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Hydrating When You Take Scalar Sessions

It has come to our attention that many people are dehydrated and more than likely are unaware. The first approach is to eat your water. Include watery foods when you are on the remote scalar energy sessions to hydrate efficiently and help your lymph system slough the debris from the pathogen cleanse. Here are some helpful articles with lists of watery foods:

List of High Water Content Fruits and Vegetables

Foods That Help When Dehydrated

Symptoms of Dehydration

Dr F. Batmanghelidj,(pronounced bat man gel idg – the g sound on "idj" as in leverage) author of Your Body Cries for Water states that we lose our perception of thirst after our twenties. He recommends drinking half your weight in ounces daily plus 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (more minerals in sea salt) per quart of water. If you have pets use the salt water formula for them too. Should you decide to purchase scalar sessions, it is a good idea to hydrate as well. And, of course, stay hydrated.

Scalar Energy Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Will the scalar energy treatments interfere with my existing medical or therapeutic treatments?
    Answer: Scalar energy is natural sunlight and starlight and this form of energy serves to abet and complement medical and therapeutic treatments.
  2. Question: How do I create a Group scalar session?
    Answer: Please see our article here
  3. Question: Can scalar energy be targeted to a specific area of the human body?
    Answer: No, as scalar energy will always treat the entire human body. Every cell of the human body experiences the scalar energy treatment.
  4. Question: How to Purchase a Group Scalar Service
    Answer: Please see this article
  5. Question: What is unique about scalar energy treatments as opposed to other treatment modalities.
    Answer: Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature that is responsible for assembling as well as disassembling physical matter. I have developed a unique, scalar energy instrument that assembles favorable, physical forms as well as disassembles unfavorable, physical forms inside the human or animal body. Additionally, I am able to re-align the seven (7) chakras of the human body by way of scalar energy. The scalar energy instrument that I utilize is unique and has not been duplicated, hence,the treatment modality is likewise unique.
  6. Question: What is a Pathogenic Cleanse?
    Answer: Clients are treated to disassemble pathogens that cause illness – in my protocol, a client is treated daily. One actually receives scalar energy pathogenic cleansing sessions daily that disassemble over 400,000 species of bacteria, fungi, protozoan and viruses daily over a thirty day period.
  7. Question: Does the Scalar Energy Pathogenic Cleanse eradicate the bio-toxins associated with pathogens?
    Answer: The Scalar Energy Pathogenic Cleanse serves to negate the molecular bonds of an infectious agent as well as the bio-toxins associated within that pathogen.

    Bear in mind that scalar energy operates at the quantum state and that all matter, including bio-toxins, are subject to the consummate and direct control of scalar energy.

    Hence, the Scalar Energy Pathogenic Cleanse serves to negate over 400,000 species of pathogens as well as the associated toxins within these pathogens. In effect, over 400,000 species of pathogens are disassembled and eradicated as well as the metabolites within those species of pathogens.

    Furthermore, scalar energy is primal light and non-physical in character. Hence, a Herxheimer reaction, toxic shock or die off is impossible while being treated with scalar energy on account of the fact that chemicals, or drugs, are never utilized during these scalar light treatments.
  8. Question: What is the Nutrient Therapy?
    Answer: Clients are treated daily to receive scalar energy nutrient therapy sessions that assembles 315 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fatty acids, hormones, protein and water inside the cells that are essential for optimal health.
  9. Question: What is the Chakra Balance?
    Answer: Clients are treated 7 times per week and receive scalar energy chakra balance sessions that balance and harmonize the seven (7) chakras of the human body each week.
  10. Question: Is a 30-day treatment with scalar energy sufficient for most people?
    Answer: Some people believe that the initial 30 days of scalar energy treatments are sufficient in order to clear pathogens from their bodies. However, many people desire to continue with the scalar energy treatments as the assembling of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals and antioxidants is considered to be beneficial and needed on an ongoing basis. If you have chronic illness such as lyme disease, herpes, hepatitis C, you may need several months of remote scalar sessions.
  11. Question: Is there a die-off reaction associated with the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse?
    Answer: There is not a die-off reaction as scalar energy disassembles pathogens into elemental forms such as, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc. Hence, the pathogen ceases to exist thereby avoiding any die-off reaction as is sometimes experienced with antibiotic treatment or detox therapies.
  12. Question: What kind of healing reactions can be expected?
    Answer: Scalar energy treatments typically serve to increase the energy and vitality of most people. However, in a few cases, some people experience a need to sleep and rest more as the scalar energy treatments produce a healing response. Furthermore, some people initially experience a mild diarrhea as the disassembled pathogens are being eliminated from the body by way of a bowel movement.

