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If you have experienced Remote Scalar Energy sessions with Tom Paladino please describe your outcome. The condition you were in before & after the scalar energy session; the pain or discomfort level. Please rate your experience by giving one star for sort of wonderful and five stars for amazing! For privacy purposes, please feel free to enter Anonymous if you do not want to share your name with your testimony.

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Jan 26, 2014 by Todor on Scalar Light
Heptitis C gone after 1 month of treatment with scalar energy !!!
Hi guys, I just wanted to shout out a testimonial about Tom Paladino scalar energy treatment. I'm really sensitive to energy so after a I submitted my pics to Tom, in a hour or so I started to feel the energy working through me. A couple of things that I noticed is that I started to flush lots of toxins out of my body, I've been detoxing my body through greens and vitamins and I know the symptoms and it was clear to me exactly what I was experiencing - detoxification process. I was clearing a lot and raising my vibration accordingly, that's why my body needed more rest and I was irritated by little things. It began to feel really have at the last week of the treatment, which is good sign it means that you letting off lots old garbage :). I wasn't sure If will be able to take it any longer but I decided to finish the process. Anyway a month after I done it I went to do PCR test and see if my Hepatitis C is gonna show up. When the results came they came like this I will just paste them here:

01/15/14 13:47 01/18/14

Tests Ordered
HCV RNA, PCR, Qualitative
General Comments PID: 9459934
HCV RNA, PCR, Qualitative
Hepatitis C RNA-PCR
Negative: HCV RNA Not Detected "

That was such a relief for me now I can fall in love again without having to worry about infecting my partner and I can create a happy family life. I can imagine how much does it mean to a person wasn't sure if he can go to this route again it is definitly life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my Hearth ... For everyone dealing with the viral issues you are at the right place ...Thank you Tom god bless you and keep the good work .
Jan 21, 2014 by Anonymous on Scalar Light
Came Alive after 15 Years of Misery
Here is what I have experienced since receiving your SCALAR energy treatments.

I am 53 years old and I have bitten my nails since I was born. I have stopped.

My nervous system has been in fight-or-flight since I was bornâ?¦it has calmed down.

I have had hep c for over 25 years and typically experience extreme fatigue with it taking everything I have to do anything and everything.

This past Saturday I got up early, cooked for 2 hours, helped a friend move for 4 hours and cooked for another 3 hours and I had energy to go out in the evening. And I wasnâ??t tired the next day!

Having that kind of stamina without pushing has been unheard of over the past 15 yearsâ?¦

I am going to get the PCR test you recommend and report on the results.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for your work which has truly changed my availability for lifeâ?¦okay one more thingâ?¦as corny as this sounds as a result of all the balancing I feel an innate core of happiness which feels unshakeable by outside events because it is not driven by them.

Many many cheers to you.
Jan 21, 2014 by Danni on Scalar Light
Bacterial Arthritis Improving
Dear Tom

I'm recovering from chronic bacterial arthritis, systemic candida (and resulting afflictions) and had active herpes in the past. I've noticed over the last four weeks that I've had symptoms but no full flair up of the arthritis.

I had a partial flair of thrush, much lighter than normal.

My lip tingled for a little while but no cold sore formed.

(I am on a strict no sugar / no gluten diet to which I am now adding no dairy.)

I went to a kinesiologist today who confirmed that YOUR TREATMENT IS WORKING for me. She determined that there is a virus and a bacteria strain which are causing the arthritis/auto immune disorder.

I am quietly confident and am going to remain on your program for the foreseeable future. I am hoping that my left knee which won't straighten at the moment will unlock over the next few months.

Thank you so much for the good work you do in the world.

Warm regards and Aloha to you and your family and colleagues.

Jan 16, 2014 by DW on Scalar Light
We Are Healthier
Hi Tom,

I have been on scalar treatments for 3 months now and wish to continue.

You ask if I am healthier. The answer is an overwhelming YES.

I had a major circulation problem in my right leg which left my foot and lower leg looking like it belonged to an elephant! The swelling has reduced to very minimal in the upper foot now. If I wear supportive shoes, it is not even seen. Also, my overall mood is just one of total happiness all day, every day. I cannot seem to find reasons to be cross nor do I bite when someone challenges me to stir up trouble. Nice feeling.

My Candida cleared up in the first 2 weeks and my teeth and gums are feeling good from several months of pending soreness.

Greatest of all, I have not gotten a sinus infection this winter! Sometimes I feel it stirring up and there is some mucus at night, but it quickly clears in the am after I get up and going. There is no pressure and my nasal passages are clear. Everyone is sick around me with colds and stuff and I stay unscathed!

My sugar cravings have greatly diminished and I have no need for cheese anymore. (I was almost an addict having to have it every day).

My other miracle was with my 12 year old Norwich Terrier. She had been fading with terrible joint pain (limping) and digestive issues. She (after the first week) is acting like a puppy again! She is happy and walks with a bounce in her step now. Her digestive track appears normal! I am so thankful for that.

Please sign me up and my group of 3 for yet another month! I am afraid to stop the treatments with her.

