Addressing a Pandemic and the Validity of PCR Testing.

pandemic, RO value, PCR testing, Immune system defenses
pandemic, RO value, PCR testing, Immune system defenses

Addressing a pandemic of this magnitude is something many people have not seen in their lifetime. At least, not to this degree. The world health crisis involving the novel (new) strain of virus has generated many questions to our support desk regarding the nature of this infection and inquiring about our knowledge of treatment options.

First detected in Wuhan, China, 2019-nCoV has spread across most countries around the world, including the United States. in addition, s you are quite aware, we are now experiencing a pandemic greater than the 2009 SARS outbreak.  LEARN ABOUT PAST PANDEMICS.

Determining Viral Loads – the PCR Testing Method.

We repeatedly see an undeniably close correlation between the undertaking of a Scalar Light pathogenic cleanse, and the subsequent PCR testing results of NO VIRAL LOAD. Likewise, we remain hopeful that the use of scalar energy technology and the Scalar Light method has provided them a measure of relief which had not been obtained with other methods.

 The information below will provide a better understanding of the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test. Understanding the information gleaned via a PCR test, is the most promising data we can hope to have at this time. 

Additionally, this data we receive allows us to validate our process.

Hear this recent success story of a woman who escaped a pandemic. And, her praise of the Scalar Light pathogenic cleanse.

Unsolicited Test Results Are Promising – Especially in a Pandemic.

Allow me to elaborate on how we have acquired test results and what they mean to us. Persons who claim infection with certain viruses such as herpes, Epstein-Barr, and even HIV, have turned to The Scalar Light Standardized sessions for assistance. In particular, the pathogenic cleanse. 

Many have heard from others that the services we provide, have had a profound effect on their health.  Testimonials we receive speak volumes to us. Of course, it is this word-of-mouth referral process that has built our reputation.

When it’s Best to Test.

After a specified period, typically around the 90 to 120-day mark, the subscriber may choose to seek out their primary care physician to order testing. A physician must order a specific test indicating the absolute absence or presence of the DNA/RNA unique to EACH particular infectious agent. 

And, PCR tests are highly regarded due to the clinical validation and significance of the findings, especially as these findings pertain to the presence or absence of a pathogen. Ideally, indicating that someone is or is not infected with the pathogen in question.

Qualitative and Quantitative Determinants in the PCR Test.

Understand, a PCR test is a QUALITATIVE and QUANTITATIVE test. In other words, what is scrutinized represents genetic material indicating the absence or presence of a pathogen.

If present, the exact amount or the “VIRAL LOAD” establishes. Testing that shows NO VIRAL LOAD would indicate the individual is FREE of that pathogen. There is NO genetic material.  No viral load is the best result one could hope for. 

 For instance, any person who obtains a NO VIRAL LOAD for HIV means that they are not infected with that virus. I might mean that person cannot transmit that virus to another. Again, without clinical validation we can only speculate this outcome.

Unbinding or Transmutation – Functions of Scalar Light Instruments.

Scalar Light instructions tell pathogens to UNbind or release their molecular bonding. Light instructions bind together molecular forms all across our universe.  Likewise, elements linked together create substances. In a similar fashion, timbers and nails that are bound together can build a house.

When you take the nails out, the timbers fall to the ground. Many life forms are quite similar and are only ONE molecule away from becoming a completely different substance. It is in this way all physical matter is formed.

When a molecule is bound to another molecule, it becomes a cell. Also, add a few molecules to a group of cells and it becomes tissue. Binding of tissues becomes organs. 

Similarly, A DNA strand perfectly represents how proteins bind. Covalent bonds is the term used to describe this binding. Picture this: Take two individual strands of yarn and wind the ends in opposite directions. These strands will then coil around one another, similar to a strand of DNA. Now, reverse the sequence until they become TWO individual strands.

In so doing, you will have an understanding of how unbinding works.

The Right Time for PCR Testing.

Any testing our subscribers initiated came after several months of utilizing Scalar Light sessions. Understand, that we receive these results completely unsolicited. Additionally we suggesting if they were to test – it was best to test at a minimum of 90-120 days.

To be clear, our users supplied all of the test results in our possession by their free will. Many of the subscribers credit their improved health to our work, typically with a note of gratitude.

Test results for several other infectious agents are indicating that what works for one type of infection may be working for all.  Technology like this could be vital when addressing a pandemic. Similarly seen is the consistency of apparent success with other species of germs.

Bacteria, archaea, fungi, and various species of pathogens known to cause harm to the health of humans and animals are likewise unbound. So, our website holds testimonies from those who were infected with EBV, HIV, and even Lyme Disease.

