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If you have experienced Remote Scalar Energy sessions with Tom Paladino please describe your outcome. The condition you were in before & after the scalar energy session; the pain or discomfort level. Please rate your experience by giving one star for sort of wonderful and five stars for amazing! For privacy purposes, please feel free to enter Anonymous if you do not want to share your name with your testimony.

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Apr 26, 2014 by C.C. on Scalar Light
Diagnosed with Asthma 2 Years Ago
Dear Tom and Patricia,

I was told that I had asthma,given steroid pumps and inhalers.I have been using them for 2 years on a daily basis.I have had serious issues with my breathing and never been able to take deep breaths, I can't run and any serious attempt to exercise ends after a few days.

My chest always feel clogged up,my breathing is very shallow and I always seem to have mucous on my chest and in my throat.I take sinus tablets continually.

A few days after I started the Scalar treatments,I awoke one night with a huge movement in my chest area,I described it as a seismic shift. I went to the washroom and spent a long time just bringing up tons and tons on mucous.It just kept coming, after what seems like a long time I was able to get back to bed.I fell asleep and awoke the next morning and realized that I was taking deep breaths,my lungs felt sore, so I blew a balloon (this is an exercise I was given by a practitioner to try to help expand my lungs) and as the day progressed I felt better and better.

After that night I have not used the inhalers once. I am taking very deep breaths and I have started a weight training programme 2 1/2 weeks in the making.

My energy level is up as my body is now getting enough oxygen and I awake looking forward to life now. I am so grateful and thankful for all that you and Tom are doing.My receiving this treatment is the most important thing that has happened in my life.God knew that I could not continue life without the ability to take in air,

Again Thank You,

Kind Regards,

Mar 14, 2014 by Aimee on Scalar Light
Lyme Disease - Progress for first time in years!
My niece has been suffering from Lyme Disease for about 4 years. We didn't know it was Lyme until a few months ago and were trying to treat symptoms, the most severe being pseudotumor cerebri. This causes very high cerebral spinal fluid pressure, which causes very bad headaches (she says she wishes they were "just" migraines).

She has had 8 surgeries for shunts and literally drilling holes in her skull to relieve the pressure. After two bouts of meningitis they had to remove all shunts, so for the past 3 months she has had to have weekly spinal taps to drain some of the fluid out. Her opening fluid pressure has always been around 40 (normal is around 10).

After 30 days treatment with Tom and Scalar Energy, her pressure last Friday was only 28. Today it was 11!!!! She hasn't had a normal pressure since they started measuring it 3 years ago. NOTHING has worked, even the shunts only reduced it for a couple of days and it shot back up.

Woohoo! I have re enrolled her in another month to continue with his healing. I am so grateful for my niece and my sister who basically has to revolve her whole life around my niece's health. Thank you!
Mar 12, 2014 by B. on Scalar Light
Kidney Failure
Hello Tom,

My health has improved. I had difficulty breathing since last year but I noticed it wasn't much of a burden to me by now. I get too stressed out but it has become manageable.

I had inflammation so I looked bloated and now it's gone.

My sleep had been disrupted but the scalar sessions made it easy for me to rest.

Without a doubt, this has been a great help and support for someone who has kidney failure.

Thank you so much.


Mar 07, 2014 by A.P. on Scalar Light
Unexpected Benefits
Hi Tom
A little background first
I was diagnosis with SLE (systematic lupus erythematosus) at 21. I refused medical treatments such corticosteriods (which was recommended at the time). I tried to forget that I had lupus for the first 5 years. After I had my baby at age 29 I started to really struggle. I revamped my lifestyle toward holistic and alternative choices. It helped tremendously but I would still relapse. Physical evidence that my body was in disharmony was my eczema flare ups on my face, 25 out of 30 days a month I would have a minor flare up. (In other words only about 3-4 days would be skin be clear) At least once a year I would have a major flare up where it would cover 1/4 of my face and would last for 10-14 days. But I never lost hope and continued to search for that one solution that would bring my body to optimum health one day

When I first heard you speak something inside resonate that this was â??truthâ??
I begin Scalar treatment Oct 3 2013 . Here is a journal of benefits I found

THE FIRST MONTH ( Oct 3 - Nov3)
In the 3rd week of the first month I have noticed positive changes ..