I am taking the Bulldog off (he will join again later as he much improved after a sever breathing problem) and adding my friend who has a terrible foot infection that has just flared up from a past injury and loss of 3 toes. The doctor says he needs an operation because of a pathogen that is eating his wound opening. He is going to find out what this is and email to see if it is in your general protocol .

So we will be with you for another month at least!

Thanks so much for your gift to us all Tom


Jan 14, 2014 by J.B. on Scalar Light
I Am Healthier

I am healthier, and feel chakra balances are a stabilizing influence during this time of tremendous planetary upheaval.

Allergies and food sensitivities much reduced. Facial skin is firmer. I was collagen-poor, especially on hands and arms. No ugly bloody bruises for about two weeks.

I seem to require more sleep than usual, yet often awaken during the night, then stay awake for up to an hour before falling back into sleep.

My main focus now is in yielding entirely to Source, from which all life flows with unceasing Abundance.

I intend to have another round of scalar healing treatments in a month or two.

Thank you for continuing to develop and apply these treatments for all sentient beings.

Jan 10, 2014 by D.H. on Scalar Light
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Tom, I have had you doing the scalar energy healing on my husband, myself and 3 of our children who are adopted with special needs.

They unfortunately were born to a mother who abused alcohol while pregnant. This email is about our 15 year old who has had serious anger and attachment issues. We have noticed since you started the sessions a month ago that D has slowly been becoming more subdued and calm. He had a few days where you could tell something was causing unease in him, however this last week he is a totally different person. He is calm, well mannered, happier and easily apologizes instead of getting mad. The only thing I can attribute this to is your sessions.

Due to his brain damage from the alcohol he has struggles in school and most of the time refuses to do his work. He has spent the last month working hard and has brought all of his grades up to passing.

I will never say the affected brain cannot be healed, because I am witnessing it first hand.

Our 23 year old with the same issues along with Bi-Polar and reactive attachment disorder is slower at healing but I am sure he is also.

As soon as I can save enough I am going to sign those two up again to further this miracle we are witnessing.

Thank You so much.

All the years we have spent trying to keep them safe from themselves, have just been eased in one month because of you. I met you in Los Angelas and so wish I was close right now to give you a hug.

Dec 30, 2013 by Marnie on Scalar Light
Amazing Health Breakthrough
I am a psychiatric patient who has been subjected to decades of rigorous and what I would label "barbaric" drugs. They are called dinosaur drugs because in that industry not much research goes into developing drugs for psychiatric patients. Its not a trendy area and so we are left with drugs that do harmful damage to our bodies while they are said to "treat" disease. I think its called iatriagenic disease.

I was given an involuntary treatment via what is called a legally sanctioned community treatment order or CTO which obliged me by law to accept an injection independent of my volition. This drug rendered me an invalid for a period for 10 years where I could barely summon enough energy to get the most basic of tasks done around the house. My case would come up for review at a community board hearing in later years but until then energy had been drained from my body and I had no quality of life whatsoever. Many of my friends were the same - it was considered normal!

I became frail and lifeless and had no other pastimes other than to rest all day because of the severity of this rotten drug in my body - I was exhausted and my energy was scattered to do even routine things. I would have to my food shopping over separate days because it was so tiring at the supermarket. I would possibly have only 3 hours to one day to enjoy life but the remainder of it was spent recouperating.

I tried all avenues of detox - colonic irrigation, heavy metal chelation, foot patches, pH balancing, oil pulling, oxygen drops over many years - I went with affordable but effective products. I was very discouraged by some folk spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to heal. I had no money so I had to be frugal and decisive. I only stuck with Dr. Mercola's supplement regime - he is a renowned naturopath as I did not wish to burden my body - I only took the essentials like Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Co-Q10, and a Probiotic. But I was still tired my overall health had been seriously compromised by these dinosaur drugs. I found it difficult persisting with the most basic of tasks like watering plants or doing the dishes. I became weak, fragile and fearful. My spiritual life was hampered, I wished to explore pranayam or yogic breath but could not summon enough energy to do the practices such as controlled breathing.

I decided to follow Chinese Dietary Therapy which is as old and as effective as Ayurveda. I learned to cook with all kinds of exotic herbs and wriggly things. It brought much balance to my body but later after pursuing this avenue for 3 years to get the desired effect in my system as a preliminary, I elected to see an acupuncturist who also administered Gynostemma tea. I felt clearer as if something had shifted on an energetic level. But the biggest breakthrough was via scalar wave technology. My fatigue disappeared, I became more outgoing and my body slowly regained its strength. I was able for the first time in my life to enjoy the life psychiatry had robbed from me.

Many of my peers were of invalid status themselves and basically sleep all day and have irregular hours. Psychiatric patients are known to have the lowest health status in the world - lower than that of indigenous peoples. Many professional care workers still struggle to address these serious health and endemic lifestyle issues caused by these drugs and their well-meaning efforts to fix this vexing problem. I feel scalar energy offered the answer for me. I am now enjoying life again after years of drug torture. I am happy and feel as if I have a base to work from through which to engage with life for the first time since I was diagnosed. Thank-you Tom! ~ M.D
Dec 27, 2013 by M&S on Scalar Light
Tremendous Help
Hello Tom,

We have been helped a great deal. I notice a greater sense of calmness and our faces and skin look so healthy with lessened appearance of age spots.

