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Addiction Rehab Quotes

For many people experiencing a struggle with addiction, one of the most difficult things about the process of recovery is feeling misunderstood. Many recovering addicts feel isolated because they are going through a very unique situation that the people around them cannot completely empathize with, as much as they may try. This is one of the reasons why support groups work so well for helping people to recover from addiction; being able to relate to one another and share similar experiences and feelings is valuable. Reading about what others experience can also be incredibly powerful, and so we have gathered some of the most inspiring addiction rehab quotes to uplift, support, and motivate.

Ten Inspirational Addiction Rehab Quotes

Slab saying addiction smashed by hammer

1. Remember that just because you hit bottom doesnt mean you have to stay there. (Robert Downey Jr.)

 The actor Robert Downey Jr knows what it is to go through addiction and recovery, and this simple statement is evidence of this. Addiction can leave you feeling like your entire world has fallen apart. It is a scary place, but you dont have to stay there. Even if you feel like you slip up and you hit rock bottom again, you still dont have to stay there. In fact, the only way is up. Of all the addiction rehab quotes, this is a very good one to begin with. 

  1. When was the last time you woke up and wished youd had just one more drink the night before? I have never regretted not drinking. Say this to yourself, and youll get through anything. (Meredith Bell)

 Meredith Bell, the author of numerous books about alcoholism, makes a very valid point. It can really help to look at the craving for alcohol, drugs, or whatever compulsive behavior you feel drawn to from this perspective. Nobody wishes they had quit recovery or given up on their addiction program, just as nobody regrets not having a drink.

hand up saying no to glass of alcohol
  1. What is addiction really? Its a sign, a signal, a symptom of distress. Its a language that tells about a plight that must be understood (Alice Miller)

 Psychologist Alice Miller makes our list of top inspirational addiction rehab quotes because she reminds us addiction requires understanding, not judgment. There is absolutely nothing to feel ashamed of or guilty about. Instead, we have to view addiction (in ourselves and in others) as a sign of distress. It is a symptom of something deeper. This does not excuse the addiction or permit unacceptable behavior, but it promotes understanding, reduces stigma, and encourages recovering addicts to seek the source of their trauma.

  1. Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Relapses may happen. This does not mean that recovery is over. In fact, for many people, relapses are a part of the recovery process. They may be a particularly painful part of the process, and they may leave you feeling like you have failed, but the only failure is failure to try. That is why this addiction rehab quote is so motivating; it reminds us that the true achievement is in trying again, rising up each time we fall, and taking those all-important new steps towards recovery.

  1. Nobody stays recovered unless the life they have created is more rewarding and satisfying than the one they left behind. (Anne Fletcher)

 This is quite a challenging idea and it can seem overwhelming when you are struggling with the process of recovery. The concept of creating this rich and rewarding life can feel like it is a long way off in the future. However, the truth is that addiction held you back from a rewarding life. It is never too early in the recovery process to find things in life that you find satisfying and rewarding. Reawaken your passion for the things you used to enjoy; get back to a hobby, reconnect with healthy relationships, learn something new or explore a little. Remind yourself that the world is full of opportunities for you.

napkin that has written to change yourself for the better
  1. Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future (Deepak Chopra)

 This is a great tip from one of the masters, Deepak Chopra. Every decision has the power to take you further along the road to recovery. When you feel tempted, or your resolve threatens to fail you, then think about whether you really want to go back to old ways or forward to new ones. Visualize yourself on the timeline of your life, and make the conscious choice to move forward to a better place and be a pioneer of the future instead of falling into the traps of the past.

  1. Everything youve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. (George Addair)

 One of the most challenging parts of the recovery process is meeting fear head-on and moving through it. There is fear associated with failure, but also fear of success. This addiction rehab quote pushes us to face our fears and keep on going by inviting us to visualize all the things we want – that rewarding life – on the other side of the fear. To reach that life we want, we cannot avoid the fear; we have to go through it.

i cant do it rubbed out and changed to i can do it
  1. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

This addiction rehab quote is powerful because it is practical. Simple steps, repeated daily until they become habitual, are crucial to recovering from any addiction. There is no big event, no great achievement that signals that you have recovered. Instead, it is about small efforts that are made consistently. It helps to see these as small steps; we all know that even the longest journey is made up of small steps.

  1. The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they dont have any. (Alice Walker)

Author Alice Walker sums up one of the foundations of Success when it comes to recovery. This is one of the most important addiction rehab quotes; it reminds us that we all have personal power. Yet if we dont believe in this power, or we choose not to use it, then we lose it. We each have a choice to use our power or to deny it. The good news is that at any point, we can claim this power, reawaken it, and use it to make new choices that can change our lives.

brick wall with writing that says grow through what you go through
  1. Dont judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

 Finally, this addiction rehab quote is a reminder that you might not see the results of your efforts today. You may not feel better today. You may not believe you have succeeded today. However, the small things you do today to keep yourself on the path to recovery will benefit you tomorrow or in a week from now. Think about your future self, and work each day to be kind to that future you.

We hope these addiction rehab quotes might offer solace or motivation to you or a loved one. If you are ready to seek help or want to talk to someone about addiction, then reach out to a medical professional, therapist, or addiction charity. For more information about treatment options and rehabilitation for addiction, see AddictionCenter.com.

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