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Will We Know The Truth This June About UFOS?

We are weeks away from UFO disclosure as the Pentagon unclassify their UFO files and presents them to congress. What will we find out and who or what is behind the wheels of these mysterious craft in our skies?

What do we know so far?

  • UFOs exist (not necessarily Extraterrestrial)
  • UFOs display extremely advanced technology far beyond what we know to exist publicly

What could they be?

  • Secret but human technology
  • Extraterrestrial technology

Why does it matter?

  • You cant just fly around willy nilly you know
  • What is the intent? Is there a threat to National Security?

Now Suddenly Everybody Is Talking About UFOs

UFO spaceship with aliens waving

Flying Saucers and other UFOs has always been a rather embarrassing topic for many and often met with skepticism and ridicule. That is until the last few weeks as its been the talk of the news, the government and the military. Suddenly, its a worthy topic and perfectly acceptable. Not to mention that overall, sightings have increased a lot in the past few years.  When the armed forces of the United States government reveal these kinds of things, our attitude begins to change.

This was taken seriously in recent times by the United States in 2007 when a program to investigate non-military encounters with UFOs was funded, however, it was kept secret until its existence was revealed 4 years ago in 2017 and was renewed in 2020 now calling itself “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Working Group”. In reality, the objects that can be seen in the sky and are unknown are not instantly related to some form of extraterrestrial life, and in fact, the objective of this department is to detect, analyze and catalogue these sightings to determine if they have a threat level.

Now everything is going to change this June since last year the former president of the United States Donald Trump together with the legislators signed a petition to the Secretary of Defense to present a report containing unclassified information on everything. that is known about UFOs. This report will be published this month and although such concrete things are not expected, it is known that air sightings by the armed forces of ships will be discussed.

The Technology Seems Alien to us Common Folk

Alien Technology

Already since 2004 the armed forces and the navy had captured strange sightings that could not be explained (this was kept secret until recently), and it made world news when in 2020 the Pentagon published three videos captured by an F / A-18 of the United States Navy where objects called “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” are observed off the coast of Florida in 2015 plus a video filmed in 2007.

Common Traits of UFOs:

  • No visible means of propulsion
  • Sudden and instantaneous acceleration
  • Hypersonic velocities without signatures
  • Able to evade radar (cloaking)

These objects did not have visible propellants or exhaust pipes, however, they could reach great speeds. A Pentagon report indicates that the pilots explained that UFOs could make themselves invisible when near warplanes. Their description of the alleged alien craft was a “solid, white, smooth, borderless” object, which looked like “an elongated egg.” In addition to everything, these objects made very strange manoeuvres in the sky, it seems that they turn on their axis.

From the observations of the pilots and the radar operators, it is clear that these are aircraft far superior to any of the aircraft of the United States or its allies. The Department of Defense and US intelligence have investigated a dozen incidents like these only on the coast since 2015. Capturing the images was not easy because the cameras were in automatic mode and they could not record them until the third attempt. The objects suddenly appeared at over 24,000 meters and then hurtled out to sea, eventually stopping at 6,000 meters and scattered. They then either drifted out of radar range or flew straight up.

      Secret Military or ET?


      • We are far more clever than we thought and we made this stuff
      • Its all ET
      • ET showed us how to make it or gifted it to us or did some kind of deal with us

      Today, from the statements of the Pentagon and the armed forces, we know that the videos are real, and the objects that appear in them too, there is no doubt about that. Here the question is what are they? Since no similar technology is known in the United States. 

      One option is that this technology is created by human beings, and if it seems very crazy to you, remember that at the beginning of the last century nobody thought that a nuclear bomb could be developed, or that man could reach the moon.

      It is known that China has been working with the development of hypersonic weapons, it is also logical that all this is kept secret since if such technology exists in some other country it would be a great military advantage. These sightings worry the armed forces since they could be new technologies developed by their potential rivals, such as Russia and China.

      This is not the first time something like this has been thought of, or have you not heard of the Nazi Foo Fighters or their supposed flying saucers?