I had a sinus infection with infected discharge that was very troublesome it has all but disappeared.

We both have experienced deeper more restorative sleep which is harder to achieve at 60. We are spreading the great news of scalar healing to friends and family. Scalar is the energy that could save the planet and all living on it humans animal or plants. I am excited and will continue to pray for its furtherance.

A month ago I encouraged my sister to send her picture in with her sister-in-law who was hospitalized ..the outcome for her sister in law did not look hopeful.

With the miracle of God sending her scalar healing she is alive and continuing her healing for a second month.

WOW WOW WOW Our God Is Awesome

I am so very grateful ..how can we go forward

Dec 26, 2013 by Anon on Scalar Light
Mild Autism with Executive Deficits
Dear Tom,
I adopted an older teen who was diagnosed with mild autism, which even mild, is devastating, plus â??executive deficitsâ?? coming from neurological problems in his brain. These are not behaviors; he was born with this. He was never told he had these issues after he was diagnosed, as we felt it would damage his badly needed and fragile self-esteem. He blames his deprived background for his struggles. His strengths are, he is highly intelligent, inventive, artistic, ambidextrous, and a talented, self-taught musician who creates beautiful, original music on several instruments. His challenges include extreme dis tractability, inability to follow routines, short term memory loss right in the midst of conversation, losing things, absent mindedness, general chaos in his environment, and extreme immaturity. I had to learn to talk with him in one-sided conversation, because he cannot keep the pace of normal conversation. If I speak,he forgets his thought, and becomes angry for â??being interrupted.â?? I am very patient and tender with him - I know he cannot help it and I despaired of his future.

Physical symptoms include frequent headaches, anxiety attacks in the night, and visual distortions from looking at a computer screen. The most difficult moments are when he gets triggered periodically into meltdowns that seem almost like seizures. He has spectacular meltdowns, raging and kicking things, and after the physical acting out stops, retreats into angry, silent withdrawal for days, leaving him drained and sleeping for days to recover. He would get angry and confused about things easy for others to understand...just normal interchanges and he would suddenly trigger, and when he is triggered, it's impossible to communicate. He suffers extreme impatience. He does have good friendships with people younger than he, but like him are a bit lost, and more matched to his maturity level. He is now in his 20's and has not been able to find or keep a job, nor was he able to complete high school, despite his very high IQ. When he is not triggered, he is very gentle, funny, clever, and loving.

He has been receiving scalar sessions about 7 months, and I didn't see any change until about 3 months ago, when he decided he wanted to take some classes and learn a trade. He did miss many classes due to not being able to get ready on time, or forgetting. Though with difficulty, he did finish the course in late November...a first for him. He received a 95% rating. This was an enormous breakthrough. There has been an accelerated improvement in the last 6 weeks. He is communicating with me about real issues, is maturing rapidly, and is managing his emotions 90% better. He is starting to adopt a better schedule, and is beginning to behave in a more mature and responsible way.

He has not had a serious meltdown for several months. I have been working with him over 6 years, without much hope. There is too much correlation between the start of his scalar sessions and his marked improvement and maturation to not give scalar wave therapy the credit. It is the only thing he has experienced that is different. I now see improvement by the week, and he is maturing rapidly...seems to be catching up. He still has a lot of entrenched bad habits and thought patterns to heal, still gets confused and angry, but he is talking about it, and voluntarily coming up with plans for a future. He is happier than I have ever seen him and I am experiencing an emotional connection from him he has not been able to manifest before. His scalar sessions will continue.
Dec 23, 2013 by Gwen on Scalar Light
Periodontal Disease
I was diagnosed 35 years ago with severe periodontal disease. The extreme severity of my condition has only been found in 2% of the worldwide population. I have had countless numbers of periodontal surgeries, none of which helped except for one procedure which was shortly lived in the commercial dental market - which allowed my body to regenerate jaw bone. I have followed the recommended procedures - flossing, brushing, and all the other stuff - and I have gone for months not doing any of that except for brushing with NEEM toothpaste and the violet toothpaste from Trader Joe's, and the results have been better with the latter. Yesterday, my sister gifted me with an energy healing of extraordinary magnitude, and the second item on my healing list was my mouth and gums - and he said, "You have cleared your mouth. There is no disease there."

I could have fallen over, after all of these years and all of the dire conversations between me and the industry's professionals about my gums and dental health. During this time, the only change I made was Tom Palladino's Scalar Energy treatments.

During the first month of treatments, I felt better than I have felt in a long time, physically. For once, nothing in my mouth hurt - not once. After the first month of Scalar Energy, I experienced a lot of pain in my mouth hurt for a couple of days, and then it all went away. That was followed by what I experienced above, with the outside healer stating that my mouth and gums were completely cleared and healed and he didn't need to do anything in that area of my body. And I credit this immense healing to Tom and his dedication to Scalar Energy Healing.
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