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Quantum Healing Through Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino and Patricia Carles

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Sunshine Readings


Sunshine: We are just reminding you if you are across this podcast, just for the very first time, please, as I said, this is episode seven, go check out the other episodes, go see what else is out there for you and ready to listen. There are a vast number of topics that we are covering and so you really do not want to miss out on any of them. You can check it out on any of the major podcast platforms or find us on YouTube. We're also going to be on YouTube. So if you've stumbled across this somewhere else, you can always check out for the deepest spirituality on YouTube. 


I am super excited for today's topic. I've been excited since I saw this hit our calendars and not gonna lie. And the reason why I'm excited is because I have no real idea. I mean, I know what quantum is, but I have no idea what we're about to talk about. So my insatiable thirst for knowledge is just bubbling right now. We are joined by Tom Palladino and Patricia Carles. Am I saying that correctly? And I'm actually going to introduce our topic, I'll let you guys kind of introduce it because I don't think I can do it justice. But we're super excited to have both of you here today. So welcome. As usual as we normally start these off Devin your your beautiful mind and magic will help us all connect with our opening meditation.

Devin: Absolutely. So I invite you now to find a comfortable place to sit and once you do, if it is safe to do so I invite you to take a deep breath and close your eyes, take a few more deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. And as you do I invite you to allow your body to relax feeling the surface beneath you, supporting you feeling the air and the space around you. supporting you and now I invite you to imagine I am above you, almost higher than you can imagine a star, notice the color of this star and the size. Notice the feeling of the star and the sound and now I invite you to imagine that this star is a symbol of your higher self. 


Imagine now a brilliant beam of light shining down from the star all the way down, connecting to the crown of your head. Gently traveling down through the crown of your head down the back of your neck and all the way down through your spinal column filling your spine with this brilliant Higher Self starlight. You can imagine this higher self star light energy filling your spinal cord and traveling out through every nerve in your body touching every part every cell of your body now and when you can feel this you can say out loud I am now connected to my higher self so

Taking a deep breath in and out. Feeling that higher self connection Now brings your attention back up to your star. And I invite you to imagine next to your higher self star is another star. Notice the color, and the size and the feeling and the sound of that star. 


And imagine that this second star is a symbol of my higher self. And you can see the beam of light connected to me from my higher self we're going to do something special. Now. As I count from one to three, we will imagine the same kind of chord of light connecting both of our stars together. And after the number three, we can both say, our higher selves are now connected. One starting to form that chord of light to almost touching at the middle, three, the connection is made. our higher selves are now connected. And notice how that feels. Taking a deep breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Getting ready for my favorite part, this meditation now with your attention on both of our higher self stars, I'd like you to imagine zooming out and seeing your field of view in your mind's eye filled with countless stars all around all of the different colors, size, feeling and sound. 


And you can see brilliant cords of light connected to all of these higher self stars connecting to countless beings on this planet and all throughout the universe. All the higher self stars you see are beings who are in alignment with your intentions, your mission and your integrity as you follow your own spiritual path. And now we are going to imagine all of these higher self stars connecting a brilliant Network of Spiritual Beings on the count of 3123 Taking a deep breath in feeling the interconnection with all of these beings, all of these higher selves I invite you to open yourself to receiving the knowledge and wisdom and support of all beings who are in alignment with your highest healing joy and prosperity you are connected and supported more than you know when you feel ready take a deep breath in open your eyes and return to your present moment. 

Sunshine: I love every time we do that. I just picture this gigantic collective consciousness just expanding throughout the entire universe. I hope everyone listening feels and experiences that same thing because wow oh let it get it what we're going to step out of that in this lovely place. I don't even know where we're all at but we are all connected and I can feel it right now listeners all of us are literally guests here.


And because I am curious, and want to learn more about you guys. We're gonna start off just right there. And, Tom, I think I said, I would love to start with you. Because I believe some of what we're talking about is something that you've given birth to. And so Tom, why don't you share with us and our listeners, the folks that are listening or watching this was about you. Tell us about Tom?

