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Scalar light is created by God the Creator and thus is a sacred, perfect energy that imparts instructions upon the universe. All instructions in the universe are initiated by scalar light. Furthermore, scalar light is the fundamental force that assembles and maintains the molecular structure of minerals and precious stones. Succinctly, sacred energy – scalar light – is the cause of the sacred geometry of all minerals and precious stones. Thus, scalar light is the animating force that assembles, maintains and gives expression to minerals and precious stones.

The human body is composed of minerals. In fact, 99% of the mass of the human body is composed of the following six (6) minerals: calcium, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus and oxygen. Minerals and water are typically found in the soil and subsequently absorbed by the roots of plants. Hence, it is crucial for people to consume plants as a source of mineral-rich food.

The Scalar Light Mineral & Precious Stone Session assembles minerals inside the human body. Specifically, scalar light assembles minerals inside each cell of the human body thereby offering the perfect delivery of minerals to benefit both mental and physical health. The minerals assembled by the Scalar Light Mineral & Precious Stone Session are found in mineral-rich, arable soil as well as mineral-rich, drinking water throughout the world. The Scalar Light Mineral & Precious Stone Session assembles the following minerals inside each cell of the human body:


  1. apatite ( composed of calcium phosphate, fluorine and chlorine )
  2. aplite ( composed or calcium and sodium )
  3. aragonite
  4. augite ( composed of calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron silicon and oxygen )
  5. biotite ( composed of chlorine, hydrogen, iron, magnesium, oxygen, potassium, silicon )
  6. bischofite ( composed of magnesium chloride, hydrogen and oxygen )
  7. boron
  8. calcite ( composed of calcium carbonate )
  9. calcium
  10. calcium bicarbonate
  11. calcium carbonate
  12. calcium phosphate
  13. calcium sulphate
  14. carbon
  15. carnallite ( composed of potassium and magnesium chloride )
  16. chlorine
  17. chromium
  18. clinoptilolite ( natural form of zeolite )
  19. cobalt
  20. copper
  21. dolomite (composed of calcium and magnesium carbonate)
  22. fayalite ( composed of oxygen, silicon and iron )
  23. feldspar ( composed of sodium, iron, potassium and calcium )
  24. fluorapatite ( composed of fluorine, calcium and phosphorus )
  25. fluorine
  26. gabbro (composed of calcium)
  27. geode (composed of calcite)
  28. goethite (composed of iron and manganese)
  29. germanium
  30. gold
  31. granite (composed of calcium and sodium)
  32. halite
  33. helidor
  34. hematite ( composed of iron and oxygen )
  35. Himalayan salt ( composed over 80 minerals )
  36. hydrogen
  37. igneous rock ( composed calcium, silicon, magnesium and iron )
  38. iodine
  39. iolite
  40. iron
  41. iron sulphate
  42. lithium
  43. magnesium
  44. magnesium citrate
  45. manganese
  46. manganese phosphate
  47. manganese sulphate
  48. molybdenum
  49. morganite
  50. nitrogen
  51. octacalcium phosphate
  52. oxygen
  53. phenacite
  54. phosphorus
  55. potassium
  56. potassium chloride
  57. potassium sulphate
  58. pyroxenite ( composed of magnesium and iron )
  59. selenium
  60. silica
  61. silicon
  62. sillimanite
  63. sodalite
  64. sodium
  65. sodium phosphate
  66. sulphur
  67. vanadium
  68. wadsleyite ( composed of magnesium, silicon and oxygen )
  69. zinc
  70. zinc sulphate

The Scalar Light Mineral & Precious Stone Session amplifies and imparts the essence or healing power of precious stones into the soul, mind and body for the benefit of spiritual, mental and physical health. In specific, scalar light is a sacred energy that creates the sacred, molecular geometry found in all precious stones. It is this sacred geometry that provides the essence or healing power of precious stones. The precious stones that are amplified and imparted by the Scalar Light Mineral & Precious Stone Sessions are found throughout the world and revered for their innate healing powers. The Scalar Light Mineral & Precious Stone Session amplifies and imparts the essence or healing power of the following precious stones into the soul, mind and body.


  1. agate
  2. amber
  3. amethyst
  4. andalusite
  5. apophyllite
  6. aquamarine
  7. aventurine
  8. azurite
  9. beryl
  10. bloodstone
  11. carnelian
  12. chalcedony
  13. charoite
  14. cheralite
  15. chiastolite
  16. chlorite
  17. chrysoberyl
  18. chrysocolla
  19. chrysoprase
  20. citrine
  21. cristobalite
  22. crystal quartz
  23. diamond
  24. emerald
  25. fluorite
  26. garnet
  27. Herkimer diamond
  28. heulandite
  29. Isis crystal
  30. jacinth
  31. jade
  32. jasper
  33. jaspilite
  34. kyanite
  35. labradorite
  36. lapis lazuli
  37. lepidolite
  38. lizardite
  39. malachite
  40. moldavite
  41. mordenite
  42. nuummite
  43. obsidian
  44. onyx
  45. opal
  46. pearl
  47. peridot
  48. quartz
  49. ringwoodite
  50. rhodochrosite
  51. rhodonite
  52. ruby
  53. sapphire
  54. sardonyx
  55. sinhalite
  56. tanzanite
  57. tiger’s eye
  58. topaz
  59. tourmaline
  60. tremolite
  61. turquoise
  62. unakite

In conclusion, The Scalar Light Mineral & Precious Stone Session assembles minerals inside the human body that are found in mineral-rich arable soil and mineral-rich drinking water. Specifically, this session serves to deliver by way of scalar light the beneficial minerals found in nature. Furthermore, the Scalar Light Mineral & Precious Stone Session amplifies and imparts the essence or healing power of precious stones. Specifically, this session serves to amplify and impart the beneficial, innate healing power of precious stones found in nature. May God grant you excellent health. Thank you.

Thomas J. Paladino

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  1. I would like to try the free trial as I have had low energy for some time even when I have been consiousl watching what I eat.

  2. Very interesting . I have a pendant with inscription Scalar Energy SE97080, Koreansk teknologi. I dont remember from Where I got it. Have had it for some years.
    I believe in Scalar energy!

  3. As I metionned to you, I felt uneasy and had to ask you to stop.
    I have felt much better with the hormone programme
    I have felt more relaxed.
    Thanks again

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