Bartonella Henselae Disassembled via Pathogen Cleanse

Bartonella Henselae is disassembled by pathogen cleanse.
Bartonella Henselae is disassembled by the Pathogen Cleanse therby providing relief from Lyme Disease.
Bartonella henselae is a bacterium that is the causative agent of cat scratch disease. Lymphadenopathy or swelling of the lymph nodes and fever are the symptoms associated with cat scratch disease.

Bartonella henselae is also associated with Lyme disease as the genus of Ixodes ticks serve as a vector for the transmission of the bacterium. Thus, Bartonella henselae is one of the co-infections associated with Lyme disease. Each scalar energy pathogenic cleanse addresses Bartonella henselae and disassembles this bacterium thus alleviating human as well as animal suffering. As a fundamental force in nature, scalar energy is capable of disassembling and eradicating any pathogen.

The scalar energy pathogen cleanse disassembles bacteria, viruses, protozoan and fungi inside the human or animal body. 45,000 potential species of pathogens are targeted to be disassembled by way of the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic. Each pathogen specie possesses one scalar energy harmonic that serves to assemble and maintain the geometry of that infectious agent. Conversely, to broadcast the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a specific pathogen would serve to disassemble or transmute that infectious agent into another physical form, such as, an element.

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