Trypanosoma Protozoan African Sleeping Sickness

African Sleeping Sickness, Trypanosoma Brucei Gamiense, Disassembled via Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleanse
African Sleeping Sickness, Trypanosoma Brucei Gamiense, Disassembled via Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleanse
African Sleeping Sickness, a.k.a, trypanosomiasis, is a protozoan infection that is caused by the tsetse fly which serves as the vector for transmitting the two protozoans: Trypanosoma brucei gambiense and Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense.

Infection from Trypanosoma brucei gambiense or Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense initially produces headaches, fever and joint pain which can eventually lead to neurological symptoms such as poor coordination, numbness and confusion.

The scalar energy pathogenic cleanse disassembles and eradicates both Trypanosoma brucei gambiense as well as Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense. Hence, the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse is an effective and fundamental approach to either mitigate or cure African trypanosomiasis.

Scalar energy is capable of disassembling a pathogen by transmuting the molecular and atomic structure of any infectious agent. Once an infectious agent has been disassembled and eradicated it ceases to exist and no longer presents a threat to human health.

Trypanosoma Disassembled via Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleanse

The scalar energy pathogenic cleanse allows me to have mastery over pathogens as I am able to broadcast the necessary intelligence or instructions in order to disassemble and eradicate any infectious agent. The holographic universe facilitates my ability to treat people exclusively by way of a photograph as any photograph is part of the coordinated matrix of the universe. Simply stated, a photograph of a person is part of the scalar energy hologram as all physical objects within the universal hologram are interconnected thereby facilitating the instantaneous transmission of intelligence or instructions for a pathogen to disassemble and to be eradicated.

The three standardized scalar energy treatment are designed to improve the health of everyone in some fashion to some degree and thus represent universal health care for all. Scalar energy is a direct manifestation from God, the Creator, as all energy is created and maintained by God. Thus, the scalar energy treatments that you are experiencing are the pure, life-enhancing, divine, perfect and eternal light manifestations from God.

Scalar energy is the primary method that God the Creator uses to impart intelligence or instructions throughout Creation. In short, scalar energy are instructions from God. All spiritual, mental, emotional and physical instructions from God are imparted by way of scalar energy. This Life Force energy is thus responsible for creating order out of chaos. Simply stated, all activity in the universe is dependent upon scalar energy.

Scalar energy is a double-helix, phi spiral that is capable of transmitting intelligence or instructions at instantaneous velocity. That is, the entire universe is interconnected with scalar energy and this labyrinthine concatenation serves to transmit intelligence or instructions instantaneously. In other words, all physical objects in the universe are connected by way of scalar energy and this pre-existing connection facilitates instantaneous communication. In essence, the universe is a hologram in which time and space are transcended by way of the all-pervading and eternal scalar energy connection of physical matter. As a result, the holographic universe is able to communicate intelligence or instructions that transcend time and space. All is in the present moment in a holographic universe. All is one (1) coordinated matrix in a holographic universe. This is the, I AM of God.

Everyday, seven days each week, the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse that serves to address over 45,000 species of protozoan, bacteria, fungi, viruses and prions. Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature that is capable of disassembling pathogens and reducing these infectious agents into elements such as carbon, iron, hydrogen, oxygen, sodium, phosphorus, etc. Scalar energy is the intelligence or instructions of the universe and I am able to instruct any pathogen into smaller, elemental forms.

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The scalar healing sessions are done remotely using your photograph to connect with you. There are 3 options for scalar sessions:

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