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A New Age Of Healing With Scalar Light

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Chi, prana, OM, mana, life force, pyramid energy or zero-point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy.

Tom theorized that all energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy; and that the sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe are the points of origin, “the storehouses,” for scalar energy. IN THIS EPISODE WE TALK ABOUT:

How everyone can be treated by way of a photograph (no matter where you are in the world)

Why Light Healing is the future of healing.

How scalar energy can be utilized as an unlimited supply of energy (and put an end to the energy crisis)

The single source where all light in the universe initiates.

Why scalar energy is to human enhancement as photosynthesis is to plants.

How the quantum energy from the sun and stars of the universe will heal mankind’s sufferings.

Originally posted: https://www.pureenergypdx.com/integrate-yourself-podcast/scalar-light