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Teenager's Foot Wilfully Burnt by Uncle for Suspected Phone Battery Theft

Before and after scalar light testimony

This story happened in Cameroon and is reported here by Roger BEKONO, Tom's Paladino Scalar Healing representative in Africa/Cameroon, with the permission of the child's father

Teenager's foot Wilfully Burnt by Uncle for Suspected Phone Battery Theft

ZIA OUDIN's foot was burnt in June 2016 by his uncle who mistakenly thought that the boy has stolen his phone battery. As a result, the boy's foot was almost destroyed by fire and nothing in the village could cure the wound. We can see below how serious the case looked.

before foot photo

Some toes were completely burnt as we can see. The brown bumpy substance that we see under the foot here is a village's endeavor to cure the burnt place.

Since this case was a family problem, the boy's father, Mr INOSA, decided not to report it to the police. However, as the child was taken to the hospital, the case was reported to the police station by an unknown third party, therefore the enforcement of law and order arrested Mr INOSA's brother who is currently serving in a Cameroonian jail. 

The hospital, as well as the village, tried to cure the child from June to December, but there was no improvement. According to the embedded picture date, the above photograph was taken on Wednesday, November 23rd ‎2016 at ‏‎09:49:20.

Fortunately for the child, in December 2016, Mr INOSA submitted the case to me and I suggested him to put the child on scalar, which he accepted, even without knowing exactly what scalar energy was all about. Eventually, the child was added to the Tom Paladino's Standard Scalar Session on December 5th, 2016.

Recently, our team went to visit the child who was reported to have been healed, as we wanted to witness it ourselves. Below are the pictures are taken by our coworker, Mr François OTYALA on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 at ‎ ‏‎11:47.

We can see in those pictures that the foot is completed healed and Mr INOSA himself accepted the scalar session as he was giving us all the above details about the story. He will be in our next collage.

the child after foot photo

Sole of healed foot Mr INOSA, ZIA OUDIN's father

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