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What Is Scalar Energy, and how
can it change your life?

Sunshine, the sacred source. What is Scalar Light?

The Sacred Source

What is Scalar Energy?

It is Scalar Light emitted
continuously from the Sun of our
Solar System, and all the Stars in
the Universe.

DNA Strand with the labeled parts

The Architect of Life

Scalar Light is the animating life
force of all spiritual, mental,
emotional, and physical activity
in the Universe.
Spiral galaxy and stars within

The Divine Intelligence

Scalar Light is omnipresent and
serves as the carrier wave of all
intelligence and information in
the Universe.

The Standardized Sessions Include Daily Benefits
to Body, Mind, & Spirit, “A Healing TRINITY”.


Scalar Light fragments harmful health-robbing substances by transmuting
or turning them into simple elements that are not harmful. Your body will
either reuse or remove them on its own, helping you reach greater


Scalar Light intelligence causes or motivates your body to begin assembling its own nutrients from earth elements that already exist. These elements include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. Scalar Light helps turn your body into its own
nutrient assembling factory!


Scalar Light augments the balance of and harmonizes the 7 major energy centers known to some as chakras. Light waves bring a greater sense of calmness to the mind, decrease fight or flight responses, and bring the mind/spirit into unified equilibrium. You will enjoy a lighter sense of being, even without meditation.

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