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15-day Trial Standard Scalar Energy Session

Experience the Standard Scalar Session for 15 days and eradicate all the pathogens you arrive with on the very first session! Upload 25 photos of family, friends and pets! See a video about the Standard Scalar Session. Hear a testimony about the Standard Scalar Session

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30-day Natural Foods Therapy

Register for the FREE 30-day Natural Foods Therapy. See Feedback about the Natural Foods Therapy.


30-day Endorphin&Neurotransmitter Therapy Trial

Register for the FREE 30-day Endorphin&Neurotransmitter Therapy Trial – upload 7 photos of family, friends and pets. See the Nutrient List in the Endorphin&Neurotransmitter Therapy.

Endorphin & Neurotransmitter Therapy


***All free trials are available only ONE time, per individual. Any duplicate registrations will be cancelled. ***