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15-day Trial Standard Scalar Energy Session

Scalar Light can assist in clearing/rebalancing your negative energies so you can experience a more optimal state of behavioral and physical energetic wellness. You can experience improved sleep, mood, energy and regain your zest for life. Your pets are also welcome and do very well on our programs.

Scalar Light can enhance nutritional status at the cellular level and even protect us from toxins and pathogens. Once the causative agents and negative energies are eliminated from your body, your body will begin its own healing process. You will begin to feel more vibrance and energy each day. Enjoy the immune enhancing benefits for you and your family.

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30-day Mineral & Precious Stone Therapy

Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is comprised of minerals. Minerals are not only used to help us grow strong bones and teeth.  Minerals also transmit nerve impulses, make hormones and maintain normal heartbeat. Any imbalance in any mineral, even those we need in very small amounts (trace minerals) can lead to weakened bones, fatigue, decreased immunity, and other signs of failing health.  Many people today take minerals but unknowingly through off this delicate balance.  Why worry about taking supplements that don't break down properly, are costly or risk imbalances that could lead to poor health? The Scalar Light Minerals and Precious Stones program energetically provides the human or animal body with "perfect intelligence" and makes achieving proper mineral balance super simple.  Assembling over 60 minerals found in the waters of glaciers including critical trace elements, this program is foundational for optimal health.  Precious and semi-precious stones each impart unique intelligence and Tom Paladino has captured the light essence of 50 precious stones to mingle with and enhance your "energy body".  Precious stones are mentioned in the bible and have been used for centuries to amplify positive vibrational support to those who use them.

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30-day Natural Foods Therapy

Understanding that every health issue we face is tied to an imbalance of  life-energies, it becomes clear that if we can ENHANCE our energies through LIGHT, we can improve health. Scalar Light can help! Food is one of the most important ways we can communicate with our cells. Poor food choices = poor health. We experience this as lack of vitality and energy. Even if we eat organically we cannot get adequate nutrition we need to defend our bodies against the effects of aging, toxins or cellular repair.
We understand the difficulty in obtaining clean and unadulterated foods today and Tom Paladino has a solution for you. Natural Foods help you obtain the optimal nutritional levels for your individual needs. The "light signature" of over 10K plants will be signaled to your cells instantly, enhancing your BIO-nutritional status with the intelligence of over 200 natural, organic and "perfect" foods.  Enjoy glowing skin, stronger nails, faster repair and wound healing.  

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