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Herpes Simplex Virus TEM
I have another update regarding the new, scalar energy treatment that is serving to disassemble and subsequently destroy viruses. For the past two (2) months I have been treating people with the new, scalar energy pathogenic cleanse that is serving to destroy viruses. People who had viral infections are now reporting a significant decrease or a complete absence of the symptoms associated with their respective viral disease.

On a daily basis I treat over one thousand (1000) people with the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse. This is a broad-based group from different backgrounds, ethnicity, age, genetic predisposition and degree of infection. Below are some of the initial reports and testimonials that I am receiving from this group who have been treated successfully for viral infections by way of the new, scalar energy pathogenic cleanse.

Herpes, Flu, Papillomavirus, Shingles:

  1. People suffering from herpes infection no longer experience fever blisters or the fever blisters are shrinking in size significantly. Most of these people report a complete cessation in the development of new fever blisters.
  2. People suffering from influenza and upper respiratory, viral infections are reporting an accelerated healing time associated with these viral infections. In many cases, flu-like symptoms do not fully develop.
  3. People suffering from human papillomavirus report a reduction in the size of the filiform warts near the eyelids as well as the mosaic warts commonly found on the hands and feet
  4. People suffering from shingles report a reduction in rashes associated with this condition.

These results are an indication the DNA and/or RNA of viruses are being disassembled by way of the scalar energy treatments. Hence, once the virus has been disassembled and subsequently destroyed, the symptoms associated with the viral infection weaken or disappear entirely.

Below are the comments of someone who was successfully treated for herpes infection and is no longer experiencing the fever blisters or outbreaks associated with the herpes virus.

Herpes Testimonial

I began to get that ‘very uncomfortable’ tingle of another herpes blister. On Wednesday I could feel the slightest bit of soreness …. but just barely. This morning there is nothing there. It’s gone! The skin looks and feels normal. This is the 3rd outbreak that didn’t really breakout that I’ve had in the past 3-4 weeks. Hopefully, this is the end of it. I was rather surprised that I even felt another ‘tingle’ after the last two episodes having just disappeared so quickly. I don’t understand why my body keeps ‘trying’ to get that blister to form but it just isn’t happening!

Pursuant to the testimonial above, it appears that once a virus has been destroyed there is confusion on the part of the human body as to the absence of the pathogen. Subsequently, the body apparently signals that the virus is still present when in fact it has been destroyed. Ultimately, the body eventually adjusts to the virus-free environment and no longer responds by signaling the presence of the pathogen that does not exist anymore.

In summation, the body no longer experiences the herpes blister on account of the fact that the herpes virus has been disassembled by way of the scalar energy treatments. Only a herpes virus can produce a herpes blister. The “tingle of another herpes blister” is simply a false signal from the body after the herpes virus has been disassembled and eliminated from the body.

I am enthused to emphasize how promising these initial results are as I believe that God has given mankind the necessary means to finally cure any viral disease. I am confident that scalar energy can disassemble all viruses and subsequently cure all viral diseases. Today, I am happy to announce that the cure for herpes, AIDS, hepatitis, measles, SARS, influenza, mononucleosis, as well as other viral diseases are now within our reach. Thank God!

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