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Trace Minerals and Ultra-trace Minerals

Trace elements are conferred in elemental form, that is, while not combining, as chemical elements. Several of the trace minerals and ultra-trace minerals may be found in larger (also tiny amounts) within the variety of mineral salts. However, its function is extremely different.

Why are Trace Minerals and Ultra-trace Minerals Important?

Background with vitamins, minerals and fresh fruits and greens. A healthy diet is the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

When they’re presented as mineral salts, they have a structural role. They are found in the body forming structures, either dissolved in body fluids or as a part of proteins that are the foremost vital structural constituents of protoplasm, bones, and teeth (Ca and P), body fluids (Cl, K, and Na), blood (Fe), etc. Trace minerals and ultra-trace minerals, however, once they are conferred in elemental form, intervene in an extremely specific method so that a definite biochemical reaction may be carried out, so acting within the complicated system of human metabolism.

They are concerned in the regulation and balance of respiratory, digestive, neurovegetative, muscular, and metabolic functions, among others. Individuals cannot manufacture them; thus, our diet must provide us with the little but necessary doses that we need since their deficit can be the reason for many diseases.

The main trace minerals and ultra-trace minerals are Fluorine, Iodine, Selenium, Silicon, Chromium, Cobalt, Iron, Lithium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Copper, Tin, Vanadium, and Zinc. Once there’s an absence of trace elements, symptoms of diseases occur.


If the diet is supplemented with the deficient trace element or trace components before the disease causes irreversible damage, the metabolism is rebalanced. Therefore, it returns to health (or the evolution of the disease stops), as happens with vitamins once they are administered in deficiency states.

The Most Important Trace Minerals and Ultra Trace Minerals, and Their Function

Cobalt - element of the periodic table.


It’s an important element of victuals B12. Cobalt regulates the neurovegetative system, helps regulate vital signs and dilates blood vessels, and favors the fixation of glucose in tissues.

Iron Symbol Icon On White Background


It’s concerned with the synthesis and performance of hemoglobin, acts on enzymes within the production of energy, collagen, albuminoid, and neurotransmitters.

Zinc symbol. Mineral essential for human health.


It’s concerned with the functioning of certain hormones and in growth processes. It is also involved in the production of insulin, the formation of the sperm cells, and the defense of the immune system.

Manganese Chemical 25 element of periodic table.


Its mechanism isn’t determined, but its supplementation improves allergic symptoms in several cases. Besides, it is necessary for bones and procreative functions

Selenium mineral blue icon.


Though its mechanism of action isn’t well-known, it’s known that it is a really powerful antioxidant which it is necessary for the correct functioning of the muscles, it protects the vascular system, and it appears that it slows down the appearance of cataracts and facilitates prevention of certain varieties of cancer.

Word Flouride on white keyboard and stethoscope on table


Helps the fixation of calcium within the bones. Thus it’s essential in periods of growth and bone formation; however, it additionally helps stop or delay the onset of osteoporosis. Maintains the good state of tooth enamel, which helps prevent tooth decay.

tin (Sn) button on black and white background on the periodic table of elements with atomic number or a chemistry science concept or experiment.


It is necessary for several bioelectrical functions of the body and hair growth. It improves the functioning of the system and reflexes. It’s tough to produce a deficit; on the contrary, an excess of tin is feasible by exposure through foods prepackaged in tin cans, and this may be toxic.

Periodic table element molybdenum icon on white background.


It is concerned with the metabolism and enteric absorption of iron. It’s involved in the good state of male functions and also in the detoxification method of nitrosated compounds.

Vanadium chemical element with first ionization energy, atomic mass and electronegativity values


Trace element present within the human body in minute quantities. Its mechanism of action is still unclear; however, it will increase and improve the mechanisms controlled by insulin, increasing the amount of muscle glycogen.

Chromium chemical element


Intervenes in sugar metabolism, reinforces the action of insulin, and favors the entry of aldohexose into cells. It must be borne in mind that with age, its content within the body decreases.

Periodic table element lithium icon on white background


It acts on the nervous system and is helpful in some types of heart conditions. In principle, it is tough for a lithium deficit to occur; however, it appears that treatment with lithium may be useful in certain cases of emotional disturbance (in this case, always with treated medications and below medical prescription).

Periodic table element nickel icon


It’s involved in the processes of growth, blood cell formation, and, therefore, the defense processes of the body.

Silicon chemical element with first ionization energy, atomic mass and electronegativity values


It is essential for the formation of the skeleton and growth because it intervenes within the method of calcification of the bones. It intervenes in the healing processes. The shortage of silicon causes loss of elasticity of the skin and different tissues, likewise as brittle hair and nails.

Periodic table element iodine icon on white background.


It’s crucial for the correct functioning of the thyroid glands because it is essential for the formation of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4). These hormones regulate the metabolism and so the expansion and functions of different body systems. They’re essential for the assembly of energy within the body and are necessary for the synthesis of the many proteins. They also influence the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.

Copper or Cu periodic table element icon on silver metallic button vector illustration


It’s involved in the synthesis and function of hemoglobin, in the production of collagen, albuminoid, and neurotransmitters, and the formation of melanin. Copper stimulates the immune system.

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