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Angels Are Scalar Light Spiritual Beings

Angels are Scalar Light spiritual beings


Scalar light is a divine light, one of the infinite attributes of God the Father, Creator of the universe. God the Father created angels to adore and glorify Himself for eternity. Angels are spiritual beings that are composed of scalar light and subsequently immaterial. The scalar light composition of angels affords these spiritual beings dominion over nature. Consequently, an angel has mastery over the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms.

Angels are found both in heaven, adoring and glorifying God as well as on Earth, assisting humanity. Every person is assigned a guardian angel at the moment of their conception, hence, there are billions of angels present in this world. Some of the attributes of angels are:

1) Angels possess the gift of the beatific vision as they always see the face of God. The beatific vision endows angels with incredible virtue and wisdom. God the Father communicates with angels by way of scalar light, the divine light.

2) Angels are immortal beings as their scalar light composition provides them with the gift of immortality.
Hence, angels do not have a need for food, shelter or rest.

3) Angels transcend time and space as their scalar light composition allows these celestial beings not to be subject to nature.

4) Every person from the moment of their conception is assigned a guardian angel . Our guardian angel is our constant companion, advocate and friend. People should pray daily to their guardian angel and ask for their prayers and assistance.

God, in His infinite Wisdom has created nine (9) choirs of angels to serve and adore Himself for eternity. The nine (9) choirs of angels and their associated characteristics are found below:


The Nine (9) Choirs of Angels


Angel/Scalar Light in the clouds


1) Seraphim: The Seraphim are the highest order or choir of angels. Seraphim are attendants or
guardians before the throne of God. Seraphim have six (6) wings: two (2) of their wings cover their
faces, two (2) wings cover their feet and the other two (2) wings are designated for flying.

2) Cherubim: The Cherubim are manlike in appearance and double-winged. The name cherubim means
the fullness of Wisdom.

3) Thrones: The Thrones are the Angels of humility, peace and submission. The lower Choir of Angels
require the assistance of the Thrones to access God. The thrones represent the steadfastness of the
love of God.

4) Dominions: The Dominions are Angels of Leadership making known the commands of God to the other
Angels. Dominions are responsible for exercising mercy towards people as well as exercising justice when

5) Virtues: The Virtues are Angels known as the Spirits of Motion and control the elements as these
angels govern nature.

6) Powers: The Powers are Warrior Angels that defend people. The Powers defend against evil spirits
who attempt to destroy the people of God.

7) Principalities: The Principalities are responsible for protecting and guiding earthly principalities, such
as nations, cities, archdioceses, parishes, monasteries and convents.

8) Archangels: The Archangels deliver God’s most important messages to mankind. The Archangels
Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are powerful angels that communicate and interact with humanity.

9) Angels: These spiritual beings deliver the prayers of people to God. In turn, God answers these
prayers through the angels as they are the messengers of God. The angels are typically appointed as the
guardian angels for humanity.


St. Michael, the Archangel Is Effulgent in Scalar Light as He Guards the Plane of Pope John Paul II


Angels are frequently called upon by God in order to intervene in human affairs and perform a miracle. For instance, an angel can heal a person from disease on account of their gift of scalar light that affords them mastery over the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms. In specific, an angel can easily cure cancer or a genetic disorder by correcting the DNA of the human body. Thus, angels are capable of curing any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical disorder as they possess mastery over the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms. Notwithstanding their supernatural power, angels are completely dependent upon God for their gifts and virtues.

On other occasions, God might call upon an angel to transmute a physical form into another physical form or even assemble physical matter from ether, which is the fundamental form of matter. Likewise, such prodigious feats are only possible on account of the fact that God has empowered His angels with the gift of scalar light and accordingly these celestial beings have mastery over all sub-atomic, atomic and molecular forms. With a better understanding of scalar light it is now possible to understand how miracles are performed by way of this primal force. That is, the control of scalar light affords the control of nature. God, the Creator, utilizes scalar light as the animating force in order to perform a miracle. Thus, the miracles of the Bible and that of oral tradition can be explained within the context of scalar light action and phenomenon.


An Angel Effulgent in Scalar Light Is Seen in the Sky

Angel in the sky


The fact that angels are composed of scalar light allows these spiritual beings to transcend time and space as they are immortal. Angels also possess many gifts such as a profound understanding of God, the Creator, as well as a profound understanding of creation, the ability to interpenetrate matter, the ability to control the elements, the ability to communicate telepathically, the ability to cure disease, and the responsibility to protect and assist people.

All angels recognize the hierarchy of heaven in which Jesus Christ is the King of the Angels and the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Queen of the Angels. Thus, the nine (9) choirs of angels are completely obedient to this decree and fulfil the Will of God in all measures. God in His infinite love for mankind has provided every man, woman and child with a guardian angel. Thus, it is prudent to call upon our guardian angel and implore our spiritual guides to assist us in our daily needs. Your guardian angel is your friend and guide to greater holiness and intimacy with God.

May God bless you with the assistance of His angels. Thank you.

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