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Oct 07, 2021 by Iris on Scalar Light
Grateful to Be Living Free of Addictions
Hi Tom
I learned of you and Scalar Healing via the online zoom you presented to our Connecting Consciousness (Florida) group.
It was amazing and I signed up for the 30-day trial you generously offered, immediately.
I am on day 29 today, 60 yrs young, pretty healthy, and feel blessed in good shape overall.
However, I was smoking filtered vanilla cigars regularly for over (20 yrs). I enjoyed them but the addiction itself and what I was ingested into my body/vessel did not feel good to my spirit or soul.

Mysteriously and without much preplanning a few weeks ago I made a decision to just stop (let go completely) smoking. I woke the next morning on a Sunday, mid-Sept 2021, and tossed all cigars, ashtrays, etc away. I have not had withdrawals, desires, and mostly zero symptoms of the aftermath. No coughing at all, very little throat issues, etc...
I am a faith-filled Believer in Creator Source/God and my own power as bestowed by Creator. I also feel the hand of God in the Scalar Healing as this whole interaction with my own healing feels truly miraculous.
Grateful to Be Living Free of Addictions...
Fort Pierce, FL
Feb 01, 2021 by Nikolai on Scalar Light
Thank You for This Blessed Service
The addiction for me is Marijuana. It doesn't seem like a bad addiction until it is. The past two weeks have been helpful but I feel as though a longer period of time would really be of benefit. Thank you for this blessed service
Jan 08, 2021 by Ann on Scalar Light
I Feel So Much Calmer and My Focus Has Returned
I recently stopped smoking, but constantly craved cigarettes and sweets !! After 30 days on the addiction program, I feel so much calmer and my focus has returned, I am not so fuzzy-headed and I am feeling strong and positive. My sweet tooth seems to have gone as well, I just don’t want them! Amazing. I have felt so supported and gently through the month so much has changed for the better. Thank you so much
Dec 19, 2020 by YM on Scalar Light
I Feel Much More in Control for My Sugar Addiction
Hi Tom: Thank you so much for letting me take the 30 day trial for addiction and chemical detox. At the 14-day mark, I feel much more in control for my sugar addiction, especially being able to stay away from chocolates, so far so great! I still take some sweet (honey, etc.), but much less than I used to, and the greatest thing is that I don't feel the craving/urge any longer! Thank you so much!
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