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Your Energy Signature and your Photograph

At Scalar Light you have heard us say the following:

  • We work with photographs ONLY and we do not work with people directly
  • We say that your photograph is sufficient as your “Energetic Signature”

However, how is it that this works? How can Scalar Sessions to a photograph actually help anybody? We hope that this article will explain…

Everything you see, feel, touch, and sense is energy.  Science tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  Hence, when one thing passes, its essence remains and becomes new.  Energy is also a non-physical entity that one may sense. If you have ever felt as if you were not alone, felt as if you were being watched, or simply known things before you were told, much of this, arguably all, has to do with energy and sensing its vibration.  When we sense energy, we often intuit what kind of energy we are feeling.  This phenomenon is an energy signature.  This article will explain a bit more about what energy signatures are, as well as delve into why they are important and how they affect us.

What Is Your Energy Signature?

As stated, all things are made of energy.  Since this includes thoughts, feelings, and intuitions, we also exude energy.  Every time you have a feeling or sense something, your brain and body are responding using chemicals and physiological responses, all made up of and including energy, and therefore, inclusive of, an energy signature.  For example, imagine meeting someone in a line at the grocery store.  Do you ever get a feeling about someone that tells you this person is sad?  This person may be dangerous?  That is your brain and body picking up on that persons energy signature.  The signature is different from obvious tell-tale signs such as someone frowning, crying, laughing, or standing such a way that seems threatening.  The energy signature is from within that person and to varying degrees, we sense it, some more than others. 

You dont need to necessarily be physically in the same room as someone to detect their energy signature. Even when you look at a photograph of a person you dont know, you can get a feeling about them.

collage of people displaying various emotions

Often people say I dont prejudge. This is not true, we all prejudge a person we see but have yet to know. This happens on a subconscious level and it happens in a second. This judgement is based on the energy you pick up.

In the same way, we pick up energy on the telephone. The energy signature is delivered via the voice. Tone, pitch and general things in the voice that we dont even know on a conscious level. You know when a loved one calls you and things are not right even before they tell you. You instinctively know if the telesales agent on the phone is trustworthy.

Intuition and Energy Signatures – Is There A Difference?

At times, the word intuition may be interchangeably used.  However, the energy signature is the very thing that intuition receives and notices.  The way that energy is expressed, exuded, received, and transmitted is part of the energy signature.  Biologically, we feel the hair stand up on the backs of our necks when frightened.  We may get goosebumps when scared.  These are physiological responses to external stimuli that then tell us what to do, and even draw certain things, people, and events to us.  Yet, they are subjective and dont always mean or elicit identical responses within and without.  

Someone running toward you isnt always a threat; they could be rushing to greet you.  Therefore, your body intuits and responds depending on the energy signature of the person running toward you.  Energy signatures also attract.  So, conversely with regard to a signature that tells you to run, we see the attraction factor at play when, for example, we notice that people who are angry frequently tend to draw and pull in other angry people.  All of this is due to energy signatures that we are constantly emitting and receiving.

How Do Energy Signatures Affect Us, Personally?

The Universe will send you people that match the energy signatures that you are willing to put up with; what you think you deserve.  This is why your state of mind is the most important asset you have in the manifestation process. This is where you are the creator and the laws of attraction kick in. Your energy flows where your attention goes. When you pay more attention to something, you put more energy into its attributes.

This quote demonstrates how the so-called metaphysical comes to bear, here.  The truth is, science and the metaphysical are two halves of a circle, not opposites.  For we see that energy, of course including that within energy signatures, is neither created nor destroyed.  Our biological processes send out signals to others about how we are feeling, and how we might respond to them, and they do so in spite of, even without facial expressions or body movement.  In and of itself, the same energy that causes a supernova can cause a proverbial supernova of emotion.  In other words, the same substance that can neither be created nor destroyed, the force driving a star to explode, is made up of the same energy that causes us to be able to tell when our best friend or partner is going to explode in joy or anger, or when a person on the street seems ready to be violent.  Again, these are signs picked up despite tell-tale physical signs, and they govern what kinds of things are drawn to us, what kinds of people invariably enter our lives, and what sorts of events routinely happen in our paths.

