Dr. Galen Hieronymus Laboratory

Dr. Galen Hieronymus was one of the early pioneers of scalar energy and demonstrated the ability of scalar energy to disassemble or transmute various life forms over a fifty (50) year period. With the assistance of his wife, Sarah, Dr. Galen Hieronymus observed that scalar energy was binding energy responsible for providing the Life Force for all life forms. Once that Life Force was interrupted, any life form would be reduced to a state of chaos and subsequently unbind or disassemble.

Subsequently, Galen and Sarah Hieronymus developed numerical rates of various pathogens that would serve to unbind or disassemble pathogens. These numerical rates were not the identical harmonic of a pathogen yet a close approximation of the infectious agent. Many of these numerical rates of pathogens served to either impinge upon or in some instances, to actually disassemble an infectious agent.

Dr Galen Hieronymus laboratory.
Dr. Galen Hieronymus laboratory.

Numerical Rates Replaced by Micro-photographs

Today, I have replaced the numerical rates of pathogens employed by Dr. Galen Hieronymus with actual, magnified, micro-photographs of pathogens. A micro-photograph of a pathogen provides the exact information necessary for a scalar energy instrument to interpret and subsequently broadcast the exact, scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of that pathogen in order to ultimately unbind or disassemble that infectious agent. The scalar light pathogenic cleanse is effective on account of the fact that thousands of micro-photographs of pathogens are utilized in order to provide the exact harmonic of thousands of pathogens that subsequently will be disassembled and eradicated during each session.

45,000 Pathogens in December 2014

Currently, the scalar light pathogenic cleanse serves to address 45,000 species of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoan, and prions. Scalar energy is responsible for assembling and maintaining pathogens; conversely, scalar energy is also capable of disassembling and eradicating pathogens. In practice, the scalar light pathogenic cleanse serves to disassemble or transmute the molecular and atomic structure of a pathogen thereby causing the infectious agent to cease to exist. Hence, the scalar light pathogenic cleanse is a fundamental and consummate approach to address pathogenic disease.

Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature that is responsible for all spiritual, mental, emotional and physical activity in the universe. All activity must have a cause. It is scalar energy that is the cause of all activity in the universe.

Scalar energy originates from the Sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the universe and thus serves as the infinite Life Force energy that brings order out of chaos. Scalar energy is a double helix, phi spiral that connects or concatenates all prayers, thoughts, emotions and physical objects in the universe. Thus, scalar energy serves as the matrix that interconnects the entire universe into a holographic model. The scalar energy hologram of the universe transcends time and space on account of the fact that all dimensions in the hologram are in the present moment and all points are one (1) unified point thereby overcoming space or distance. In summation, scalar energy interconnects everything in the universe allowing for instantaneous communication and thus coordinating everything into a perfect hologram.

The Holographic Universe

The scalar energy sessions that you may have experienced are made possible on account of the fact that everything in the universe is interconnected by way of scalar energy. That is, my scalar energy instruments gain access to the hologram of the universe allowing me to instantaneously communicate with you via your photograph and to subsequently improve your health in the process. For instance, I am able to administer scalar light pathogenic cleanse sessions and communicate with you instantly by way of the interconnected character of the holographic universe. That is, your photograph is part of the holographic universe and I instantly communicate scalar energy information to you thereby disassembling and eradicating pathogens inside your body. The entire process transcends time and space as all action in the scalar energy hologram is in the present moment and there is only one (1) unified point in the hologram.

Scalar energy is eternal and perfect energy that does not experience entropy and thus this form of energy is indeed beyond time and space. Only scalar energy is found in heaven as this form of light is eternal and perfect. Electricity and magnetism are imperfect forms of energy that experience entropy and are not found in heaven. Thus, the scalar energy sessions that you are experiencing are a foretaste of heaven. May God grant you excellent health.

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