Thinking Transmits Scalar Energy

Human thought is a transmission of scalar energy made possible by the holographic universe.
Human thought is a transmission of scalar energy made possible by the holographic universe.
Thinking is a transmission or broadcast of scalar energy. Every thought is scalar energy. This profound concept will allow us to better understand how scalar energy, the Life Force of the universe plays such a pivotal role in our lives.

Scalar energy will eventually allow mankind to have greater control and mastery over human intelligence, creativity, critical thinking and imagination. Succinctly, scalar energy will one day allow mankind to realize his true intellectual potential as this primal force in nature is the underlying cause of all intellectual activity. This is the great promise of scalar energy.

The Sun in our solar system as well as the stars in the universe create scalar energy eternally; hence, scalar energy will eternally provide for the geometry for the physical universe and therefore, the universe is eternal.

This same omnipresent energy is responsible for the consciousness of the universe. Consciousness is scalar energy. That is, cognitive thought, an idea, imagination, sentience, creativity, emotion, inspiration, deduction, prayer, comprehension, passion, dream, premonition, etc. are all examples of scalar energy emanations.

Constellation Leo
Constellation Leo
For instance, the act of thinking produces an emanation of scalar energy that serves as the carrier wave for all thoughts. A cognitive thought is scalar energy. Without scalar energy thinking would not be possible. On a grand scale, the consciousness of the entire universe is concatenated by way of scalar energy forming a coordinated and living paradigm in the present moment, whereby scalar energy is the animating force. God created scalar energy in order to interconnect the universal consciousness.

Pursuant to that concept, scalar energy is capable of instantaneous velocity as thinking is an instantaneous act. For example, when a person thinks of the distant star, Regulus in the constellation Leo, an instantaneous velocity is experienced as a scalar wave already connects both the person and the star. That is, although the distance between planet earth and the star, Regulus is 77.5 light years, nevertheless, a scalar wave pre-exists in connecting both the person thinking of the star and the star, Regulus, itself. Therefore, to think of the distant star, Regulus serves to instantaneously communicate the thought from the person to the star by virtue of the fact that a scalar wave already exists between the person and the star, Regulus.

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