Sessions What They Are Saying Right Now Date: Fri, June

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