Utilizing Photographs to Identify Pathogens.

The only thing required for a scalar instrument to release the covalent bonds of a germ is an EM photograph of the suspected pathogen in question. A Scalar Light instrument reads the elements which hold together this life form.

When the scalar device is set out of phase or in the “REVERSE” phase, these elements easily unbind. We simply only need a photograph of a pathogen to start this process. Again, their covalent bonds break apart. We have included all known strains of this current threat in our pathogenic cleanse.

Over 400k Species Collected to date!

Understanding the process is simple. We secure electron microscope photographs of microbes, germs, virus’ bacteria, prions, and amoebas. Scalar Light instruments can interpret and identify the exact species of a microbe by its DNA / RNA present in the photograph.

 With this input, a Scalar Light instrument knows to unbind the covalent bonds of that which it identifies. Transmutation simply means to change one form into another form. Or liberate that which binds – UN-COUPLING.

A Scalar Light Pathogenic Cleanse contains the EM photographs of all known strains as well as the new novel strain of the offender we are currently dealing with. Is Scalar Light an intelligent tool to be utilized during a pandemic?

Past Performance an Indicator of Future? Performance?

If the experiences of our subscribers over the last eight years are any indication of successful unbinding, we see no reason why the experiences of users in the future should be any different because the process is always the same. 

The only thing that changes is the target. We have now set our targets on THIS new offender as we face a pandemic of epic proportions.

Clean Bill of Health.

Once the RNA of the ANY pathogen is unbound, the infectious agent ceases to exist. If an infectious agent ceases to exist and becomes a collection of individual elements from which it formed, the premise should remain that there is no longer a threat to human health.

So, with this process, pathogens basically “self-destruct.”  While we cannot lay claim to being a cure for any disease, honestly, the results have been eye-opening.  Proponents of Scalar Light directs others to our work – real people with real health challenges.

In their opinion, resolving health issues were correlated with using the Scalar Light process. We encourage clinical trials to support what we believe we are seeing, but no one has stepped up to the plate as of yet.

“Scalar Light is a responsible yet straightforward strategy anyone can employ in conjunction with recommendations by the CDC.”

Coronavirus Symptoms and Information from the CDC.

1) The symptoms of the Coronavirus are high fever, nausea, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, impaired kidney and liver function, pneumonia, and shortness of breath.

2) People do not possess antibodies to fight against the Coronavirus. Our immune system is encountering a new and emerging virus never before faced by the immune system. One where there are no existing antibodies to defend against the novel Coronavirus.

3) Currently, there are no vaccines to elicit an immune response to the Coronavirus, nor are there any anti-viral drugs explicitly designed to fight the Coronavirus.

4) The incubation period for the Coronavirus is 2-14 days. And, this opinion varies among professionals. During this incubation period, symptoms are absent or very mild. Human-to-human transmission takes place unknowingly without the exercise of precautionary measures.

How Contagious is Coronavirus? The RO Number system.

 The Ro number, or reproductive number, is a numerical value indicating how contagious an infectious disease is within the general population. The New England Journal of Health assigns an Ro value of 2.2 for the Wuhan coronavirus. What this means is, on average, a person infected with the novel Coronavirus will affect 2.2 other people. 

It’s no wonder we are in the grips of a pandemic.

In comparison, the common influenza virus exhibits a Ro value of 1.2-1.5. Additionally, the Ro value is not a biological constant. Actually, several elements factor in the determination. Also, please keep abreast as to the spread of the novel Coronavirus and take precautionary measures to avoid contamination.

Read the Testimony of A Model in Milan During the Pandemic.

Hear this models’s story IN HER WORDS – RIGHT HERE.

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits Hardware

Healthy habits. 5 hacks for being a healthy humanWe spend countless hours and billions of dollars a year to attain and maintain them. All the latest technologies exist to monitor our heart rates, sleep, calories and activity. Our results are as close as the end of our arm. The market for wearable devices and health trackers is growing in leaps and bounds.

You would think that having our blood pressure, heart rate, food, and exercise tracking would lead us to better health, right? Sadly, most of us are carrying around extra weight, don’t sleep well, suffering from too much stress and do not have the energy we desire to do the things we love. Diet, supplements, and exercise can only take us so far.

If we are doing all of the things that are supposed to help us feel better, we must ask ourselves “what am I missing”?

Testing and Tracking 

A significant number of individuals (including this author) are regularly checking blood glucose as a way to find which foods suit them best and do not excessively raise blood sugar. This testing is NOT just for diabetics, but for prevention.

Furthermore, we define ourselves by the results we get. We live by the numbers. You must INSPECT what you EXPECT right?