-A skin tag on my face has fallen off
-My tongue is less coated in the morning and overall my mouth seems fresher throughout the day
-My sweat after my runs are less pungent
-The whites of my eyes seem whiter and brighter
-of course my sleep, Iâ??m diving way deeper into the REM stage than I ever had before, which results in more energy throughout my day

SECOND MONTH ( Nov 4 -Dec 5)
I donâ??t have a lot of gray only about 10 percent, BUT I have notice about 50 percent less gray hair from there, so now maybe only 5 percent gray.
My skin eruptions are about 40 percent less often with flare up 14 days out of a month
I wake up VERY well rested with a deep well of energy

THIRD MONTH (Dec 6 -Jan 7, 2014)
I canâ??t believe I have less cellulite on the back of my thighs! Something I wasnâ??t even looking for help with :-)
My dreams are very vivid
My skin eruptions are about 75 percent less often from the beginning of the treatment. ( 7 -10 days I will have a minor flare up ) They are shorter in healing and less irritated
My run/jogs are stronger ( faster for a longer period of time )

FOURTH MONTH ( Jan 7-Feb7 2014) Female Hormonal Therapy was added to my Treatment
The first week of my fourth month I wrote Tom ..

"Itâ??s been a week since I signed on for the female hormones
Gee I have to say itâ??s been a rough week sleeping wise ..LOL
I know hormones play a large part in sleep cycles , maybe they are adjusting
curious if you are finding other females that are experiencing the same disruption in their sleep
Iâ??ll continue with it and continue to monitor any other changes "

The 2nd week of my fourth month I wrote Tom ..

Thanks for all you do
just completed my second week with Female Hormone Treatment
My sleep is back to being good
Again Iâ??m 48 and my menstrual cycles are still regular but half as long (3 to 4 days vs 6-7 back when I was young) and half as heavy
This month was like a a much heavy flow than I had in a long time ..which I like ! I feel like my body is more vital.

FIFTH MONTH of Scalar / SECOND MONTH with Female Hormonal Treatments ( Feb 7-Mar 8 2014)
I noticed my varicose veins are about 60 percent less protruding ..which was another surprise benefit I wasnâ??t expecting
My nails grow faster
I have a great head of hair â?¦..but â?¦.I have noticed maybe not as full around my widows peak
for over 2 decades, every time I wash my hair I collect a small wad of strands no biggie right? ..pretty normal for most people.
Today was the first time since I was a teenager /maybe early 20s that when I rinsed my hair not one single strand pulled out into my hands
Hormonal therapy for sure !!

My skin breaks out still maybe 20 percent of the time ( 6 days out of the month) but itâ??s more mild ( less red /quicker healing)

My tolerance for sugar , gluten , proceeded foods is at an all time low. Not that I really had much in my diet but now I canâ??t seem to even tolerate it at all
I wonder if recalibatrating the body to itâ??s natural state of health has anything to do with this ?

My intention at been to try scalar energy treatment for 2-3 month
But I believe the benefits to stay on longer are cumulative and glad I continued with it
I will be continue this treatment and track additional benefits

Thank You Tom , you are a gift !

Mar 05, 2014 by Barbara on Scalar Light
This is our 2month month with Scalar and I am excited because my joint aches in my feet are starting to go away. Looking forward to continued results
Feb 26, 2014 by Lindy on Scalar Light
Infected Teeth Now Well
Dear Tom,

I love your scalar energy and would love to stay on it forever. Anyone suffering with an infection should get this. I had 3 infected teeth. It was hard for me to chew or eat anything hot or cold, and I'd wake up in pain.

After your sessions its like I never had a problem.

Thank you so much. With scalar energy antibiotics will definitely be a thing of the past. I wish everyone could experience it.

Much Love, Lindy
Feb 24, 2014 by G.M on Scalar Light
First month review
Hello Tom,

thank You for the treatments and knowledge provided so far, I am more than happy to continue with Scalar Energy Treatments.

Few times I have felt some mind and body sensations during this first month of treatment, I believe that's Your work thank You !
My health conditions improved: my nose breathing is better since my mucous membrane is less irritated ( that was for last 15 years ), my gums in mouth are less swollen and painful, I feel satisfied with far less amount of food and my food cravings are literally gone ( thank You ), energy levels during the day are improved too...I still have toe nail fungus which is improving but slowly and I am sure it will clear soon.

