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What is Pyramid Energy and How Does it Work?

Pyramids are very particular structures found in many places around the world. The fact that they were built at a time when people were unaware of the existence of other continents raises an interesting question, how were very similar structures created in such separate places? The answer is probably in pyramid energy.

Due to their geometry, they may store energy. Even if we repeat the proportions of The Great Pyramid of Giza, the energy we obtain is equal to that stored by this tremendous architectural work.

How does pyramid energy work?

Biocosmic energy from pyramid- complete with topics on a coversheet of a lecture

Pyramid energy is generated through an energy field produced by a pyramid. This captures all the energy and energy patterns of the universe, concentrating in an area that has a high vibrational frequency and that, due to its characteristics, can store this force.

This energy has been discovered in different cultures and has been named in different countries and religions; names such as Prana, Chi, Vital Energy, Biocosmic Energy, Magnetic Flow, Odic Energy, Emanations, Orgone, Bioplasm, Biofield, Energy Psychotronics, Kundalini, etc. In short, we can infer that pyramidal energy is universal energy.

How is energy stored?

Energy accumulates in many different ways inside the center of the structure. The shape of the structure distributes the energy through the energy field. Resonance is generated by the high frequency of vibrations that the pyramid has, so the energy is converted into waves that can remain in the area of the pyramids, thanks to the rhythm they have. The energy emanating from the pyramids is undefined, and the atoms of matter that are in the energy field are influenced, producing a special movement in them.

Within the pyramid, a concentration and circulation of energy are generated, beginning at each of the vertices and converging in the central area. In this area, the molecules absorb vibrations through resonance, and as the energy increases, they begin to expand, increasing circulation until they saturate the pyramid.

Energy flow

pyramid energy

On the outside, the energy passes through the tip down the edges to the base of the structure. The waves come out from the middle of the basal face and run towards each point, to join with the lower one by the edge from the apex and that of the adjacent half face. These lines are the main area responsible for the field, or energy “aura of the exterior.

Inside, the energy flows first in a negative space at the ends, heading towards the center. Regardless, another part of the energy travels from the middle to the base and concludes in a curve that is a little lower than the base, which is called the “King’s Chamber.” This effect also occurs at the tip of the pyramid, forming a curve below the apex. All the edges of a pyramid emit positive energy. Still, the one that emits the most energy is the one at the top; it emits so much energy that it influences the negative pyramid that is reflected. Due to the form this energy has when it is distributed in the electromagnetic field, circular lines are formed inside, between the edges, and this is what is known as a pyramidal egg.

Because of energy, what is called a negative pyramid or anti-pyramid is produced. It appears above the pyramid and below it. Although we do not see them in the physical world, they are energetically real and exist in the same shapes and dimensions as the original pyramid.

How does this energy affect us?
Woman meditating and making yoga in metal pyramid

The energy that comes from the pyramids is used for many therapeutic and medicinal purposes since it balances and creates an energy of very good qualities. First of all, you should know that being in front of a real pyramid is not the same as creating a small one since the ways of harnessing energy are different.

Remember that in front of a giant pyramid, you should stay neither underneath it nor on it since the desired effect may be the reverse, contrary to that obtained inside the real pyramid. It must be inside the pyramid or outside it but at the same level, above the base. Further down and above the anti pyramids, other positive virtual pyramids with milder effects are reflected, which is no longer inverted but equal to the original, which can also be used for therapeutic purposes.

It has been said that meditation inside a pyramid is done in a more profound and restorative way, as well as stimulating the mental and intellectual faculties of people.

Pyramidal therapy
The Great Pyramids of Giza. one of the seven world wonders. This area has 3 mains pyramids which are Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.

Many scientists dedicated to holistic and natural medicine have stated that pyramids, due to their shape, act as an electromagnetic magnet. It is for this reason that energy is attracted to them, creating an energy field with very particular characteristics.

All these benefits caused by the pyramids are due to their tendency to balance the energy they accumulate. When a person enters or submits to their influence, the pyramid will also seek to balance the vital energy of that person, which, being in a negative form, it is the cause of physical or mental discomfort.

It is possible to practice pyramid therapy ourselves, making a small pyramid of the same proportions as The Great Pyramid of Giza. You have to know that the best way to take advantage of the pyramidal energy is to be inside one, but that is difficult since the great pyramids that remain in the world are not many. The other way to take advantage of this energy is to make one of any material and place it on your head at the time of meditation. 

It does not matter the material, nor the size as long as the proportions of The Great Pyramid of Giza are respected, since otherwise the energy flow will not occur and the magnetic field will not be created.

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