Tom: Sure. I'd love to. Thank you for the invite. Tricia, and I thank you for the invite. Absolutely. Who am I? I'm a humanitarian. And I'm a researcher. If I can combine those two goals, those two objectives, I can help mankind. I work with scalar energy, it's Tesla Energy, what some people might call zero point energy. I'm actually in my lab so I can demonstrate the technology that I've developed. And the point of this technology is to help people. So as a humanitarian, I want to work with technology behind me that is scalar energy instruments. And in doing so, I can achieve my goal through this process through this type of new technology, just a scalar energy technology. That's who I am. That's my goal in life.

Sunshine: I love it so much. How did you know, I can't, maybe you did, maybe you just stumbled into this. But how did you do it? This sounds like a big topic. How did you get into this topic?

Tom: Only by God's hand is this beyond me. It's a new science. I'm working with consciousness. These are consciousness instruments. I don't work with electricity, I work with the energy of the universe. Some people call that Christ consciousness. Others call that Kana or Chi. Some people call that zero point energy. This is the new and upcoming technology.


I'm trying to introduce this new technology to the world. So what I've been able to do is capture the lifeforce energy to capture consciousness or Christ Consciousness by way of these instruments. So it's quite fascinating as we get into this new science, it's non physical. It's a spiritual science. I don't work with physical reality, I work with force fields or consciousness.

Sunshine: Gosh, you have me so excited right now, Tom, I just I mean, like, I'm just getting into the rest of this topic is going to be amazing. Well, I I love this. Yeah. Devin, this is like up our alley. We may have even talked about this kind of stuff.

Devin: Very curious to experience what comes with this?

Sunshine: Yeah, you know, there's no such thing as coincidences in life. So it's like, also what's supposed to come out of this, like us all sitting here talking today. Patricia, how about you, once you share with us tell Devin and I and our listeners a little bit more about yourself? 

Patricia: Sure. Well, I work with bio decoding. I'm a therapist in bio decoding. So I go to the unconscious origin of the conflict, and also have a TV show about alternative medicine and holistic ways. That's what I got to tell Palladino because I interviewed him in one of my shows, and I was like, What is this happening? I mean, I couldn't believe how it's gonna be like to have that, I mean, such a power. And for me, it was amazing because I have always been on that spiritual path. And also, when I started by recording for me it was like, great because I could mix spirituality with biology, but then I met Tom and then it's, it's like, a whole new thing because it's completely Quantic. 


And you will see now how this work, as he said, is as zero point energy, so it's something that you cannot measure, but you can measure with the results of people. And I and I experienced that myself, because before I interview him on my show, I asked him, you know, I had herpes in my, in my lips and I and I said, Well, you know, I'm gonna try this energy first before I'm going to interview him because I want to know how it feels like and you know, many people say that they have, you know, the best options and and they can heal this and that and at the end is no sometimes happens sometimes sometimes it doesn't. So I tried this, this free trial, but by the way, it's free for 15 days. 


Everyone can take it if they go to their website, so I did that. And, and yes, I mean my herpes went away. And I remember that Kent once came back very small. And I asked him, you know, Tom, I got it back. And he said, Well, it's the same, you know, the same strength as before. It was like no, it's very weak actually isn't it's not it's not as painful as before. And then I remember he told me Yeah, because you still have like, the it's a memory of the nerves. And they were gonna go away with the time because they're doing the work. So for me, that was amazing. Because I was like, for 20 years with that herpes and my lips go back and forth. And by the time I interviewed him, I was living in Miami, but that time I'm here in Mount Shasta and now I moved out to the other coast. 

Sunshine: So I am pausing there for a second. Did you just catch that there? Devin where she said she's at? 

Patricia: Yes, I'm living in Mount Shasta, yeah, I got my goals. So I just moved two or three months ago, but I met him in Florida. And I interviewed him for my show. And then he went to give a conference in Hollywood. And as you can see, I'm a Spanish Spanish speaker, because my English is not very good. But my Spanish is much better, because I'm Venezuelan. So he asked me if I could help him to communicate this information in Spanish. So that's what I've been doing with him for these two years. I went to Spain, Argentina , Mexico giving conferences, because I think that it is so important to share this information so that people can know that this is real, that it is scary It's a it's a new technology, but it's also spirituality, you know, it's like spirituality with science. 


