Our Lady of Zeitoun Demonstrates Scalar Energy Light

The photographs of the Blessed Virgin Mary shown here are from the apparitions of Our Lady in Zeitoun, Egypt. All of these apparitions were observable by the naked eye, however, the Blessed Virgin Mary never spoke during these heavenly visits.

Our Lady of Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt

The Blessed Mother was clothed in brilliant, scalar energy light during all of her apparitions in Zeitoun district, Cairo, Egypt as millions of people witnessed her hovering above Saint Demiana Church. All of the blessed in heaven are clothed in scalar energy light as only this form of perfect energy exists in heaven.

Scalar energy light does not experience entropy, hence, it is the perfect, eternal light of heaven. Scalar energy light illuminates the soul, hence, the blessed in heaven see by way of the beatific vision. Scalar energy light heals and perfects the soul, mind and body as the blessed of heaven have perfect health of soul, mind and body.

Jesus Christ, God, is the Creator of scalar energy light. Scalar energy light is one of the infinite attributes of Jesus Christ and thus a means whereby mankind may participate in the glory of God. Scalar energy light is responsible for the physical creation of the universe and thus proclaims the glory of God. When mankind embraces scalar energy light, then the world will be similar to Jesus Christ – perfect. “And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband.” Rev. 21, 2

Appearance October 12, 2009 (Resource web site)

Jesus is the Light of the world

Appearance December 16, 2009 (Resource web site)


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