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Amino Acid & Protein Program

Scalar light is the omnipresent, divine light that provides instructions for the Universe. The Sun of our solar system as well as the stars are the "storehouses" for scalar light, the Life Force energy. Scalar light instructions are able to assemble and maintain molecules of amino acids and proteins crucial to human and animal quantum health. In practice, the Scalar Light Amino Acid & Protein Program administers scalar light instructions in order to assemble and maintain amino acids and proteins inside the quantum body or scalar light force field. In so doing, these beneficial micro-nutrients improve quantum human and animal quantum health.

Below are the lists of amino acids and proteins that are assembled by way of the Scalar Light Amino Acid and Protein Program. Additionally, enzymes and micro-nutrients are likewise assembled as these nutrients serve to abet and catalyze the assembling of amino acids and proteins. The Scalar Light Amino Acid and Protein Program operates twenty-four (24) hours per day seven (7) days per week thereby assuring a constant creation and delivery of amino acids and proteins to the quantum, human body.

The Scalar Light Amino Acid & Protein Program administers scalar light upon photographs of people, animals, plants, and objects. All scalar light sessions administer non-physical, divine light upon these photographs. There are no in-person scalar light sessions.

Support Desk: (805) 364-3051

Essential Amino Acids Assembled by Scalar Light
1) Histidine
2) Isoleucine
3) Leucine
4) Lysine
5) Methionine
6) Phenylalanine
7) Selenocysteine
8) Threonine
9) Tryptophan
10) Valine
Non-Essential Amino Acids Assembled by Scalar Light
1) Alanine
2) Arginine
3) Asparagine
4) Aspartic acid
5) Beta-alanine
6) Carnitine
7) Citrulline
8) Cysteine
9) Cystine
10) Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
11) Glutamine
12) Glutamic acid
13) Glycine
14) Hydroxyproline
15) Ornithine
16) Proline
17) Serine
18) Tuarine
19) Tyrosine
Proteins Assembled by Scalar Light
1) actin
2) albumin
3) alpha adrenoreceptors
4) alpha defensin
5) alpha tubulin
6) apoferritin
7) ATP synthase
8) beta adrenoreceptors
9) beta-defensin-2
10) beta-tubulin
11) C1Q protein
12) caesin
13) calcitonin gene related peptide
14) calcium-sensing proteins
15) calmodulin
16) carbohydrate binding molecule
17) cartilage oligomeric matrix protein
18) cell division control protein 42 (CDC42)
19) chromatin
20) chylomicrons
21) collagen
22) cyclophilin A
23) cytochrome c
24) cytokeratin 18
25) defensin
26) desmin
27) DM20
28) DMP1 
29) dystrophin
30) E-cadherin
31) elastin
32) estrogen receptor
33) eumelanin
34) extracellular matrix protein 1
35) FAST K proteins
36) ferritin
37) fibrillin
38) fibrin
39) fibrinogen
40) fibronectin
41) GLAST (glutamate-aspartate transporter) 
42) glial fibrillary acidic protein
43) globulin
44) glycocalyx
45) glycosaminoglycans
46) granulocyte colony-stimulating factor
47) heat shock protein 70
48) hemocyanin
49) hemoglobin
50) histone H3
51) histone H4
52) human leukocyte antigens
53) immunoglobulins
54) integrin
55) interleukin-2 (IL-2)
56) interleukin 10
57) keratin
58) laminin
59) lipoproteins
60) Mad2 protein
61) major histocompatibility complex
62) melanin
63) membrane cofactor protein
64) meromyosin
65) myogen
66) myoglobin
67) myosin
68) nestin
69) neurofilaments
70) neuromelanin
71) NG 2 protein
72) Nic96 nucleoporin protein
73) nuclear pore complexes
74) occludin
75) oligodendrocyte lineage transcription factor 2
76) osteonectin
77) phenylalanine hydroxylase
78) pheomelanin
79) phosphofurin acidic cluster sorting protein 2 
80) PLAC1 (placenta-specific 1)
81) plasma membrane proteins
82) platelet-endothelial cell adhesion molecule-1
83) proliferating cell nuclear antigen, PCNA 
84) protease 
85) proteoglycans
86) proteolipid protein
87) prothrombin
88) renin
89) ryanodine receptors
90) spectrin
91) stomach proteins
92) telomere-binding protein
93) thyroglobulin
94) transcription factor NF-kB 
95) transferrin
96) transthyretin
97) tropomyosin 
98) Tuj1 proteins
99) tumor necrosis factor-alpha
100) umbilical cord blood, proteins
101) vascular endothelial growth factor protein
102) vimentin
103) vinculin
104) vitamin D binding protein
105) vitronectin
106) whey
107) ZO-1 tight junction protein
Additional Micro-Nutrient Assembled by Scalar Light
1) adenosine triphosphate
2) cholecystokinin (CCK)
3) chromium picolinate
4) creatine phosphate
5) glutathione
6) leptin
7) Nissl bodies
8) nitric oxide
9 ) phosphatidylcholine
10) phosphatidylserine
11) selenium
12) vanadium
13) vitamin B3
14) vitamin E
15) zinc
No items found.

