Natures Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid?

Ascorbic Acid
Ascorbic Acid
I found this article in a pdf written by Dave Sandoval. He’s written extensively about greens and super foods and is known worldwide for his views on the difference between whole food and chemical antioxidants. For me, Sandoval’s explanation settles the question once and for all and I prefer not to experience the consequences of ignoring the facts. Read on.

Ascorbic Acid is a Piece of the Whole

Since ascorbic acid is such a tiny portion of the natural Vitamin C Complex, any ascorbic acid product cannot possibly be natural. The reason is simple – to get sufficient quantities of ascorbic acid from nature, the other portions of the whole Vitamin C Complex would be so large as to make a single 500 mg natural ascorbic acid pill the size of a tennis ball.

Since there is no natural ascorbic acid, it is the combination of nutritive factors found in the whole Vitamin C Complex that do the healing, not the ascorbic acid. This was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of ascorbic acid, Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi. In a letter to the editor of the esteemed journal Nature, July 14, 1936, p. 27, he wrote that when it comes to anti-scurvy and anti-hemorrhagic effects, there are other substances of similar importance and activity that accompany ascorbic acid.

More important, when Szent-Gyorgyi tried to cure scurvy and other bleeding conditions, he found that with pure ascorbic acid, we obtained no response…. Yet when red pepper or lemon or lime juice was used, the condition was readily cured. The reason for this is simple, the nutritive portions of vitamin C do the curing and healing, ascorbic acid simply performs the antioxidant function.

So we have it from the horses mouth that ascorbic acid was not effective in curing the very conditions known to be vitamin C deficiency diseases. This has been known since the early 1930s. But it is simple to reproduce ascorbic acid and sell it as vitamin C for big bucks. So the charade has continued all these years. The real need for ascorbic acid is to protect the healing nutrients in the whole Vitamin C Complex from oxidation.

What About the Vitamin C Diseases?

The integrity of blood vessels is dependent upon vitamin C and its natural bioflavonoid and organic copper components. People taking super doses of ascorbic acid still have pink toothbrush, still have brown skin on their legs from capillary fragility, and still suffer from arteriosclerosis subclinical scurvy, and other blood vessel problems because they aren’t getting enough whole Vitamin C Complex.

A whole-food extract of vitamin C-rich foods will resolve these problems where ascorbic acid tablets routinely fail. Are these conditions common? In older folks they are becoming the routine. Clogged arteries, inflamed arteries, aneurysms, skin covered with patches of leaked blood that turns brown, bleeding gums and loose teeth, gum disease, bone problems including osteoporosis, and more are all symptoms of vitamin C deficiency. And they are universal-despite the fact that almost everyone takes enough ascorbic to sink a battleship.

But what about the antioxidant activity of ascorbic acid? The new super-role of antioxidants is being hyped to the public to sell chemicals labeled as vitamins. These are supposed to protect you from free radicals and serve as anti-aging products. Most people’s cells are actually starved for oxygen. Huge doses of chemical antioxidants can make these conditions worse.

We have people who can’t take a deep breath. Those who are constantly in a fog. And more that can’t walk a block without fainting. Antioxidants (chemical Vitamin E, ascorbic acid, etc) taken to excess can make these conditions worse. The whole Vitamin C Complex improves oxygen assimilation in the blood This relieves the heart and all the other blood cells that constantly need oxygenation.

It Can’t Hurt – Or Can It?

Any substance that actively promotes disease in the human body cannot be considered a vitamin. Therefore, ascorbic acid is not a vitamin. Here are just a few things we have found associated with excessive ascorbic acid intake:

  1. Ascorbic acid pills can speed up the process of hardening of the arteries. This was published in an Associated Press release (3-3-2000) from an epidemiological study presented at the American Heart Association.
  2. Cancer thrives on glucose and ascorbic acid. Studies from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center showed that tumors do better in a high ascorbic acid environment..
  3. Ascorbic acid is excreted via the kidneys in 24 hours. (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1990 June;44(6):447-60).
  4. Five hundred mgs. of ascorbic acid daily can damage genetic material (DNA). (New York Times, April 8, 1998-quoting the journal Nature of the same month).

So, we have ascorbic acid antioxidant pills made for pennies and sold to the public in megadoses for big bucks that do not cure scurvy or its subclinical forms now afflicting legions of Americans. It can speed up the process of clogged arteries. Cancer thrives on it, and it protects tumors. Most of it is wasted and excreted via the kidneys. And it can cause oxidative genetic damage to your DNA. It can’t hurt?!

Once again we are faced with the old adage that truth is indeed timeless. From the early 1920s and into the ’30s when the discoverer expressed the failure of ascorbic acid to cure scurvy, right up to today when study after study shows that ascorbic acid is not the panacea we are taught to believe, we learn the same lesson. When you extract one component of food and give it at very high doses, you just don’t know what you are doing to the system, and it may be adverse.

As for “natural” forms of ascorbic acid, there are none. Linus Pauling, the biggest proponent of ascorbic acid intake, cleared that up when he said,

Ascorbic acid is made from glucose (corn sugar) boiled with sulfuric acid. What is called rose hips (natural) vitamin C is the same pure crystalline ascorbic acid with a bunch of rose hips powder added. The “natural” ascorbic acid is out of the same barrel from Hoffman-LaRoche as the others, but with a pinch of rose hips powder.

What Real Vitamin C Will Do

Whole Vitamin C Complex is concentrated food.
Whole Vitamin C Complex is concentrated food.
When you look at the schematic of the whole Vitamin C Complex, you see that the bioflavonoid complexes, enzymes and organic copper, and the other nutritional factors like P, J, and K make up the bulk of vitamin C. The ascorbic acid (C6H8 806) is the protective wrapper.

When the whole vitamin C complex is fed to the body, things really happen. Blood vessels begin to strengthen. Collagen is more readily produced. Bones take up calcium and other minerals properly. Capillaries firm up and bleeding stops. Gums stop bleeding, teeth
tighten, and the oxygenation of the cells becomes more efficient. This in turn allows for better circulation to the heart, more oxygenation of the blood, and resultant better heart function. All these changes, including a natural immune system enhancement, can be measured on lab and other tests. These tests will show nothing of the kind with the same consumption of ascorbic acid alone.

Top 10 Foods Highest in Vitamin C

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