Increase Your Health with Meditation

Meditate 2 times daily for 20 minutes.
Meditate 2 times daily for 20 minutes.
Meditation is now widely accepted by the mainstream medical and scientific community as a very good complementary tool for healing.

In various clinical tests throughout United States and Europe, Meditation has been found to be highly effective as complementary therapy. Meditation improves the immune system so that the body can heal itself.

Physiological Effects of Meditation:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • causes deep relaxation
  • increases oxygen in blood
  • increases blood flow while slowing heart rate
  • reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate
  • decreases muscle tension
  • reduces pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms
  • enhances energy, strength and vigor
  • reduction of free radicals, less tissue damage

Increase coherence with meditation
Increase coherence with meditation
Research shows that Meditation can help people live better. Studies in the late 70’s showed Meditation can be used to treat patients with heart problems. The list of meditation benefits continue to become substantial. Currently I can name over 100 benefits for emotional, psychological, physiological and spiritual improvement. I will endeavor to include in future articles about meditation.

Nobody can deny that meditation has some real benefits, but those are actually only the “minor” benefits that one could get from meditating.

My Story:

I had my third and fourth child sixteen months apart. My last birth was a C-section. After delivery, my weight dropped to ninety pounds. Thirty pounds below my normal weight. My nerves were shattered and I was tired all the time. The six-week appointment with my OB-GYN proved non-helpful. He recommended Valium. I made a mental note to never pay him for advice again.

Co-incidentally, the following weekend at a barbecue with friends, I heard about a meditation orientation occurring at our local library. I attended. People from TM (Transcendental Meditation) were there giving the latest stats on whole-life improvement when meditating 20 minutes two times daily. I signed up.

For the next six weeks, I participated with the local group checking in once a week. My life changed. My body loved meditation and my family was supportive; they helped me fit the twice daily sittings into my schedule. I got up early each morning to spend 20 minutes with my mantra – a seed word I repeated silently each sitting. In the afternoon while the babies took naps, I sat again for 20 minutes, eyes closed, silently chanting my mantra.

Every morning upon awakening, I couldn’t wait to meditate – that’s how much I loved it – and that’s how much my body wanted meditation.

Within a short time, I had endurance. I could get up and stay up. I had my life back.

Today, thirty years later, I can attest to a life of riches beyond my imagination. Meditation has helped me everyday in every way.

Real Meditation is not merely closing your eyes, sitting in a specific posture, mumbling some strange words (although doing these will still benefit you physically and emotionally) . It’s much more than that. Meditation connects you to your source. That source is personal and wants you to have everything good in life.

A Simple Meditation: How to Meditate

A simple meditation to begin the transition from where you are now to deeper states of being is to focus on the breath. The breath and mind work in tandem, so as breath begins to lengthen, brain waves begin to calm and slow down.

  1. To begin the meditation, sit comfortably in your chair with your shoulders relaxed and spine tall.
  2. Place your hands mindfully on your lap, close your eyes and as much as possible eliminate any stimulus that may distract you.
  3. Watch your breath. Simply notice your breath flowing in. Flowing out. Don’t try to change it in any way. Just notice.
  4. Silently repeat the mantra: “Breathing In. Breathing Out.” As your mind begins to wander, draw it back to your breath. Notice that as your breath begins to lengthen and fill your body, your mind begins to calm.

Consistency is Key. Try to do this breath meditation for 20 minutes first thing in the morning and again in late afternoon. Avoid evening meditation if you want to sleep – meditation is energizing. Be consistent with your meditation practice, particularly if it is difficult to sit still as you begin. Shorter meditation sessions on a daily basis are more productive than long sessions every few weeks.

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