Dear Tom thank You once again for all the great work, I am looking forward to talk to You soon at one of Q&A sessions in future.


Feb 19, 2014 by Jim on Scalar Light
It really works!!!!
Here is a testimonial for you!

My companion that I reside with signed us up for Scalar Energy healing. She did all the "homework" and told me what she hoped to accomplish by "investing" in this program. She is rarely, if ever, wrong, so I have learned to never argue with her logic and just say "okay".

To this very minute I have yet to spend any time reading and understanding what this entire Scalar Energy is about or is supposed to accomplish. I am in a very special class of consumer in regards to this particular "product"....I am neither for, nor against it. I literally had NO opinion concerning it at all. I just assented to be a "side participant", happily armed with the confidence that, should it prove "false", Kate would waste no time in terminating the connection.

We are heading for our third month of "sessions"....and this is my report...which I will swear to on a stack of Bibles reaching to the throne of God Himself. What I am about to report, I have no "rational explanation" for...other than Scalar Energy simply works.

If I have a SINGLE regret, it is only that I did not take any pictures of the major "condition" that plagued me, namely, an infection of my lower thighs with some sort of horrible "rash". The skin, on my lower legs, at times looked almost like elephant hide. It was truly hideous. Once in a great while it would itch and I would scratch the areas to the point of causing bleeding. I am terrible at taking care of myself, as kate would gladly attest, and I tend to ignore anything until a situation occurs where action must be taken. I have "suffered" with some form of this "inflammation" for at least 15 to perhaps 20 years. With the exception of a couple of remedies suggested by Kate, I have never lifted a finger to correct this situation.

I would judge my "condition" at least 85% cured! I have remaining what could best be described as a mild "rash"...or less on a couple areas of my previously affected areas. I am at the point where, at Kate's suggestion I will be applying certain natural ointments that will hasten the healing process, simply to put all of this behind me.

I want to thank Tom very sincerely...a person that I have never personally met or spoken to. In fact, this is the first response to him that I have ever done.

I am writing this in the hopes that if anyone has a condition that his Scalar Energy may help, that they will dare to sign up and give it a shot...but at least do it in a neutral frame of mind. Don't fight it, just let it happen. I trust that you will be as surprised as myself!!!
Feb 18, 2014 by M.M. on Scalar Light
Eczema & Cold Sores - Going Away
Hello Tom and group,

Some feedback for you ... I've had huge emotional releases which I am attributing to this work. I am also much calmer and as challenges present themselves, I am seeing it from a higher perspective and non-reactive.

Though I have been heading this way, I wasn't quite there yet, until now. Thank you!

As for the other cleansings .. I have suffered from cold sores for much of my life, particularly my young life. But every so often, I will get one now and can feel it tingling. Since you've been working with me ( 3 weeks) I have had some tingling and no cold sore. It has happened 3 times.

In addition, I had my first outbreak of eczema about 10 years ago on my neck/scalp and elbows. Since working with you, I did get a one day outbreak on my elbows and the base of my neck, though that hang around for a few days. Since this was the location of its first expression, I am certain that it will be my last. I'll keep you posted!

I am also an energy healer and would like to help you in any way I can.


Feb 14, 2014 by Z on Scalar Light
My Family Doing Well
Dear Tom and Patricia,

Thank you for the wonderful experience of the second month of scalar energy treatments.

We all experience a "cleanness" in the body. My mother and I can feel when the energy enters body - it feels like heat and tingling starting in the feet and legs. My children describe it as "itchy" feeling :o)

When Tom is working on chakras - my mother describes it as somebody lifts "a lid" of her head :o) - she is opening her crown chakra.

My mother (76) will have some medical tests (for heart, arthritis, cholesterol etc.) done in a couple of days, so we will send the testimonials about the results. She feels wonderful and full of energy.

My skin condition (basal-cell carcinoma) healed very nicely and cold sores are slowly going away.

My middle daughter had an experience of seeing her guardian angel (she is an indigo child) and was very cool about it. She took it as a fact! Now she is talking to her angel everyday! What a cool stuff!

My oldest teenage daughter has changed too...she is choosing healthier food, preparing her healthy lunches and bringing them to school, is exercising more and more....I don't recognize her :o)

Z., Denmark
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