Tracking calories and macros have become commonplace. Once we have the information, we have to figure out what to do with it. And, we tend to compare it to others, right?  The issue is that a healthy weight does not just come from working within our calorie budget. Where those calories come from does matter.

Of course, one should only compete against oneself.  In other words, undergo an N=1 for the sheer joy of discovery. The problem is that even if we do all this tracking, which can be time-consuming, what do we do with the information?  Shouldn’t being a human be a whole lot easier?

The Era of “Quantified Self”

How do we know if what we are doing is making us healthy humans? With all this “body surveillance” we should be tip-top physical specimens, shouldn’t we? Seems like we should be. A few decades ago being healthy used to be defined by such simpler terms. If you ate right, got some fresh air, exercised, and got adequate rest you -typically were healthy.  Eating right meant that you ate all your veggies off your plate. Mom cooked every day. We played outside in the sunshine until dinner was called, and we ate dirt. Ah, the “good old days.” No wonder our stress levels were lower. We had fewer digestive ailments.  No one really ever heard the word “gluten-free.”

Wouldn’t life be grand if it was that easy right? At the risk of sounding judgmentally sarcastic, I only wish I was the person who turns a deaf ear to the scary facts about how things like cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, 5 G, and WIFI are frying our brains and our cells. Ignorance is bliss, right? Or is it?

Sometimes it’s what we don’t see and are not measuring that cause us the most harm.

People today are frustrated because they just do not know how to fix their health challenges. In this article, I will share five (5) really important truths and easy hacks for how to be a healthy human.

Healthy Human Hack #1

Enhancing Immunity

You are an army of one. From the time of birth, your body has been fighting the battle of its life. Literally.

Bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi and archaea.  And that is just the biological warfare we face daily.  We know that even as we depend on some bacteria to keep us healthy (like that in our digestive tract), we try to place a “keep out” sign on others.  And don’t even get me started on toxic chemicals!  (Scalar Light has a 15 – day solution.)

Americans spend millions of dollars on antioxidants in the United States every year.  Vitamin C, E, and A just to name a few. Why? To presumably ward off infection and enhance immunity. Additionally, there has been a surge in sales in recent years of “super foods”. Acai, Resveratrol, Goji, Moringa, and Cacao just to name a few. After all, the message is clear. We need more antioxidants, and we can help with that.

Should children born be handed a box of Emergen-C right out of the womb? Germs are our birthright, aren’t they? Actually, they are a rite of passage. Our mothers pass their healthy “bacteria” to us when we slide down the birth canal. It is our first baptism into the world of “friendly bacteria.” Unfortunately, not for some.

We can enhance immunity by doing some things a bit more and other things a bit less.  Who thought that by merely taking off our sunglasses (for a minute) to look at our beautiful sun, could provide us with the ability to allow the retina to work in harmony with DHA?

When light acts with DHA in the eye, it can help the transcription factors of your hippocampus help to create new memories. Neuroscientist and “bio-hacker extraordinaire”, Dr. Jack Kruse says it best.

“DHA is the ONLY substance capable of transforming natural light into ELECTRICITY FOR THE BRAIN.”

Bad news for those who are “modern-day cave dwellers”. Nature intended these processes to happen each day so that we were able to make the immunity enhancing and all-important Vitamin D. Sadly, most sunscreens are cancer CAUSING due to chemicals they contain to block the sun.

Learn all about sun safety in this article about Vitamin D here:

Speaking of light; red light therapy is gaining a lot of enthusiastic followers as well. With zero UVA/UVB, red light is strictly light of the red spectrum. Red light has been shown to hasten the skin’s ability to heal and support the creation of new capillaries. My personal favorite benefit is the ability for red light to help repair stretch marks, scarring, and even to build collagen.

LIGHT drives life.  So, grab a few rays and you will feel better quickly.

Healthy Human Hack #2


“A direct physical connection to the earth” is the simplest definition. Most people want to know WHY does this make a healthy human. As electrical beings need a steady stream of electrons. We lose electrons all day long.

Eating, sleeping, and breathing are all electron VAMPIRES. We have all heard of oxidative stress, right? Oxidative stress is the process by which we lose electrons by trying to fight off free radical damage. We need to find others to replace them. Like coal to a fire, electrons FEED our being. They keep the energy in MOTION. 

Grounding (earthing) with our bare feet to the bare ground acts as a charge to our batteries by DIS-charging excess protons and donating the electrons that we have lost.  Grounding goes a long way in reducing inflammation and has even been shown to lower blood pressure.

Each day commit to a 10-minute barefoot walk in the grass (not sprayed with herbicides of course), on the sand or just in the dirt. Reconnecting to “Mother Earth” will go a long way toward.

