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Feb 15, 2019 by Anonymous on Scalar Light
Thank you!
Hello Tom,

I want to thank you again for this work in helping me to completely eradicate Herpes 1 and 2. It has been over a year now with no breakouts whatsoever....and to know its gone forever is a miracle after 40 years of suffering. I still cant believe I am healed of this terrible disease. It a miracle!

I am currently back on the scalar now for several months...since I want to keep strengthening my immune system and notice that I have not gotten the colds and flu bugs so many people are getting these days.
Feb 14, 2019 by Christy on Scalar Light
I am currently on Day 8 of a free 15 day trial of Scalarlight therapy.. I have been very ill for the last 6 months. I have two viruses attacking my body.. Since I've been receiving the daily treatments, I have had improvement in my head pain, ability to sleep thru the night, I am less stressed and feel a sense of well being that I can not explain.. It is truly remarkable.. I will be continuing these treatments after free trial in up in hopes that it will eventually kill the viruses that are inflicting my daily life. Prior to these treatments my illnesses were impairing my ability to work and lead a normal life. - Thank you so much.
Feb 07, 2019 by Lesley on Scalar Light
Hi Tom,
My naturopathic doctor suggested I try scalar light therapy to assist with the therapies she has prescribed for me and the diet I have been following. ( plant based, gf, df, whole foods) I have just finished the 2 week trial for the Pathogen cleanse, chakra balancing and nutrient therapy and I noticed a number of changes after a week or so into it. The biggest change was having a renewed feeling of lightness, better sleep quality and waking up feeling very positive . Not that I felt depressed, altho some days i do, but the only way I can describe it is as though I had been doing a lot of meditation, as my mind and thoughts felt lighter and with more clarity. Chakras likely more balanced too.I have been detoxing multiple chronic viruses and pathogens such as EBV, shingles, herpes and strep bacteria over the past couple of years with supplements, yoga, meditation, EFT tapping, energy work, hypnotherapy and tried to maintain some exercise but it has been difficult with the fatigue, brain fog and lack of motivation. This week I grabbed the runners, jogged for 20 minutes and walked for 45, which was significant for me.

My son was also on the trial and he was skeptical to begin, as I forgot to ask him in advance if he was interested, but after the trial he said that he had a re injury and another mild concussion part way through the trial, but felt he had very fast recovery results. He has had mild concussions before, so is aware of how long it takes to recover and what his symptoms are each time. This was a day or two! So I am happy to say we are both going to continue with the general program for at least a few months as we both feel it is very complimentary to each of our active wellness programs and detox. Thank you so much!
Feb 03, 2019 by Aaron on Scalar Light
Thank you!
Following Tom’s scalar energy treatments I have a clean bill of health confirmed by my PCR blood/lab test registering negative for carrying the herpes virus. I’m probably as cured as I’ll ever be after having the herpes virus for over 30 years. All thanks go to Tom Paladino who is facilitating Nicholas Tesla’s scalar energy invention by administering remote scalar energy treatments. Additionally in affirmation, Mr. Paladino‘s scalar treatments have also allowed me to reduce the dosage of my rheumatoid arthritis medications in half, 50% less, whilst still receiving the pain relief I need without having to consume more medication-Impressive.

Thank you, Tom!
Jan 08, 2019 by Donna on Scalar Light
For 30+ years we have been practicing massage in the state of Florida at resorts and even onboard the SS Norway in 1992.
There is a very common skin fungustinea versicolor, that grows on moist skin, especially here in Florida.
My husband picked it up in the early 70's on vacation here and I was raised in Florida so we both had it.
It was embarrassing to be massage therapists with a skin fungus but it was mainly on our torso's chest, stomach,back and necks. Numerous times have we applied the medicated lotions and shampoos but never wiped out completely. As I have Sulphur sensitivity I could not even do those the last few years.
However, as so many people have it on their skin, we picked it up constantly giving them massages