And then finally, as you were saying, before we started, people need proof and testimonials. And yes, we have 1000s of testimonials, and that they can see but we are our own testimonials. I mean, I live it myself, I have one of my best friends who has HIV, and he doesn't have HIV anymore. So for me working with Tom is such an honor. I don't usually give interviews in English because you know, as I don't feel that confident in English, but I love to share and disinformation. And I'm here to help whatever. You know, it's coming because this is great.

Sunshine: I don't think you are giving yourself enough credit. Patricia, your English is very lovely and wonderful. Thank you. Yeah, yeah, I yeah, I would never have ever put any of that story on you that it's not good. I think it's beautiful. Thank you. Wow, I've got a question that pops up in my head. And Devin, I'm curious if you have any questions. How long have you guys been working together then?

Patricia: Two years. Yeah.

Sunshine: And Tom, when did you give birth to this? When did God give you this beautiful divine inspiration?

Tom: Probably 50 years ago when I was a youngster. I started reading about Nikola Tesla, I started reading mysticism, and I understood mysticism. I think I was 10 or 11 years old. And I said to myself, there's something about the non physical or the spiritual realm. There's something more than the physical realm. These are spiritual instruments. I work with spirit consciousness. I don't work with physical reality. All of my work is non physical. So it's been a 50 year journey. Well worth it. God put me in this place. I'm happy you did. And it's a process. It's an educational process. And we'll share Trish and I will share with you the incredible results we're having and why people should start paying attention to this technology. 

Sunshine: Devin, any other questions before we jump into the meat of this?

Devin: No questions although I can feel the stream of conversation, forming organically. I'll hold on for now.

Sunshine: It's going to be hard. It's going to be hard to like, not be a little fan, boys and girls with you right now, Tom. delightful conversation.

Tom: I appreciate your enthusiasm. I'm enthusiastic about this every day. So as Patricia, we want the world to realize the benefits of Tesla technology. of zero point technology. It's very real. We're there, these are functioning models, the world should really flocked to what we're doing.

Sunshine: Well, why don't we? I think that's a great kind of what you know, I know I like I think I shared I understand what it means by quantum. You know, I know who Nikola Tesla is. Why don't you just bring everybody here to the same page? Us and then any of the listeners? What is Tesla Energy? What is this scalar energy like? What does it truly mean when you're referring to those terms?

Tom: It's the initial energy or the light of the universe. The light of the universe doesn't begin with protons or neutrons begins with God. Everything begins with God's light or God's force. This instrument can control that. Some people call that the lifeforce energy. Others again, call it kana, or chi. There's something before electricity. So what am I getting at? The initial energy of the universe is scalar, light scalar energy. It's not electricity, electricity and magnetism are derivatives of scalar energy. That's the best. That's the easiest way I can compartmentalize a few sentences.

Sunshine: I'm curious about time just because this question pops into my head. Are there others? You know, could you refer to some of these other words as far as like in the spiritual kana, or chi, right for me, I'm a Reiki Master. So I'm like, this is the universal light that you're talking about that we, Reiki instructors and things are taught are with this in the scientific community, with this be referred to as something else. I mean, there are other other people talking about this out there.

Tom: The scientific community might refer to this as longitudinal waves, longitudinal waves, or torsion energy. But frankly, they don't have the slightest idea what they're doing. Most of them don't. Why? Because they don't accept the spiritual realm. Now, some of the scientists are brilliant, and they understand they're 30, they're laying the revenue. They understand physical science, they're brilliant. But when we go to the non physical, the spiritual, are out of their league. And it's a shame.

Sunshine: All I keep seeing in my head is Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Right. And like the battle between the two because Sigmund Freud was like in a science and Carl Jung is like, no, there's something else there. You know. And that was what caused the rift between the two of them.

Tom: So I'm all for physical science, everything from medical science to, to physics, to to geology, wonderful. But there's also much more sublime sides, spiritual sides, non physical sides, consciousness, what some people call spirituality, that far exceeds the ability of an electron or a proton.

Sunshine: I have another question that's popping into my head. And Devin, I'd love to see if there's anything that is rumbling around in yours, right? Science. And I think about this, and I even think about, you know, because I'm in the spiritual space, and I have to like, I work with even neurodivergent people, and so trying to help them understand. And so when I think of like science or spiritual science, right, I think about the scientific method, and the hypothesizing and then the testing out the hypothesis that says, in some way, shape or form to get information to either validate or disprove, so to speak.