      Foo Fighters

      The Foo Fighters were small incandescent spheres that, according to several allied pilots, followed them during the flight despite having no crew. These strange objects have made rivers of ink flow due to their mystery and the fear that they unleashed among airmen opposed to the Nazi regime, always distressed during bombing flights in German territory.

      Apparently, and according to some members of the allied crews, these spheres appeared suddenly in the sky during the bombing missions that were carried out in Nazi Germany. As soon as they were seen a few times, the soldiers decided to name them in memory of an entertainment series of the time.

      These objects behaved unpredictably and disconcertingly. They stood next to the allied planes and accompanied them during a stretch. If the device managed to outwit them, in seconds the luminous ball would follow it closely again, executing manoeuvres impossible for the technology of the time.

      Flying Saucers

      Nazi flying saucers are another very big mystery. It is said that the Nazis built aeroplanes without wings or propulsion and that they worked by applying antigravity. It may seem like a joke but this legend was well known in its time and there is a lot of information about it, although nothing confirmed. It is also said that they could travel at hypersonic speeds, and although this is not confirmed, with the latest videos of the armed forces it no longer seems crazy.

      Theoretical Engineering

      Of course, it has not been revealed how it is possible that the objects that appear in the videos of the armed forces can do physically impossible manoeuvres for a normal aeroplane or reach such high speeds, but here we are going to speculate on some engineering theories.


      Plasma is based on a simple physical principle. Through the contribution of energy, the state of matter is changed: from solid to liquid and from liquid to gaseous. If additional energy is supplied to the gas, it is ionized, that is, due to the increased energy the gas is converted into plasma – the so-called fourth state of matter.

      Plasma has been shown to produce repulsive forces in an infinity of microscopic electromagnetic fields that give rise to a global mean electromagnetic change called the Collective Phenomenon of the Unified Field.

      It is said that to reach hypersonic speeds you have to create a plasma environment, and this, in turn, can create something called shock waves in an unbalanced medium. If these waves can be controlled together with a controlled magnetic field and a plasma environment, they can reach unimaginable speeds.


      Antigravity is the most hidden technology, among the thousands of patents they have seized, since research on antigravity engines, also called ‘hypermotors’, is part of the secret space program of the United States, Russia and other countries. Antigravity propulsion was used in the construction of the triangular spacecraft called ‘TR3B’, a top-secret project.

      It is now known that the Apollo program also secretly used antigravity devices to achieve its goals. In addition, all the large companies in the aerospace sector in the fifties have worked on it, and it is used to power the B-2 bomber. But in the early 1960s, this technology became highly classified, as it can be used to generate free energy, and the path to energy abundance was blocked by commercial interests.

      The Quantum Energy of the Stars can be Harnessed for Health & Wellness

      Electro Gravity

      There are many secret ways to produce antigravity, but the first was the so-called ‘electrogravitics, whose origin dates back to the famous physicist Nicola Tesla. It was used secretly, to reduce the weight of his plane, by the famous pilot Charles Lindbergh, an American aviator and engineer who in 1927 achieved the status of the first pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from west to east, uniting the American continent and the European continent in a solo nonstop flight in his plane.

      Nicola Tesla also entered the world of flight and antigravity. His last patent in 1928 was for a flying machine, which resembled both a helicopter and an aeroplane. Before he died, Tesla devised plans for a spaceship engine. He called it space impulse or anti-electromagnetic field impulse.

      Electrogravity’ is an unconventional type of antigravity effect or propulsion created by the effect of an electric field on the mass. The term was coined in 1920 by the discoverer of the phenomenon, Thomas Townsend Brown.

      He envisioned a future of fantastic space cars to Mars, transatlantic ships powered by multi-impulse antigravity engines, etc. In the 1950s, Brown was hired by different aerospace companies that wanted to develop this system, with no results in sight, since all the investigations were kept confidential.


      There is NO conclusion yet, unfortunately. Seeing as the world is full of secrets and lies, we may never know the full truth. However, if a fleet of ETs come to Earth and land in every major city during business hours then maybe the government will lose their control of information and suddenly we will be ushered into a new intergalactic age. I hope for the latter so long as they happen to be nice aliens.

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