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What Is Scalar Energy, and how
can it change your life?

Sunshine, the sacred source. What is Scalar Light?

The Sacred Source

What is Scalar Energy?

It is Scalar Light emitted
continuously from the Sun of our
Solar System, and all the Stars in
the Universe.

DNA Strand with the labeled parts

The Architect of Life

Scalar Light is the animating life
force of all spiritual, mental,
emotional, and physical activity
in the Universe.
Spiral galaxy and stars within

The Divine Intelligence

Scalar Light is omnipresent and
serves as the carrier wave of all
intelligence and information in
the Universe.

Standard Scalar Sessions Incorporating THREE PILLARS of Health

These foundational pillars are included daily our 15-day free trial

Pathogen Cleanse

Scalar Light disassembles and eradicates the molecular bonds to the DNA/RNA of over 400,000 species of harmful pathogens, heavy metals, and environmental chemicals. This frees the immune system to restore homeostasis.

Essential Nutrient Therapy

Scalar Light assembles and maintains the molecular bonds of all essential earth elements transmuting them into essential nutrients, minerals, and fatty acids, fortifying the entire body-mind-soul system.

Chakra Balancing Therapy

Scalar Light saturates all chakra energy centers with sacred holographic frequencies harmonizing imbalances in the auric fields and the conscious, unconscious and subconscious minds.

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