Staph Infection on Face

Staphylococcus Aureus
Staphylococcus Aureus
My client’s staph infection on the face, also known as Staphylococcus Aureus is disassembled thereby eliminating the underlying cause of disease. Many pathogenic infections have been either palliated or resolved by way of the high-powered pathogen cleanse.

The testimonial below is from a woman who suffered from staph infection of the face without reprieve. After months of discomfort and pain, she contacted me in order to secure scalar energy sessions for her infection. The initial session by way of scalar energy instantly disassembled the bacterium, staphylococcus aureus, thereby providing immediate relief for her condition. The testimonial below explains in her words how quickly and consummately her condition of staph infection of the face was alleviated by way of the scalar energy treatment.

Scalar energy is a primal force in nature that is capable of disassembling physical forms, such as pathogens. Thus, scalar energy is a simple, painless and fundamental method to disassemble (shatter) pathogens and subsequently cure pathogenic diseases.

Staphylococcus Aureus Testimony

April 30, 2010 Dear Mr. Paladino,

It is my sincere hope to be able to put in words the gratitude I have for the MIRACLE that YOU ARE!

I have begun to abandon all hope for the relief from staph infection in my face, that as you know I have contracted in the hospital during my second surgery on malignant melanoma of the nose.

I thought that the malignancy retuning after 10 years of remission was as bad as it could get. Well it kind of was until the unexpected staph infection developed and inflamed the surgery site and the rest of my face. The infection was not responding well to antibiotic treatments and caused the rupture of intricate surgical reconstruction site done on my nose and cheek. The infection spread to my eyes and sinuses.

There was no reprieve until a friend of mine suggested that I get in touch with you. My reality as surreal as it was at that point became even more so when I tried to reason out the treatment you were to give me – I was desperate and willing to try anything!

I hoped and pray for a miracle but what you did for me happened in such and grand and glorious way that I begun to “wrap my arms” around it only weeks after the treatment. You said that you will help me, and I wanted to believe but thought it will take a major miracle to outdo what was done for me at one of the best hospitals on the West Coast.

At some point, on the day you performed the treatment my face cooled down. I could actually touch it without hurting it. I knew then that something was happening but did not want to assume anything and decided to wait until the next morning. It felt as if the mask that covered my face for over a month was taken off and my face was back to being my face!

My doctor was very pleased with the “sudden turn for the better” and concluded that I was very, very lucky and how he did not expect my recovery to be so short. I did tell him that it was a miracle and he agreed.

How can I ever thank you for what you have done for me. All I can offer you is my life long prayer of gratitude – please accept it.

Kindest regards,

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