Use Colloidal Silver to Boost Immune Response

Silver Coin .9999 pure
Use Colloidal Silver to boost immune response. (co loid al) A colloid is a suspension of fine particles dispersed in a gas or liquid, whereas a hydrosol is a particular kind of colloid – one with only pure water as the medium.

You can find silver hydrosol products using ultra pure silver suspended in ultra pure water, produced using a proprietary electrolysis process yielding over 95% active silver. One company is Natural-Immunogenics Corporation

An “oligodynamic effect”, from the Greek oligos (few) and dynamis (power), refers to potent and meaningful biological actions that can be exerted by extremely low concentrations of metal ions. For over a hundred years it has been known that oligodynamic silver ions can mediate extracellular and intracellular immune challenges, due to the oxidation potential of the ion.

Applicable Functions:

  1. Allergic Response
  2. Free Radicals
  3. Immune System Support
  4. Microbial Imbalances
  5. Parasites
  6. Toxicity
  7. Yeast

The oligodynamic action of silver, resulting from the liberated silver ions, occurs because their charge facilitates electron displacement. The charge effectively yanks electrons away from a molecule, in essence weakening the molecular bond and rendering it susceptible to cleavage. Oligodynamic silver has been shown to modulate immune events, such as promoting superoxide release and supporting healthy regulation of toxicants. Through these supportive mechanisms and others, silver hydrosol represents outstanding immune support.

Related Structure Groups:

  • Digestive System
  • GI Tract
  • Immune System
  • Intestinal Lining
  • Intestinal Mucous Membrane
  • Intestine

The particle size of the silver ions is of critical importance. The smaller the colloidal silver particle, the more potential for biological activity it has. Colloidal silver particles in commercial products of the last century were thought to be 14 to 26 nanometers. Products containing silver particles with a uniform size approximating 0.8 nanometers, making it a true picoscalar dispersion as determined by transmission electron microscopy. Since the prevalent ion charge is uniformly positive, and because like charges repel, silver products have a uniquely uniform particle dispersion in its pure water medium.

  • kills all known bacteria and viruses
  • stimulates the bodies natural immune system
  • assists and speeds up healing
  • .

  • tones up the body and the feeling of well-being
  • promotes healthy bones and joints
  • speeds up the healing of torn muscles and ligaments
  • advances the healing of stubborn skin ulcers
  • kills 650 known germs, viruses, pathogens
  • can keep water and foods free of bacteria
  • promotes healthy and rapid plant growth
  • promotes good health for dogs and pets
  • is a good adjunct to fighting the results of pollution and allergens

Research the company you plan to purchase colloidal silver from. There are a lot of companies online that do not provide a quality product and they also provide a lot of misinformation. Links below will help your search. I personally use Sovereign Silver made by Natural-Immunogenics Corporation Available on


Suggested Use:

For aggressive immune challenges, take 1 t – 1 T every 20 minutes. Hold in the mouth for thirty seconds to allow absorption through tissues. For entrenched immune stresses, take 1 t to 1 T on an empty stomach three or more times daily. Note: 60 cc (1380 mcg) of colloidal silver administered daily for 40 years to an average adult remains below the LOAEL threshold. Over the course of a 70 year lifespan, the LOAEL critical oral dose should remain below 14 mcg/kg/day.

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