Lab Experiments

Photo submitted to Tom Paladino's pathogen cleanse.
Photo submitted to Tom Paladino’s pathogen cleanse.
Lab experiments on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 were conducted that served to prove that the scalar energy pathogen cleanse disassembles and subsequently destroys micro-organisms at a distance by way of a photograph.

An independent, out-of-state laboratory submitted magnified photographs of various species of living protozoan to me to be treated by way of the scalar energy instrument. Four (4) experiments were conducted in which various species of Paramecium, Volvox, Amoeba, Euglena and Stentor were treated with scalar energy resulting in these protozoan being disassembled and subsequently destroyed.

The lab experiments were video recorded in order to substantiate the efficacy of the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse to disassemble and destroy pathogens.

Additional lab experiments will be conducted in the near-term future by the same laboratory in order to once again test the ability of scalar energy to disassemble and destroy micro-organisms at a distance by way of a photograph.

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