Scalar Energy Cloud Formations. . . .

Lenticular Clouds. Image Source: WikiMedia

There exist two (2) types of energy in the universe: electromagnetic energy and scalar energy. Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature that is created by the Sun in our solar system as well as the stars in the universe. All physical forms in the universe are either assembled or disassembled by scalar energy, therefore, scalar energy is responsible for the geometry of the universe.

Scalar Energy Equals Geometry in the Universe

Scalar energy is responsible for either assembling or disassembling a cloud in the atmosphere. Specifically, scalar energy that is contractive or centripetal in nature will serve to assemble or form clouds, whereas, scalar energy that is expansive or centrifugal in nature will serve to disassemble or break apart clouds. As a primal force in nature, scalar energy is responsible for all weather phenomenon.

Lenticular Clouds in Wyoming

Volcanoes emit both contractive as well as expansive scalar energy from their apertures in the earth’s crust which subsequently serve as a conduit for this primal force, scalar energy. For instance, during dormant periods, many volcanoes assemble lenticular cloud formations directly overhead which are lens-shaped clouds that are typically stationary and are not affected by the local wind patterns. Lenticular clouds are assembled by way of scalar energy due to the fact that scalar energy is capable of a contractive or centripetal character.

Sarychev Peak Volcano Russia

Scalar energy is also capable of disassembling clouds in the vicinity of a volcano due to the fact that scalar energy is capable of an expansive or centrifugal character. Typically, during a volcanic eruption, the clouds in proximity to the volcano will disassemble due to the expansive or centrifugal scalar energy emanations.

Trevor James Constable utilizes Scalar Energy

Man has also been able to assemble clouds by utilizing scalar energy in order to produce this atmospheric condition. Trevor James Constable is an etheric, weather engineering expert who has been able to assemble rain clouds and subsequently produce rain by way of etheric energy, which is scalar energy. Constable utilizes etheric devices of a specific, geometric design that is capable of forming rain clouds by assembling water from the atmospheric gases, hydrogen, and oxygen. Constable’s weather engineering experiments and demonstrations serve to further elucidate the fundament that scalar energy is the primal force responsible for assembling as well as disassembling atmospheric clouds.

Earthquakes release prodigious amounts of scalar energy that have a profound effect upon the clouds in proximity to their seismic activity. Unique cloud formations have been observed before, during and after an earthquake due to the release of scalar energy into the atmosphere. A cause and effect relationship is clearly established in light of the fact that seismic activity projects scalar energy into the atmosphere serving to either assemble or disassemble clouds.

Scalar Energy Mecca – Sedona, AZ

Sedona, Arizona is immersed in scalar energy and has subsequently garnered the attention of tourists and nature lovers alike. Scalar energy vortices emanate from the ground in Sedona, Arizona producing a salubrious effect that is felt by many who visit the resort town. The “energy” felt by some people in Sedona is scalar energy. Furthermore, unique cloud formations have been observed in Sedona that are demonstrably attributed to scalar energy emanations at that location. These cloud formations likewise serve to affirm that scalar energy is the primal force responsible for the formation of clouds.

7.1 magnitude Christchurch Earthquake Cloud. Image Source: KuDesign

In synopsis, scalar energy is the primary cause of the formation of clouds. Scalar energy below, upon and above the surface of the earth is able to either assemble or disassemble clouds. Hence, weather patterns are the result of scalar energy emanations that pervade the earth. All-weather phenomenon such as rain, wind, clouds, cloudless conditions, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, hail, etc. are directly attributed to scalar energy and how this primal force interacts with the local environment.

Once Mankind Embraces Scalar Energy. . .

Once mankind will acknowledge and embrace scalar energy, the weather will be controlled in a fundamental fashion with great precision. Then, mankind will indeed benefit from one of God the Father’s greatest creations: scalar energy.

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