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Aug 04, 2013 by M.D. on Scalar Light
Lots of Improvement
Dear Tom,

Indeed a brilliant idea to transmit vitamins via scalar energy. Aging depletes the stock of vitamins and the body practically crumbles. If subtle energy replenishes them, there is nothing like it anywhere!

My digestion is literally transformed due to earlier sessions. My eyesight is better than before. I have less pain and more stamina as well as greater hopes. God bless you Tom!

Thank you,

Aug 04, 2013 by W. on Scalar Light
Improvement Managing My Life
Hi Tom,

My husband is being treated by a doctor as well as a homeopath. He says that the medicine of the doctor, which he is using for the Parkinsons, makes him feel dizzy but the tremors and the burning feet are better.

My work situation is very demanding and I'm not really happy in my job therefore I tend to get discouraged and also depressed at times.

I was at the homeopath who calls it burn-out. However I must say that in spite of everything I am managing and I believe it has a lot to do with your scalar sessions. THANK YOU!!
Aug 04, 2013 by M.A. on Scalar Light
Improved Liver Function
Dear Tom,

I have a diploma in marine biology - salmon hatchery technology. I have studied many things.

One thing I know is that when your liver is blocked and/or not functioning up to a healthy level one of the effects is an inability for the digestive system to properly digest lipids. This results in fatty deposits remaining in the feces. This is apparent and can be verified by the fact that in this type of instance the feces will float in the toilet bowl resultant from the high fat content remaining undigested .

Another aspect to this is the color of the feces in that a blocked or low functioning liver will result in a light brown color to the feces resulting from lack of proper levels of bile. Proper levels of bile results in a deep brown color to the feces.

After three days only of your scalar energy sessions I now notice that my feces is sinking in the toilet bowl just as it does in young healthy children and it is now a deep brown color indicating improved level of liver function including proper release of bile. Thank you very much.
Aug 04, 2013 by S on Scalar Light
Scalar Energy Maintenance
Hi Tom,

We are a couple, 71 and 80, in very good health. We eat organic, exercise and grow our own food. We are halfway through our first 30 days of scalar energy sessions and we noticed a change in our digestion and elimination of food. We are doing your scalar sessions for maintenance of the excellent health that we enjoy now. We are awake and aware of the negative pull from the mainstream and we are praying that more people will wake up soon including our own kids. Thank you for your brilliant scalar treatments and have a blessed day.

S & J
Aug 03, 2013 by S. on Scalar Light
After Surgery Improvement
Hi Tom,

Many thanks for the scalar sessions with my small group. I too want to see us healthy, happy and abundant!

Here's a look at my incision 5 weeks post surgery. PT guy and doctors are amazed on how faded and healed it is, along with doing very good with my continued PT.

Since surgery I have been using these power strips for pain and healing. Have not taken any pain pills. Along with the remote scalar sessions, my friend here in Fairfield comes over 2 x week to give me scalar treatments. And of course with my juicing and healthy diet, meditation...........and intense desire to have a incredibly healthy body.

My digestion and better sleep continue to improve. Yet, it is getting rid of the pathogens in my body that is important.

I learn much from the emails you send, and know that someday (soon) scalar energy will be a daily part of our lives.

With Gratitude for what God has given you,

Jul 31, 2013 by D.W. on Scalar Light
Will Continue Sessions
Hello Tom,
My family and I will for sure continue with scalar energy sessions.

I continue to get better but I feel I still need more sessions. There is something that I just can't explain that needs more treatment.

As far as the boys response, they are always ranting and raving how much better they feel and they both report they have way more energy than before.

I truly hope the mission you are on works out. You have such amazing dedication.

Thank you ever so much!
I will keep in touch.

Jul 29, 2013 by R.S. on Scalar Light
Improving Physically, Mentally, Emotionally
Thank you, Tom,

I still have swelling in my ankles, and numbness and lack of positive response in the nerves in my lower extremities.

But I do have a bit higher energy level than I had a couple of weeks ago, and a sense of optimism that everything is O.K. and that I am on the way to walk normally again. I am pushing myself to get out and walk around with my crutches. It's quite hilly here and the crutches are a big help with stability. The physical movement helps.

So I think it's working. It's a mysterious process, but I can accept mystery. Hey, if it works it works.

Kind regards,

Jun 30, 2013 by M.M. on Scalar Light
Pain is less
Pains are reducing day after day. Thank you! Namaste!
Jun 11, 2013 by Colin on Scalar Light
Pain greatly reduced
For 10 months, I have had pain in a specific part of my body. Most of the time, it was at a level 6-7 out of 10, but would spike to a 10 now and then. I tried everyone and everything. The closest anyone came to reducing it was an herbalist who brought it down to level 2-3. Tolerable most days, but still very annoying.

Within the first 2-3 days of Toms' treatment, it dropped to a 1 with an occassional 2 flareup. Feeling much better and able to sleep well most nights.

I have also had the beginnings of a cold sore start twice, but it would disappear before it got to the full blown tingling stage.
Jun 10, 2013 by A.H. on Scalar Light
Many Improvements
Thank you so much for the scalar sessions.

The first week I noticed increased energy. While I still get very tired when I work my 4 days in a row, I bounce back faster. My psoriasis is healing slowly.

My daughter was very ill and did need antibiotics but is better. My other daughter did not get sick and while tired made it to the finish of the school year. Daughter number 3, while weak was able to finish her school work. Now they have time to eat right and rebuild health-wise with the help of the scalar sessions.

Thank you.

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