Nothing to Be Bitter About – Lemons, the Superfood

Grandma was so smart in making homemade lemonade. She knew that this bitter little fruit was packed full of nutrition.



First and foremost, one of the greatest benefits of lemons is that they are alkaline forming within the body. Lemons are acidic going in but through the process of digestion, they are one of the most potent foods to balance the body’s pH.

Lemons are anionic – they contain a negative ion charge, very beneficial to health as negative ions help create dispersion and flow in the body, helping to unclump red blood cells.

Lemons are a rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which targets free radicals in the body; it is also important in preventing colds, flu and scurvy. Humans don’t manufacture Vitamin C within the body, and must find outside sources for it. The lemon peel is exceptionally high in Vitamin C and it is recommended to zest lemon peel on your meals – it will make the taste pop. Remember, antioxidant means anti-aging!

Lemons are antibacterial. Use lemon juice mixed with water on your skin. It will help prevent acne and act as a toner. It will also help brighten the skin, and lighten age spots. Drinking lemon juice (diluted with water) helps to clean your blood of all kinds of bacteria, including malaria, typhus, cholera, malaria, staph and more.

Lemons clean the liver; drinking lemon juice with water will liquify bile, stimulate the liver, and dissolve uric acid.

Lemons contain flavonoids. Flavonoids, are known to be anti-cancer, anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents. Flavonoids help strengthen blood vessels and prevent hemorrhage.

Drinking lemon juice, because of its citric acid, helps to dissolve gallstones, kidney stones and calcium deposits.

Lemons stimulate peristalsis in the intestines. Lemons are also great parasite fighters and can eliminate worms in the intestinal tract.

Rutin, necessary for good vision, and which prevents diabetic retinopathy, is found in lemons.

Lemons contain tangeritin, a phytonutrient which helps with neural disorders, and limonene, a substance which has been shown to slow cancer growth.

Lemons will lower the glycemic index of foods:  squeeze lemon juice on your veggies, meats, etc.

Add lemon juice to your marinade to help tenderize meat.

And….because lemons help digestion, lower absorption of sugars and  increase calcium absorption, drinking lemon water helps you to lose weight!

A Great Lemon/Lime Cocktail:


One of the best ways I have found to get my lemon fix is to juice 6 whole lemons, and 6 whole limes. You will get some of the rind and pith in with your mix, and that is exactly what you want. That beautiful lemon and lime oil in the peel is so packed full of nutrients, and the white pith is also chock full of goodies for your body.

You should get about a quart of juice out of this. It will be very potent and somewhat bitter (because you will get some of the white pith), and a little chunky; I add about 1 ounce to a 15 ounce glass, mixed with sparkling water. Add stevia to taste.

You can make your Lemon/Lime Cocktail even more exciting with strawberry, blueberry or pomegranate juice!  Or add a bit of ginger.  Be creative!

Don’t throw away the pulp from your juicer! Separate out the larger pieces and take the remainder, dehydrate it, grind it up in your food processor, bag it and refrigerate it. Use this in salads, on top of veggies, meats, etc. This will be your own little stash of Vitamin C to pump up your meals!

Sue Mount is the co-owner of Perfect Waters, LLC. She is an energy healer and provides testing services and alternative health consulting.

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