My Scalar Story of Manifesting My Dream of 5 Years!

I have had a dream for 5 years! I have a special bond to a country abroad and moved there 5 years ago. My dream of receiving a permanent visa to live in this country has now manifested after all these years of attempts; applying, hopping back and forth to another country and never feeling permanently at home.

Here’s my scalar story of manifesting my dream:

I have been getting long term scalar therapy now for six months, and in the last few weeks there were sudden and radical improvements in how life works for me. I must attribute this to the scalar energy continuously coming my way for a sustained time. And I have a good reason for knowing it is scalar. When a problem of long duration is suddenly solved, you must look to what you did that is new and different.

Visa/PassportI have been striving consistently now for nearly five years to get a permanent residence visa to live in a country other than my homeland of America. (To protect anonymity I must tell this story without identifying people or places.) I have a spiritually adopted family here, dear to my heart. Anyone who’s been through a visa process knows that you can end up lost in a maze of bureaucracy at its very worst.

I don’t care what country one is dealing with, Immigration is a bureaucratic juggernaut of a nightmare rolling downhill, ready to smash you flat. It seems to be populated by personnel with perpetual frowns, whose greatest passion is saying, “No.”

One of the most draining obstacles I had to constantly plow through, was for years I was forced to do what among those in my situation is not so affectionately known as the visa hop. Most countries will allow Americans and Europeans to stay for 90 days, but then one must exit the country for 90 days before returning, for another 90 days…90 in, 90 out.

Visa hopping exerts tremendous pressure in all ways…social, financial, emotional, and physical. One lives out of a suitcase, unable to acquire the simple accoutrements of life – no ironing board, no cookware, no favorite pillow, no books. Only love and hope can motivate the drive and stamina needed to live like that. And I was indeed driven by the love of my spiritually adopted family.

Up until this week, getting to “Yes” proved impossible. Without belaboring detail, let me say that I left no stone unturned. My time to leave was approaching; I had long resigned myself to the coming grief of separation from my adopted family.

Then prompted by absolutely no effort on my part, a Good Samaritan showed up who offered help and an idea. This person took my cause on with genuine passion, and assured me that God would solve this. I agreed to accept his help, but in reality without hope, because I had already been to the top.

A Good Samaritan
A Good Samaritan

But as I watched him push gently but firmly through every brick wall that I had beaten my head against for years, I began to realize I was witnessing a scalar miracle. People started saying yes. Doors opened. Documents appeared, red tape vanished.

What I could not accomplish in nearly five years, even with lawyers, was complete in less than a week. In one week, every official handed over what I needed, and smiled! And through it all my Good Samaritan just kept pointing up and saying, “God.”

I now have my permanent visa papers in hand!

It was humbling to see how so many people came forward and fought for me, even going to extreme measures to make it possible for me to live here. All the while I could feel a holy Presence, guiding their hands and whispering into their ears, “Say yes.”

I am accustomed to fighting tooth and nail for every inch of ground I gain, not just here, but throughout my history. It’s actually an old pattern repeated ad nauseam, which formed my beliefs about life – It’s a struggle . . . few people really care about you when it comes down to it, and you must rely on yourself for everything that is important.

Now my experience is something so radically different that the best word I can use to describe my state of mind over the last week is “stunned.” It’s as if I woke up on a different planet.

Talk about a Shift!

What changed? Well, it’s me. Like many, I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the Law Of Attraction, ending up frustrated, sad, even angry because, “It doesn’t work for me.” The wisdom of respected teachers assured me that I must change my thoughts. Though I had enough sense to know that slapping on a “be happy” band-aid wouldn’t make any difference, it seemed to be the best I could do. I felt hopelessly stuck, cycling through the same negative thoughts and feelings, the same physical misery, and hating it. . . hating that I could not change.

Then I started Scalar

At first I was only looking for a physical response to the scalar sessions, and I did not experience the dramatic improvements many people report. But I stayed with it. Enough time has passed now to understand that in my case, healing is occurring from the inside out. It sort of snuck up on me, without fanfare, without drama.

I believe scalar is addressing deeper layers first…those which I am quite certain manifest physicality. Definitely I am improved physically – sleeping better, no more nightmares, back pain gone, general aches and pains are less. Feeling happy, content, at peace, used to be rare states, but are daily now. Often for no reason at all, I just feel happy. Life is simply working better.

Tom says that Scalar energy is Intelligent, because it is God’s light and the energy that fuels the Universe. In my case, Scalar’s Divine Wisdom knew that if my body is to get well and stay well, my relationship with life needed healing First. Or, maybe, my life needed healing and all the rest would simply dissolve, like a nightmare. . .

Satisfying the fundamental need to choose to live where my heart is has been so soothing, so supportive, that I hardly recognize myself without this old fight. I look forward to experiencing the further healing that will come from the dissolution of this destructive stress. The healing gift of love I was given by those who came forward in my final hour is powerful medicine. I am grateful for the wisdom of Scalar that understood healing for me is multi-layered, complex, and not just the physical.

Thank you Tom, for all you do.

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