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Scalar Light Helps HIV Patients In India


A miracle has happened. Two humanitarians have joined forces, offering a network of 9000 people living in India a free opportunity. This opportunity has had a profound impact on lives around the world. Welcome to the era of remote quantum healing. The Scalar Light machine is able to reach people around the world...even in remote villages. This new series of videos are personal testimonials from the OPNP+ groups who have HIV. They are happy to share their experience with Scalar Light.

Sahil is from Delhi, India. He is the President of an organization named OPNP+ and works with HIV patients. He was introduced to Scalar Light. In 2017, Sahil and 50 of his colleagues were first introduced to Scalar Light sessions offered by Tom. Tom offered Scalar Light sessions free of charge.

"My viral load was very high, but after this treatment, I felt better. My test now shows NOT DETECTED."

OPNP+ decided to spread this treatment amongst the community. Recently they checked the CD4 of a number of people and most people had high CD4. They are now feeling healthy, and living normally and happily.

Sahil's CD4 was around 300 and now it is 869.

His friends have also gained many advantages from Scalar Light and they all are healthy now.

Stay tuned for more testimonials from OPNP+


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