Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits Hardware Healthy habits. We spend countless hours and billions of dollars a year to attain and maintain them. All the latest technologies exist to monitor our heart rates, sleep, calories and activity. Our results are as close as the end of our arm. The market for wearable devices and health trackers is growing

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NEW-Mineral and Precious Stone Sessions

SCALAR LIGHT MINERAL & PRECIOUS STONE SESSIONS Scalar light is created by God the Creator and thus is a sacred, perfect energy that imparts instructions upon the universe. All instructions in the universe are initiated by scalar light. Furthermore, scalar light is the fundamental force that assembles and maintains the molecular structure of minerals and

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PCR Tests HIV, Herpes

HIV PCR Test HIV PCR Test HSV 2 PCR Test Herpes 6 PCR Test (Epstein-Barr) HSV 1 PCR Test HSV 1 & 2 PCR Test Epstein-Barr & Cytomegalovirus PCR Test Epstein-Barr Virus PCR Test Lyme Disease PCR Test HSV PCR Test Herpes & Epstein-Barr Virus PCR Test   Herpes Virus 1 PCR Test HIV PCR Test

Parasites Eradicated on 15-day Trial

Parasite infection eradicated on the 15-day Standard Scalar Session. Review this users experience: Dear Tom, For the past 8 years I’ve been struggling with parasite infection problems. And when I’ve managed to kill the parasites that live under my skin, their inner flora composed of bacteria and fungus invades my skin. What you are looking

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HIV Not Detected-No Viral Load

User experiences new PCR Test result of HIV Not Detected after receiving scalar energy sessions since April 2018: My experience is that I have been doing the scalar energy therapy for pathogens, nutrients, and chakra balance since April 2018. Just 4 months. And for the first time In 5 years, I have tested non detectable.

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