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The Goat Matrix

Furaha Mnkondya of Mpela village received goats donated by Tom Paladino in collaboration with Phoenix Voyage


Originally published: Phoenix Voyage
In 2017, an amazing, novel idea was born deep in the hearts of very thoughtful thinkers. Phoenix Voyage International evolved to a desire to change and inspire the world, so we launched a pilot project called Phoenix Hamlets. These little marvels of agriculture are independent organic edible parks operated by the community and in turn, the community eats for free!
Not only can families and communities easily grow their own fruits and vegetables, but there is a very effective animal husbandry component included that is really catching on with our partners! We work directly with NGO's all around the globe inciting change that helps improve the world we live in
This is where our community goat program comes in. Gifting a goat can change an entire community’s lives, improving their health with nutritious milk and providing a future of offspring that can truly make a difference for generations to come. Goats breed very quickly, so the benefits are dramatic. This does break the cycle of poverty and give those in need a new chance at independence and happiness.
The initial reaction to this project was very well-received and started to go viral through villages in Tanzania with the efforts of our partner, EnviroCare Tanzania, headed up by Christopher Simwinga. EnviroCare is an NGO that advocates for environmental justice, human rights, gender equality and equity for all. This partnership has sparked an amazing interest in our projects by people all over the globe.
Thanks to the pilot program's success, this project also gained the attention of a friend and fellow humanitarian, Tom Paladino, founder of Scalar Light. Tom was excited to hear about the immediate interest in the Hamlets in Tanzania and generously donated 300 USD to purchase 10 goats, which culminated in the amazing results we're seeing today!
After 4 years and many births, the 10 goats have become 102 goats and have blessed 20 families directly and up to 150 community members in total. That means that our simple community goat program has increased this investment by 1000% in a very short amount of time!
October recipients for the donation of 10 goats from Tom Paladino! Thank you Tom!
Upon seeing the positive impact that the 10 goats he donated 4 years ago have made for an entire community, Tom has pledged to gift 10 goats each month to villages all throughout Tanzania. Thank you, Tom Paladino, for all of your hard work and compassion. We look forward to continuing working together to touch the lives of those who are less fortunate.

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