Tom: That's brilliant. You're absolutely right, Sunshine. But as Patricia said, you cannot measure this energy. That's the problem. How can you measure consciousness? How can you measure lifeforce energy, there's no basic unit. So you cannot measure this.

Sunshine: Well, I'm curious, we might get real nerdy right here. Because my like, my quote, unquote, corporate background is a lot like software development, so I can get kind of nerdy in that. But proof is what I think a lot of times when scientists think of proof, they think of the Die Hard, quantitative measurement that you can access, caress, knows one zeros, all of that but like, I want to Imagine what you are able to explore with technology like this is a qualitative assessment of Yes, somebody is feeling that yes, somebody is exhibiting healing, you know, of, you know, illnesses and ailments, they feel better their life is better, right? But the numbers aren't as easy, especially because humans are so damn unique, right?

Tom: So, here's the Testaments. Right now our body of knowledge is testimonies, which to me is valid, which to me carries a great deal of weight. I'm holding a photograph of people from India. This is a clinic. It's called Prakash. It's a clinic in India. Everybody at this clinic has submitted us a photograph and we place their photograph in the instrument. And we make a quantum connection to their forcefield through a photograph. 


Everybody in that photograph at one time was HIV positive. After we placed our photograph inside the instrument, and the instrument and the energy detected HIV and eradicated or obliterated HIV, nobody has a viral load anymore for HIV. That is the favorable testimony. Can I measure the connection between a photograph and a person? No. Can I measure quantum energy? Scalar energy? No. Can I show you 4000 testimonies on our website? Yes.

Patricia: Regarding HIV, because as I mentioned before, Sunshine, one of my best friends has HIV. And when I met Tom and I asked him, you know, hey, why don't you try this scalar energy, you know, this guy, he said that he can heal that with scalar energy. I was a little skeptical, but that time? And so he was like, oh, Patricia, you know, I know you've like I've been knowing you for 20 years. I know you're so spiritual in the bubble, and energetic things. But do you really think this is gonna work? I mean, I've been HIV with AIDS like for 20 years? And I was like, Okay, why don't we do something, just send the picture and try? 


I mean, it's free? Why do you want to lose? So he tried. And after three weeks, he went to the doctor. And because he has this, you know, regular check. So he went to the doctor, and the PCR was like HIV, not detectable. So he asked the doctors, " Doctor, what's going on here? And the doctor says, well, it may be an error. My suggestion is that you can have three more months. So we can, you know, give you another you can have another test and see what

Tom: He was undetectable. He was undetectable. Yeah, no viral load that was detectable. Now, this is after 20 years, so his physician said come back.

Patricia: Yes. And that's after two or three weeks of receiving scalar energy. So he went after three more months, and it was still, you know, undetectable. And the doctor says, Well, you know, what, let's do something, we're going to go for a nuclear test, which is like, you know, the most effective and all that. So I'll come back in about three months, and we will do the nuclear test. So I'm not a doctor, but as I know, to have a nuclear test, you have to take a pretest to see the charge of the virus, something like that. 


And so, he took the pretest and the pretest was that the level of the virus was zero. So, the doctor said, you know what, I can do the nuclear test, because first the insurance is not going to pay for this, because, as you say, You, Vitesse, they can justify this, and, and there is no way to do it. So, my friend, I said the doctor, so this means that I cured half, I mean, I heal from the HIV and we said, No, this only means that you don't have to HIV anymore, because medical speaking is not way to heal or to prove that this is you know, so he said you don't have HIV but you you're not cured. So that is that this is the point of the history that we are right now where doctors, you know, are going to start like under Standing, then there is another way of healing that is not necessary medications or other type of, you know, Hala Patek treatment. 


So this is where Tom and me are doing, like, you know, like spreading out this information. And people have to know that there are other kinds of ways of healing. And either you do you say you do Reiki, that's, that's also scalar energy. That is a scalar energy when we pray, when we send our best intentions, when we're positive, when we believe that is scalar energy. So we're talking here, it's about science, yes. But it's science and spirituality. And it's a matter of time that everyone in the world realized that there is an invisible war. That is right here that is happening, and that we can take that energy to heal.

Sunshine: I love it so much, Devin thoughts?