Healthy Human Hack #3


What? Is there a macro for that?

Let me spell this out for everyone confused.  Human bodies have needs.  Vitamins, minerals, and elements are all needed for the health of humans. Water and minerals are transport mechanisms for the entire human body electric. Ultimately, our health all boils down to the number of electrons we can take into our bodies through food ANY means.

The electron transport chain is our way to shuttle electrons to where we need them when we have used up all of ours. Free Radicals are also known as “reactive oxygen species.” Antioxidants in food are another way we replenish our stock of electrons.   If you are not making your own anti-oxidants, then you will need to get them outside of yourself.

Many foods provide some great electrons and I have a short video on this here on this page:  Video Trainings. Fortunately, these foods are fairly easy to get.  They don’t come in a box.  They are of the earth.  Animal, vegetable, and mineral.  Sadly, even activities which keep us alive use up all of our antioxidants.

Breathing, eating, sleeping and moving all have an end product. And it’s a dirty one. Powerhouse foods like oysters, sardines, game meats, and grass-fed beef are great sources of electrons.  All green plants get their energy from the sun. Another decent source of electrons.

A steady diet of electrons will keep your cells happy and even allow for better detoxification.

Healthy Human Hack #4

Do Less of THIS

Practices such as avoiding blue light emissions from our devices and shutting down WIFI before retiring are well worth their investment when it comes to immunity and overall health.  Healthy humans did not stay up all night playing video games, TV’s did not exist.  The only light they had after dusk was that from a fire.  Firelight is GOOD for our immunity.  The light is red or amber in nature.  It is BLUE light from devices that can disrupt cell signaling at certain times when humans should be sleeping.

If you are going to stay up late, shut off the lights and start a fire in the fireplace (if you have one).  When using TV or computers at night there are special glasses that keep out blue light.  Keeping daylight bright and nighttime dark.

Such a simple but profound concept. Keep cell phones out of your pocket for men and for women, out of your bra.  Microwaving our reproductive organs always ends badly. Cook more and use the microwave less.

Use an EMF blocker on as many devices as you can.  Blue Blocking Glasses can be invaluable if you need to be on the computer or for watching TV. And, you will look really cool:)   Keeping light out of the retina at night makes for a great night’s sleep.

Healthy Human Hack #5

Water is LIFE

Contemplate this:  The average human body is made of approximately 65-70% water.   Water covers about 70% of the earth’s surface.  About 7% of that amount is salt water. We need to drink about half of our body weight in ounces of water daily.  If you are swollen and bloated, the water in your body is OUTSIDE of the cells.  We want our water INSIDE our cells where it can move nutrients to our 70 trillion cells.  This requires adequate minerals (electrolytes) – More about this on hack #5.

But what if the water in your water bottle is typically tap water? These municipal waters contain other people’s medications, loads of inorganic chemicals and significant heavy metals.  Make sure your 70 trillion cells get filtered water at least.  At BEST, structured water is surely the way to go. Water should be carried in stainless or glass containers.

Drinking out of plastic will wreck your hormones, make you fatter and could cause infertility. Especially in males.  Spring water from natural springs is the absolute best water to drink when available. ( Take the Minerals trial here)

Electrolytes rule 

Ever hear the term “salt of the earth?” Ocean salt can restore vital minerals to our internal water supply due to the fact it contains all 92 trace minerals.

Minerals in general, have a very alkalizing effect on your body.

Have you heard of the alkaline water craze?  Let me simplify it for you.  Get a bottle of filtered or natural spring water.  Add a few drops of TRACE MINERALS drops.  Voila! Alkaline water. Alkaline water is nothing more than water with minerals.  If you want the most effective solution, just take our Minerals and Precious Stones program which supplies your body over 60 minerals and trace minerals. LEARN MORE HERE.

Sodium balance and regulation begin with the adrenal glands. Our adrenals produce a hormone called “aldosterone” that tells the kidney how much sodium it should retain. Most cases of swelling are due to a sodium or potassium imbalance or other electrolytes. If you suffer from swelling, you have an imbalance.

The point. It may not be that you are taking in too much salt or too much or too little water. Sometimes there is just an imbalance of these precious minerals.

If you don’t like water, I suggest you make it your life’s mission to find a way to like it.  Sports drinks and “flavored” water drinks do not have your back.

Lastly, we need love and human companionship. Feelings of love nurture our spirit. Expressing gratitude each day can be one of the most important things we can do to stay emotionally healthy.  Forgive and forget.  If you catch yourself getting angry at a traffic delay due to an accident, be grateful you are safe and sound. Turning negatives into positives with gratitude can go such a long way towards healthy humans and a healthy planet.

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