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Nikola Tesla: Scalar Light Theorist and Inventor

Nikola Tesla is lauded with encomium as one of the world’s greatest electrical engineers. This distinction is well-deserved as many electromagnetic principles were first observed and understood by Tesla as he is recognized today as the father of alternating current. During his prodigious career as an electrical engineer, Tesla was awarded approximately 300 patents for his electrical inventions from various countries. These inventions served to usher in the era of technology that we enjoy today as many regard Tesla as the preeminent scientist that gave mankind the modern-day lifestyle.

However, few realize that Nikola Tesla had two (2) scientific careers: the former as an electrical engineer, the latter as a scalar light theorist and inventor. Many of Tesla’s discoveries and inventions during the latter part of his life were focused on scalar light theory, not electromagnetic theory. Tesla recognized the unlimited potential of scalar light that he believed originated from the Sun, which he called, “radiant energy.” In order to experiment with radiant energy, Tesla moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1899 and erected the first scalar light tower on the outskirts of town. During this eventful year, Tesla was able to harness and broadcast scalar light from the Colorado Springs tower as a wireless transmission of free energy.

Colorado Springs Tower

At the Colorado Springs laboratory, Tesla created man-made lightning bolts, over one-hundred feet in length that were composed of scalar light. Additionally, vacuum tubes that were planted in the ground in proximity of the scalar light tower would illuminate under the influence of the scalar waves that originated from the tower. Butterflies observed in the vicinity of the tower were encircled in a blue halo of St. Elmo’s fire, likewise indicative of a scalar light force field. That is, the phenomenon of St. Elmo’s Fire is a coronal manifestation of scalar light and not an electromagnetic event. These experiments and observations proved that scalar light was distinct from electricity and that the Colorado Springs tower was the first operating scalar light tower to be operated. Emboldened by these results, Tesla returned to New York convinced that scalar light was the primal force of the Sun that could be utilized to provide wireless power transmission for the world.

Colorado Springs Tower Laboratory

The scalar light tower in Colorado Springs, Colorado was powered by the Sun’s rays, scalar waves. Notably, the remote location of the laboratory afforded Tesla a safe environment to experiment with scalar waves or “radiant energy.” To this day, Tesla’s results have not been duplicated.

Wardenclyffe Tower

Wardenclyffe Tower in 1904

The Wardenclyffe Tower was a successful scalar light installation for wireless power generation. Tesla envisioned a world powered by clean, safe and abundant scalar light, the radiant energy of the Sun.

Unfortunately, the Wardenclyffe tower was undercapitalized as the initial investment of $ 150,000 from financier J.P. Morgan proved to be inadequate to complete the construction project. Tesla failed to receive additional funding from Morgan and the project was ultimately abandoned. The Bank Panic of 1907 which resulted in bank failures, as well as a poor investment climate, imperilled the prospect of securing additional venture capital: the Wardenclyffe project was bankrupt. The tower was demolished in 1917 and sold for scrap.

Nikola Tesla was the inventor of the first Scalar Light harnessing instruments 

Nikola Tesla was the first scientist to invent and perfect scalar light instruments as the scalar light towers of Colorado Springs and Wardenclyffe attest to his understanding of this dimension of divine light. The scalar light phenomenon and results demonstrated through these experiments have never been reproduced by way of electromagnetic instruments. In order for the scientific world to recreate and benefit from the discoveries of Nikola Tesla, the acknowledgement of scalar light as the universal, holographic paradigm of the universe is crucial. Only when the scientific world recognizes the divine character of scalar light will serious and meaningful advancements be realized in this emerging science. May God grant wisdom to those that seek His glory.

Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino

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