    The remote scalar energy sessions can be safely administered simultaneously in conjunction with any other medication, medical procedure, chiropractic adjustment, surgery, dietary or exercise regimen without interfering with these procedures and treatments. Scalar energy is the sunlight and starlight of the universe and thus is the natural, beneficial and life-giving energy of the universe that complements all medical procedures and treatments.
  13. Question: How is the Pathogenic Cleanse and Nutrient Therapy delivered to the body?
    Answer: A photograph of a person or animal is used in conjunction with a scalar energy instrument.
  14. Question: What kind of photograph is needed? How can a person be treated with scalar energy by way of their photograph?
    Answer: Please see my Guidelines for Submitting Photographs. You may submit a photo of your hand, foot, leg, arm, or any part of you that shows skin. All objects in the universe, including photographs possess a unique scalar energy harmonic. A photograph of a person used in conjunction with a scalar energy instrument will result in a scalar energy connection between the person in the photograph and the scalar energy instrument.
  15. Question: How do I get the photograph to you?
    Answer: Once you make your payment here, you will be automatically subscribed to receive email. You will be requested to upload your photo into your account. The remote scalar energy session will start the morning after you receive the “photo accepted” message. At the end of 30 days, you will be automatically unsubscribed unless you purchase the recurring subscription in which case you will contact us at Support to cancel your recurring subscription. All client email and photo’s are destroyed.
  16. Question: Does the photograph intended for scalar energy treatment have to be a full body photograph?
    Answer: No. Only a small part of the human body needs to be photographed in order to ensure a scalar energy connection between the person and the scalar energy instrument.
  17. Question: Does the age of the photograph matter?
    Answer: No. Any photograph can be used regardless of the age of the photograph.
  18. Question: What type of photograph is acceptable?
    Answer: Any type of photograph is acceptable. For instance, photographs from, e-mail, digital cameras, iPhones or instant cameras are all acceptable.
  19. Question: Can I continue with my regular health, nutritional and exercise regimen while I receive scalar energy treatments?
    Answer: Yes, scalar energy will not interfere with other health, nutritional or exercise regimens.
  20. Question: Will I feel the scalar energy treatments?
    Answer: Most people do not feel the scalar energy treatments as the energy is subtle and functions at the quantum level. The beneficial results of scalar energy treatments are what people feel and appreciate.
  21. Question: Do I need to make any special provision in order to receive scalar energy treatments?
    Answer: No. Continue living a normal, healthy life as scalar energy will not interrupt your lifestyle.
  22. Question: Can scalar energy objectively diagnose disease and other health conditions?
    Answer: No, scalar energy can not presently be used to objectively diagnose disease and other health conditions. There is no meter or gauge that can objectively measure scalar energy, hence, diagnosis is presently not possible.
  23. Question: Should a person be informed that their photograph will be used for scalar energy sessions?
    Answer: Yes, a person who has been photographed for scalar energy treatments must be informed prior to receiving such treatments. Every person must provide explicit permission to be treated with scalar energy.
  24. Question: Can both individual and group photographs be used for scalar energy treatments?
    Answer: Yes, either individual or group photographs can be used for scalar energy treatments. Be mindful that if a group photograph is submitted for sessions, everyone pictured within the group photograph will receive the scalar energy treatment. Scalar energy treats all people and objects that appear in a photograph.
  25. Question: When a group of people request scalar energy sessions, will a single group photograph be acceptable?
    Answer: Either a single group photograph (everyone in the group photo is aware of and agrees to the scalar session) or individual photographs of each member of the group is acceptable for scalar energy sessions.

Did you like the Frequently Asked Questions?

The scalar healing sessions are done remotely using your photograph to connect with you. There are 3 options for scalar sessions:

  1. You as an individual
  2. You and one other as a Couple
  3. You and a group of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

You can click here or on the banner below to get started. After payment, you will receive an email requesting your photograph. Submit your photograph and Tom Paladino will begin the sessions. You will receive scalar sessions 7 days each week over 30 days. These sessions consist of a Pathogen Cleanse, a Nutritional Therapy and a Chakra Balance. Please refer to the FAQ page to see more details. By purchasing you agree to our Terms and Conditions including our no-refund policy. The Creative Strength LLC has a no-refund policy for all scalar energy services. All Sales are FINAL.