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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of photograph is needed?

For all trials, a facial picture is required. Regular programs can use a photo of any part of the skin. The age of the person at the time of the photograph is irrelevant. The condition of the photograph is irrelevant.

How do I get the photograph to you?

Once you make your payment here, you are automatically subscribed to receive emails. You will be requested to upload your photo into your account. The remote scalar energy session will start the morning after you receive the “photo accepted” message. At the end of your trial or program, we automatically unsubscribe you unless you purchase an additional subscription OR, join our SCALAR INSIDER newsletter. All client emails and photos get destroyed after programs end.

Should a person be informed that their photograph is sent in for scalar energy sessions?

Yes, a person who is included in scalar energy sessions must be informed before receiving such sessions. Every person must provide explicit permission to receive scalar energy sessions. The exception would be children or elderly who do not have sufficient cognitive function but who may benefit from the sessions. You should be a caregiver for that person.

Can both individual and group photographs be used for scalar energy sessions?

Yes, either individual or group photographs can be used for scalar energy sessions. Be mindful that if a group photograph is submitted for sessions, everyone pictured within the group photograph will receive the scalar energy sessions. Scalar energy is delivered to each person in the photograph.

When a group of people requests scalar energy sessions, will a single group photograph be acceptable?

Either a single group photograph (everyone in the group photo is aware of and agrees to the scalar session) or individual photographs of each member of the group are acceptable for scalar energy sessions.

Scalar sessions are done 100% remotely using your photograph to connect with you. There are three options for scalar sessions:

You as an individual
You and one other as a Couple
You and a group of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

You can click here or on the banner below to get started. After payment, you will receive an email requesting your photograph. Submit your photo, and Tom Paladino will begin the sessions. You receive scalar sessions seven days each week on every program.

Will the scalar energy sessions interfere with my existing medical or therapeutic sessions?

Scalar energy is natural sunlight and starlight, and this form of energy serves to abet and complement medical and therapeutic sessions.

Can scalar energy be targeted to a specific area of the human body?

No, as scalar energy will always serve the highest and best purpose, the entire human energy system. Results may not be consistent from individual to individual. We do not diagnose or read your energy field. Your body’s organizing intelligence determines how it will use this light-energy.

What is unique about scalar energy sessions as opposed to other healing modalities?

Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature that is responsible for assembling as well as disassembling physical matter. I have developed a unique, scalar energy instrument that joins favorable physical forms as well as dismantles unfavorable physical by working in unison with your body’s intelligence. The delivery of scalar sessions is done with a photograph and is unique by its method of delivery. Since self-healing is poorly studied, we cannot find enough evidence on how other methods work. We offer trials for this reason.


Scalar Light instrument is programmed to help your body release the bonds of substances that lower your “frequency” and assist with an enhancement of your “life force energies.” Your body understands LIGHT and will begin to release the bonds that hold together health robbing invaders.

Is there a die-off reaction associated with the Scalar Light cleanse?

There is not a die-off reaction as scalar energy assist with fragmenting certain life forms or heavy metals into simple elemental forms such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc. Because the process is de-constructive and not chemical, there is no typical die-off reaction. You might experience something similar, as all healing takes a tremendous amount of energy.

Does the Scalar Light cleanse address the bio-toxins associated with germs?

The Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse serves to facilitate fragmentation of the molecular bonds of and the bio-toxins associated with certain germs.

Bear in mind that scalar energy operates at the quantum state and that all matter, including bio-toxins, are subject to the absolute and direct control of scalar energy.

Hence, a Herxheimer reaction, toxic shock, or die-off is impossible while receiving scalar energy sessions because chemicals, or drugs, are never utilized during these scalar light sessions. It is lightwave information that instructs the unbinding of harmful substances.

What kind of healing reactions can be expected?

Scalar energy sessions typically serve to increase the energy and vitality of most people. However, in a few cases, some people experience a need to sleep and rest more as the scalar energy sessions support a healing response. Furthermore, some people initially experience mild diarrhea as a sign that their detoxification systems are working overtime. Our body eliminates by way of a bowel movement, urination, respiration.

The remote scalar energy sessions can be enjoyed in conjunction with any other medication, medical procedure, chiropractic adjustment, surgery, dietary, or exercise regimen without interfering with these procedures and sessions. Scalar energy is the sunlight and starlight of the universe and thus is the natural, beneficial, and life-giving power of the universe that complements all medical procedures and treatments.

Can I continue with my regular health, nutritional and exercise regimen while I receive scalar energy sessions?

Yes, scalar energy will not interfere with other health, nutritional or exercise regimens. You can and should always follow the advice of your physician and should not stop medications or cease following their advice.

Can scalar energy objectively diagnose disease and other health conditions?

No. A Scalar Light instrument is not a diagnostic tool, and Tom Paladino is not a doctor. Currently, there are no instruments, meters, or gauges that can objectively measure scalar energy. Some Biofield devices SEE your energy field and detect subtleties before and after some healing modalities. Two we know of are Bio well and Biofield/Chakra viewer. Kirlian photography has been used in the past to assess the LIGHT that emits from living things. This technology was made famous by Dr. Valerie Hunt as far back as the 1970s.

What is the Nutrient Program?

Clients receive sessions daily for the scalar light nutrient program that assembles 315 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fatty acids, hormones, protein, and water inside the cells that are essential for optimal health.

How is the Cleanse and Nutrient Program delivered to the body?

A photograph of a person or animal is used in conjunction with a scalar energy instrument. Each has a unique light signature and works similarly to tuning in to a particular radio station and only receiving that specific transmission.

What is the chakra or energy balancing?

By a direct lightwave connection to your energy field, the body’s flow of vital energies is enhanced, allowing more vital energy to flow through your body. Each will experience this differently as we are all unique. Think about how you feel when enjoying the sun on your skin.

How do I create a Group scalar session?

You will be able to select the number of people you want in your group from an individual to a group of 7. After you make your purchase, you will be able to upload your photos and enter each group member’s name and email address. Alternatively, you can go to our group forming page and seek out others who might want to share the cost of a same-program group situation. PAGE: For groups of MORE THAN 7 – contact for assistance to form larger groups.

Is a 30-day session with scalar energy sufficient for most people?

Some people believe that the initial 30 days of scalar energy sessions are sufficient in clearing low energy elements from their bodies. While 30 days may be adequate for some people, others desire to continue with the scalar energy sessions as enhancing essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. These building blocks of health are considered to be beneficial and needed on an ongoing basis for repair and healing. If you have a chronic illness or symptoms, a more extended period may be warranted as healing continues.

Will I feel the scalar energy sessions?

Many people do not feel the scalar energy sessions as the energy is subtle; however, some do—Scalar Light functions at the quantum level. The beneficial results of scalar energy sessions are what people feel and appreciate.

Do I need to make any special provisions for receiving scalar energy sessions?

No. Continue living a normal, healthy life as scalar energy will not interrupt your lifestyle. Wherever you go, the light reaches you.

Girl is hydrating while on a Scalar Light Program

Hydrate When You are on Scalar Light Sessions

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