The Larger Your Group, The More You Save!

Purchasing Scalar Light Sessions comes with many options to tailor for various needs, preferences and budget sizes. The more family and friends that join you, the more you save!

Single Month: You can pay for a single month at a time. Pick it up and put it down as often as you like with no ongoing financial commitments. This is ideal for people who want to try Scalar Light for a while to see how they feel about it. Most people want to progress to “Monthly Recurring” to save money.

Monthly Recurring: If you are passionate about receiving Scalar Light and want to continue indefinitely then the Monthly Recurring Program is for you! This works out cheaper for you and your payment is debited from you automatically every month. All recurring subscriptions require a minimum use of 4 months.

12 Months: The best value for money is our 12 Months Program where you pay for a full 12 months upfront and benefit from a generous discount!

Group Scalar: You may have up to 6 others with you on any Scalar Light Program. The more people you bring with you, the more money you save.

Amino Acid & Protein Program
Single Month

per month / per person
  • 1 Person: $2.50 per day
  • 2 People: $4.50 per day
  • 3 People: $6.17 per day
  • 4 People: $7.83 per day
  • 5 People: $9.50 per day
  • 6 People: $11.17 per day
  • 7 People: $12.83 per day
Amino Acid & Protein Program
Monthly Recurring

per month / per person
  • 1 Person: $2.23 per day
  • 2 People: $3.90 per day
  • 3 People: $5.23 per day
  • 4 People: $6.57 per day
  • 5 People: $7.90 per day
  • 6 People: $9.23 per day
  • 7 People: $10.57 per day
Amino Acid & Protein Program
12 Months

per year / per person
  • 1 Person: $2.13 per day
  • 2 People: $3.33 per day
  • 3 People: $4.38 per day
  • 4 People: $5.47 per day
  • 5 People: $6.48 per day
  • 6 People: $7.66 per day
  • 7 People: $8.76 per day
More Info

Scalar Light™ Amino Acid & Protein Sessions details?

The Scalar Light™ Amino Acid & Protein Sessions broadcast instructions 24 hours each day to facilitate a constant informational exchange between the Scalar Light™ instruments and your body’s energy field.

As your body understands these instructions it will quickly begin to form the molecular bonds that create the essential amino acids and proteins usable by all the cells in your body.

The informational input (magnified photo) used by Scalar Light™ instruments are simple electron microscope photos that take waveforms (information) and help turn them into matter. In this case, that matter is amino acids and proteins.

Scalar Light™ Amino Acid & Protein Sessions run 24 hours a day for the entire duration of your trial or program. We offer trials several times per year. You have the opportunity to try this one time if you are on our mailing list or newsletter list.

After the trial, your investment to continue with the Scalar Light™ Amino Acid & Protein Sessions is $75.00 per month – only about $2.50 per day. Your photograph is destroyed at the conclusion of the sessions.


The United States Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the products, claims, and testimonials made about specific products or services on or through this site. Results vary by individual and we cannot guarantee results. You should not use the information for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem, nor do we encourage you to discontinue any medication or ignore advice from your physician. Any attempt to diagnose and treat illness should come under the direction of your healthcare provider. Your photos are confidential, and we will never share them with anyone.

In my estimation, the Scalar Light Natural Foods Session offers exceptional nutritional support for people of all walks of life. It is my fervent desire that the Scalar Light Natural Foods Session will serve to provide the nutritional needs of the world.
I myself, consider this program to be “My Magnum Opus.”

Tom Paladino

Researcher, scalarlight.com