upload photograph for 15 days free scalar sessions

The Laws of Attraction and Vibration, and Your Energy Signature

The Law of Attraction simply states that like forces attract.  Yes, there are complexities underneath that may be researched further if you wish, but for basic purposes, like attracts like.  Alongside this law and just as relevant to energy signatures is the Law of Vibration.  Just as everything is made up of energy, the energy making up all things, including the energy signature, vibrates.  The vibration emanates at an atomic level and beyond into the quantum realm.  And like vibrations and energies are drawn together.

Water droplets of on leaf

Have you ever seen two water droplets slowly sliding toward each other?  Notice how at the end of the slide, they quickly come together in a rush of speed?  That, in and of itself, is demonstrative of the Law of Vibration at work in the energy signature of the droplets.  On an atomic level, the vibrations and energy of the droplets harmonize more tightly, if you will, the closer they draw together until at last, they move quickly toward each other in energetic attraction, and their atoms collide to form a larger droplet.

Laws of Attraction, Vibration, and Mitigation of Your Energy Signature

The same basic catalysts affecting the water droplets occur when we exude our own energy signatures.  Put broadly, if you expect defeat and sadness, frequently those will happen.  If you look for positives and openings, more often those will be what you find.  This does not mean that such illnesses as Depression and Anxiety arent real and very operative in our lives when they come to bear, nor does it mean that we should guilt ourselves to the point of feeling nothing else when bad things happen.  We need not get caught in the unending cycle of guilt or adopt the thinking that we, ourselves, are always in control of what comes to us.  There are many factors in every event, many causes that affect whom and what enters our path.  But what energy signatures and their study tell us is that there is a measure of control to be had when it comes to what happens to us and whom we draw into our lives.  We can choose to exacerbate the negative occurrences in our lives by responding with negative and destructive emotions, or we may respond with healthy grief, healthy anger, and subsequently allow those to teach us.  The same goes with joy and positive experiences.  If we allow those to become part of our energy signature, we exude joy and a balance in our signature that draws like-minded people to us, and those on a similar path. 

What Your Energy Signature Ultimately Means

Your Energy Signature is a constant emanation.  How you choose to frame events, how you respond, how you let things affect you has a direct effect upon your energy signature.  It isnt static and unchangeable.  Like all things in the Universe, it is forever in flux.  One of the greatest favors we can do for ourselves is healthy introspection about how we respond, how we think, and how we let things affect us.  No one has total control over what happens, but by honing a positive energy signature, we not only grow toward joy and happiness in ourselves, we emit that energy into the world and both draw and help others.  The Universe is neither totally random nor totally ordered rigidly.  Things shift and do so with a purpose.  The energy signature we all have is one way the Universe balances out what is indeed random with what is ordered and able to be controlled.  The more we realize that we do have a significant amount of control over what we draw into our lives, the more we hone our energy signature into a mechanism for peace that both flourishes in happiness and is steadfast when the proverbial storms break.

What We Do At Scalar Light

Tom Paladino with his Scalar Light Instrument

At Scalar Light, we harness the quantum energy of the sun and all the stars of the universe known as Scalar Energy. However, we never work directly with people, animals, plants or objects. Why is that?

Firstly, we couldnt help nearly as many people as we do if people had to make an appointment and take a journey to our lab. There is no need for that. We can work with your photograph.

Your photograph is you effectively. It holds your energetic signature and based upon the principles of quantum entanglement…if we do it to your photograph, we do it to you!

Are we crazy? Not at all, 99% of people whose lives have been changed for the better with Scalar Light Sessions, we have never met and we administered Scalar Light to their photos ONLY. The volume of testimonials we get are staggering!

There is even documented scientific evidence that treating photographs treat people.  Galen T. Hieronymus worked with the Apollo 11 astronauts and the U.S. Government. He discovered that photographs carry the imprint of the body, mind and spirit of an individual and his work was astonishing as seen in the video below.

Read the full report HERE Tip: Read from page 315

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