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Below is the verbatim testimony of a woman who suffered from the HSV virus:
Dear Tom,
It is with absolute joy that I wish to share with you my PCR test results from March 15, 2021. I decided to do a follow-up test after testing negative on Jan. 15, 2018, to make sure the HSV virus was not active in my body.
(In 2007 was the onset of this virus.) It wasn’t till I found you that I knew in my heart it was this, the scalar technique or nothing.
Here are the two documents I want to share with you and confirm how my absolute determination and belief in the scalar machine did create these negative results. Your support through this process was of utmost help as well. You took my calls on a few occasions and I felt your passion, appreciation, and unconditional love behind what you do and how you are helping people heal in advanced ways.
My gratitude and gratefulness always,

PRC Test Result in 2018

2018 PCR test of a woman's negative result for the HSV virus

PRC Test Result in 2021

PCR test with a negative result for the HSV virus

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