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Presently, no scientific protocol exists to either prove or disprove scalar light action. Furthermore, only a scalar light instrument can be utilized to monitor and observe scalar light action upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.

The testimonies herein are first-hand accounts as to the efficacy of the scalar light sessions by way of a photograph of a person, animal, plant or object. These testimonies are subjective. Nonetheless, the testimonies serve as the initial body of evidence attesting to the benefits of the scalar light sessions. Scalar light is a new and emerging science and the testimonies listed on the website have been voluntarily submitted.

The scalar light sessions are administered upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. In practice, all scalar sessions act within the scalar light dimension which is distinct from the electromagnetic dimension. Therefore, all testimonies submitted to www.scalarlight.com reflect the subjective experience or observation of people that have e-mailed photographs of people, animals, plants and objects for scalar light sessions. Consequently, the scalar light sessions and the associated testimonies represent the new and emerging science of influencing the scalar light force fields embedded upon photographs.

The scalar light instruments are unique as well as the scalar light protocols which administer scalar light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Thus, the testimonies are unique, first-hand accounts relative to the ground-breaking, private research of Tom Paladino contained herein at: www.scalarlight.com


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Apr 19, 2019 by Renee on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Session
I learned in January 2019, that I had the Epstein Barr Virus - I started with the Standard Scalar session 1.5 months ago and just got the good news, that the virus can no longer be found in my body.... this is just fantastic news and I am so grateful to Tom and his Scalar therapy invention. Thank You
Apr 09, 2019 by Anonymous on Scalar Light
Thank you!
There was a myriad of problems serious ones with my husband John who had a blood Infection the doctors were unable to cure on any level and he was very sick. When we started your treatments a few months ago we saw a gradual improvement in his leg and also with his general health which was improving daily. I will send you photographs of the before and after treatments and how much it improved with the scaler energy that you provided.

I also wanted to mention that he lost a lot of weight that he had been struggling with for sometime. His overall health has improved on many levels since your treatments.
Also, my Respiratory condition has improved dramatically. I have not had an asthma or COPD attack in several weeks.

Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do... Will keep you updated.
Mar 28, 2019 by pk on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Session
Dear Tom and team just a quick note to say after 2 sessions ending July 2018 I have had any sign of HSV2 completely eliminated from my life for 8 full months now. After over 30 years of constant pain and multiple outbreaks per year I am practically speechless and smiling all the time. Praise God!!
Mar 26, 2019 by Cynthia on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar Session
Lots of money but absolutely no health benefits. Too bad, I had so much faith in this process
Feb 02, 2019 by Jeanette on Scalar Light
I Feel Very Blessed To Be Receiving the Energies
Hi Tom

Firstly thank you so much for what you are doing with the scalar energy free trial...I feel very blessed to be receiving the energies...However, I can't say that I have been noticing any difference physically...I am a big believer in the power of healing energy & on some level I have faith that it is doing me some good! In the past couple of years, I have been going through some pretty tough health issues...2017 pathological fracture at C2, 2018 terrible virus for months, brain tumor which was radiated & a hip fracture due to a fall which I am still recovering from...my faith is strong & I continue to know that all will be well with me...thank you again for the healing being sent & I accept with so much gratitude, bless you...Jeanette from Australia
Jan 30, 2019 by Beth on Scalar Light
A Complete Recovery
Last year my ex-husband's brother was in the ICU at the hospital for about a month. He had the flu and was suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. He was put on a feeding tube and was incoherent and not getting better. The doctor had said that he didn't think he was going to make it and asked my ex-husband if he wanted to disconnect the feeding tube. They decided to wait till the following Monday before they disconnected the feeding tube. I found out what was going on and immediately put him on Scalar. In a few more days, when Monday came around, he had a complete recovery and checked out of the hospital!
Jan 30, 2019 by Beth on Scalar Light
He No Longer Has MRSA
My uncle who is 85 years old, was in a nursing home after breaking some ribs with a fall and then got infected with MRSA. He also has advanced Parkinson's disease. I put him on scalar within a few days after hearing of the MRSA diagnosis. Within a few days, he was improving and after about a week, he no longer has MRSA and is improving so much that they said he can go back home.
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Scalar Light is a "divine" energy and the application thereof represents a new and emerging science. The administration of Scalar Light, a divine light, upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and / or any other US Governmental derivatives thereof, known or unknown. Furthermore, no governmental agency in the world has defined Scalar Light or regulated the administration of Scalar Light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Presently, the scientific community has not been able to duplicate the Scalar Light instruments utilized to administer Scalar Light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.
The scalar light sessions operate exclusively within the scalar light dimension upon the scalar light force fields embedded upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. In specific, the scalar light sessions are non-physical, divine instructions as scalar light is the omnipresence of God. Furthermore, the scalar light sessions do not operate within the electromagnetic dimension. Thus, the scalar light sessions are not physical in character nor do the scalar light sessions observe any recognized scientific protocol. Rather, the scalar light research and protocol developed by Tom Paladino and contained herein @ www.scalarlight.com are unique and have not been duplicated. Scalar light is a new and emerging science that has not been defined by any government, legislative or judicial body. As a new and emerging science, the scientific laws of scalar light as well as the description of scalar light phenomenon remains poorly understood.