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What is an Aura and What does Each Color Mean?

In basic terms, the aura is a luminous energy or electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things in an oval shape and is imperceptible to the naked eye. The aura is the combination of the etheric, emotional, and physical body, as well as the information of our souls. The aura is linked to the chakras.

What Is The Aura?

Aura and chakras on white background

The word aura comes from the greek aer meaning “breeze” and is defined as irradiation or sensation that emanates from something or someone, causing some impression or sensation that varies and can change the perception of the living beings around it. This luminous or immaterial irradiation covers the subjects’ being as a kind of energetic field covering specific things or persons. It is not visible to the eyes of any human. Also, the aura of each person has a color, which can give clues about the way each person is and feels. Thus, the aura conveys emotional, physical information and is believed to be a manifestation of our souls.

The aura usually extends between one and three feet away from the physical body in all directions, surrounding the person like a multi-layered “egg of light.” The aura is said to consist of 7 layers or subtle bodies that interconnect and constantly affect each other:

  • The ethereal body
  • The emotional body
  • The mental body
  • The astral body
  • The spiritual body
  • The celestial body
  • The divine body
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The Seven Colours and Their Meanings

Woman and her colorful energy fields

Each of the aura colors represents a person’s mood or physical health and also reflects the condition of their chakras. There are many variations in aura colors; some are more or less intense, some are lighter or deeper in color. There are also metallic colors within the aura spectrum, such as gold and silver, and of course, the aura can also contain black, white, and grey.

Red – People with a predominantly red aura are fiery, very vital, full of strength and enthusiasm. They are very attracted to adventure. Their qualities include a deep desire to succeed and achieve success in their lives. They tend to be born leaders who will look for positions of responsibility where they can exercise all their faculties, positions that motivate them because of the challenge they represent for them. They are very independent, ambitious, and competitive. They do not easily tolerate reproach or criticism. They are fighters who will fight to turn the worst situations around. They are very attached to the physical and material world. Very passionate in love.

Orange – People with orange as their primary color tend to be very active individuals. They have a tremendous energetic reserve, which impels them to carry out numerous activities in order to be able to unload all this energy. They tend to be adventurous people who enjoy hiking, travel, and sports. They have great ability to solve problems gives them great self-confidence. They have a great capacity to adapt to circumstances. They easily find a way to keep moving forward, no matter how difficult the situations they face may besociable, diplomatic, sincere, honest. In general, they are very balanced, although sometimes over-emotionality can be a problem for them. They must learn to distance themselves a little when they notice that their emotions do not correspond favorably with the experience they are going through.

Yellow – Optimistic and bright people, surround people who are intelligent and capable, especially in business matters. They are spirited yet cautious. Essentially, it refers to lucidity, intellectual restlessness, creativity. In secondary aspects, it can be indicative of a prolific stage. The dark variants of yellow reflect excessively critical or pessimistic attitudes. Or, in secondary aspects, it may indicate mental fatigue, stress, or a time of low intellectual performance.

Pink – The projection of pink tones refers to great sensitivity and strength. It usually indicates sacrifice, selflessness, and perseverance. As a secondary color, it can refer to a time of affection and tenderness. People with a pink aura tend to be sensitive towards others, including animals and nature. They tend to be kind, loving, and caring. Negative variants of pink may reflect immaturity or fragility. In the background, it is indicative of a moment of insecurity or dependence.

Green – Green generally indicates charm, determination, and solidarity. As a secondary shade, green reveals a stage of helpful restlessness. People with a green aura have an easy way of feeling happy. They tend to be balanced and cheerful and will be of great help to less stable people around them. In its dark variants, it may suggest self-centredness, stubbornness. As a secondary trait, it may indicate a period of jealousy or envy.

Blue – As a dominant shade, blue indicates idealism and an excellent capacity for communication. Strength, frankness, and sincerity are essential virtues of this color. In its negative variants, blue suggests instability, dispersion, and anxiety. As a secondary color, it indicates a positive and optimistic stage. In its negative variants, it suggests a time of depression.

Purple – The most spiritual color, containing the spirituality of blue plus the elements of vitality and power of red. It is often found, rather than as a basic color, as light flashes or clouds that appear when the individual generates spiritual thoughts. Its possessors are people who go through life on a kind of quest. They tend to be great readers, especially of spiritual or personal growth themes. They are likely to be interested in disciplines such as yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation.


Often the first reaction we have to someone, or that someone has to us, has to do with our auras. In a way, the aura is like a magnet that attracts specific energies to itself and repels others as well. Depending on how healthy and strong our aura is, we will attract this or that from our environment and other people. Purer energies will attract similarly and repel darker or denser energies, and vice versa. In theory, we can all see the aura if we practice. Some believe that young children can see auras naturally, but with age, we all lose the ability. Enjoy learning about auras and what their many colors can mean. Visualize, and surround yourself with those colors that you feel you will benefit you in mind, body and spirit.

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