Treating Hepatitis C With Scalar Energy

Hepatitis disease is a viral infection caused by one of the following viruses:

  1. hepatitis A
  2. hepatitis B
  3. hepatitis C
  4. hepatitis D
  5. hepatitis E

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Hepatitus C Genome
The three (3) most common types being hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.
No specific treatment exists for hepatitis A infection as the body will typically clear the virus on its own. The liver heals completely in the majority of cases after the initial exposure to the hepatitis A virus.

Hepatitis B infection may be diagnosed as acute and hence short-lived and thus will cease to pose a threat. Chronic hepatitis B infection may demand antiviral medications and/or a liver transplant. Hepatitis B infection can lead to cirrhosis of the liver as well as liver cancer.

Hepatitis C infection does not mandate immediate antiviral treatment if the liver is not currently, adversely affected by the virus. In chronic cases, hepatitis C infection may require a liver transplant as well as a continuation of antiviral medication. Hepatitis C infection can lead to cirrhosis of the liver as well as liver cancer.

Scalar energy offers an alternative treatment for hepatitis viral infection. Scalar energy is a primal force in nature that is responsible for assembling all physical forms in the universe, including viruses. Scalar energy provides the information for viruses to assemble and maintain a specific geometry as it is the life force of each virus. Pursuant to this physical paradigm, I have identified the scalar energy harmonic responsible for assembling and maintaining the nucleic acid of each hepatotropic virus.

Scalar energy is also capable of disassembling the nucleic acid of the hepatotropic viruses, thus subsequently serving to incapacitate the five (5) viruses: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D and hepatitis E. I have developed a treatment modality whereby I administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle of the nucleic acid of each hepatotropic virus thereby disassembling the nucleic acid of each virus. Once the nucleic acid of the hepatotropic viruses have been disassembled, these infectious agents can no longer function in a normal capacity. Scalar energy has effectively rendered the hepatotropic viruses inoperable.

The result is the cure for all hepatotropic infections as the etiological agent of the disease has been genetically disassembled due to the fundamental force of scalar energy. Correspondingly, once the etiological agent of a disease has been disassembled, the symptoms associated with the infection diminish or abate entirely.

For example, an individual infected with hepatitis C virus can be treated with scalar energy in order to disassemble the nucleic acid of the virus. The hepatitis C virus is a positive sense, single-stranded RNA genome that consists of a single open reading frame that is 9,600 nucleotide bases long. Additionally, the nucleotides are responsible for encoding a polyprotein of approximately 3,000 amino acids.

Scalar energy is capable of disassembling some or all of these 9,600 nucleotide bases as well as some or all of the 3,000 amino acids that comprise the polyprotein. Such an action will render the hepatitis C virus inoperable and incapable of infecting and replicating in a host cell.

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Hepatitus C Virus Genome

In application, it is expedient to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle of these nucleotide bases as well as the polyprotein in order disassemble and disrupt the genomic composition of the hepatitis C virus. Once the genomic composition has been disassembled, the hepatitis C virus is non-functioning and accordingly non-threatening to human health.

Scalar energy will one day prove to be the effective and curative treatment for hepatitis a well as other viral diseases. By way of scalar energy, mankind has a mastery over viruses as well as other types of pathogens, thus heralding the cure for all pathogenic disease.

To a fuller extent, scalar energy as a fundamental force in nature will one day allow mankind to master and arrange the geometry of the physical universe. May God soon bring forth the acceptance and responsible application of scalar energy. Amen.

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