After having been on Tom's scalar treatments for almost a month and the dried peeling skin on the sole my husband MIchael's feet is GONE!
And that is amazing!!!!!! It finally convinced him that Scalar sessions are REAL
Also the tinea versa on our skin is starting to peel on the little spots and I trust when it is done with that cycle our skin will return to looking healthy once again!
Also, we are loving our water structuring device too, as I learned about water's memory a long time ago
and have been purifying our water for years the best ways I could find. Thank you for offering that too. I am going to be adding some to our river and it connects to the Gulf of Mexico about a mile west, as it will help our oceans too I believe.
I appreciate all your efforts and I am headed back my studio and the massage table today to begin my work for 2019 on others,
as I have been working on my Self as a much needed gift. https://www.healthline.com/health/tinea-versicolor#symptoms
Dec 14, 2018 by Jamie on Scalar Light
Hi Tom and Staff,

I feel the best I have felt in years!!! (figure that food poisoning in 1980 or 81 started the downward health spiral) And just starting Day 4 of the basic trial. Slept very well last night (used to average 2 hrs a day for 10 years). Brain and energy are great!

Listening to a talk about gap junctions that are behind the tight junctions in the gut - they are like fiber optics tubes that move light energy - and I thought that is what Scalar energy is doing!!! After repairing the glyphosate in the tight junctions!

This is brilliant!

Please keep doing what you are doing - did not think I would feel this good again!!

Many thanks and blessings!

Dec 12, 2018 by Anonymous on Scalar Light
Standard Scalar
Dear Tom,

I am not sure where to leave the testimony re the 15 day free standard scalar energy session which I believe is still taking place.

As for myself I haven’t noticed and major differences but I am still hopeful that now that I am on a free 30 day standard session I will have something to relate.

But I can say that my daughter who had been suffering from PCOS with no period for almost three years had a real period a few days ago, quite heavy with craping which I think it good. It means that the lining is clearing out and maybe the cyst which were attached to her ovaries (21 on the right and 12 on the left) may be dissolving. She has been suffering from the side effects of PCOS with acne which has been very demoralising and I am hoping that that will subside too. She also reported that she felt really good generally.

Regarding my husband and son. I will have to wait to talk to them as they both work overseas and come home only once a month. I will let you know what their experience was as soon as I find out.

I also sign on for the 30 day free endorphins and neurological transmitter scalar session. On that front I have to say I have been feeling more positive and 'happy for no reason' as you put it.
My sleeping is still an issue but I am confident that it will improve. I have been an insomniac for about 15 years so my brain has grooved that negative pattern so it might take a bit longer to erase but I have a smile on my face and can’t wait for the next instalment.

Thank you Tom for being so generous with sharing your work. I feel truly blessed.

With gratitude
Dec 08, 2018 by Iana on Scalar Light
I am wondering if my pictures were lost or something... there is no improvements , in fact I had a cold sore outbreak this very week, something I didn’t have for 3, 5 years...I’m not sure what it is doing...but still hopeful that the things will improve
Nov 11, 2018 by NJ on Scalar Light
My dog (munchi) who is a Yorkie has been on Standard Scalar energy for several months. He is 3 years old and he used to cough and have congestion almost like asthma. Since he has been on scalar energy his coughing and congestion has improved and almost gone. He was into his treatments for a few weeks and coughed up a yellow substance almost like butter but thick enough to cut in two. After this happened his coughing spells have not come back. It's truly a blessing to see how scalar energy has healed him from this. Thank you, Tom, for your research and dedication to healing all.
Nov 06, 2018 by Holly on Scalar Light
I was just recently re-tested for the Epstein-Barr virus as well as the HHV-6 virus. Both viruses were very high, and were re-activated as a byproduct of Lyme disease. Both PCR tests just came back negative, showing no presence of the viruses whatsoever. Thank you God! Thank you Tom!!!!!
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