Devin: Many thoughts. So it seems to me, like the human form is perhaps one of the most powerful instruments through which to channel this scalar energy. If we accept that as what we are. I remember in my clinical hypnotherapy training, there was one module in our training where we, the coaches, asked the class if any one of us had any friends or family, who were suffering from any kind of medical condition, chronic or maybe going into surgery for something. 


And during this part of our training, we would do what we were calling a noetic healing technique. And we would have a photograph of the person looking very well and happy. And we would all together, focus our positive intentions and energy, essentially praying, just within the context of a clinical hypnotherapy setting. And inevitably, and they have years of testimonial evidence of this working, the person would get better, the surgery would go well, healing would be much faster than than typical. And so it seems like the same kind of thing here. And what I'm curious about is the progression of human scientific practice. I wonder if, eventually, there will be instruments for measuring this kind of energy? If so, what would that look like? When would that happen? And final question here. Do you actually think that we can create instruments for measuring this actual energy? Or is this scalar energy reserved for faith? Basically, like just having faith that it works?

Sunshine: Alright, Tom, I'd love to hear you answer this, but I'm getting pinged on like this conversation I've had in the last two weeks that I got to share really quick. That went something along the lines of, if we were to go back 200 years, it was the physical world, the medical, right, that started to experiment and operate and tear the bodies up and go in and digging and like, we were like, we just got we went into physical science, right? 


And then at some point, you had Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and they went into this like psychiatric mental, right? So you've got body you've got mind. And I have gotten very clear downloads that we are in the next phase of the spiritual body, so to speak, and now the sciences are starting to, like, get aligned with that. And I think Tom you are, it's out. I mean, I don't know who else is in this space, but on the cusp of this

Tom: What Patricia and I are doing is groundbreaking. Nobody has essentially sir custom built, their custom built so we're we're We're at the forefront, dancer the question you'll you'll never be able to measure by a definitive unit scalar energy or consciousness because it's infinite, you need a smaller basic unit, a basic unit to measure consciousness or, or scalar energy, it's infinite. So there is no basic unit, you should be able to measure the intensity somehow. The lack of or the intensity of scalar energy eventually. So, not a basic unit, but at least measure the flux called the flux or the modulation of a scalar. Wave, the expansion or the decompression.

That's probably where we're going. I've tried to measure it, I can't, I've thought of ways to try and measure it. I don't know how to go about it. But you can definitely feel the energy I feel these, these tests, the coils are waiting in energy. To give the audience an idea how much energy is coming off. This instrument is on. You could see two tests of coils here will show you how much energy we're experiencing. This is a light bulb. That's factory packaging. There's so much energy coming off the coils that will illuminate the light bulb. So that's the type of energy I'm feeling.

Sunshine: Tom, are you okay? Or is it that people are concerned that you're sitting by something they just lit up a light?

Tom: That's a good point. Because it's not electricity. There's no radiation, it's non physical. I'm gonna give you another idea: fluorescent tubes, it's still in the factory packaging. So there's so much energy coming off there. It animates tubes.


Sunshine: Oh my goodness. I'll tell you the light bulb shows a better time than that fluorescent that I could just barely see it. But I mean, that's just mind blowing to me mind blowing. So

Tom: This is what we're working with energy that fills an environment, energy that can pass through this so strongly it can pass through the plastic doesn't matter. It just passes through so to speak in an animating delight.

Devin: I have some questions for you, Tom. So this is for this to help myself and and everyone who's curious about this understand more about scalar energy? If, if this kind of energy is not electrical energy, how? How does it activate the light bulbs?

Tom: Very good. That's the power of the force field. Because we can excite the gasses, you're going to excite the gasses with an electrical charge or with scalar energy charge. I don't know if you realize this, I don't know if you really can take a close look. That's a bright white light. That's not being powered by electricity. Now, if that were electricity, that would be more opaque yellow, it's not it's a white white light. Scale energy is pure light. There's no degradation. There's no entropy.

Sunshine: So for any of the like, science, more sciency nerds that might be listening, right? If we think about it like, right, a light bulb works, because that's like a gas light bulb that's not an LED, I'm guessing there's probably something but light bulbs. Literally if we think about the filament the filament has to get hot the heat of that filament then ignites the like gasses in that bulb and that's why it expresses the light and so what you're saying is that spark or that heat element isn't needed correct as the tesla coil is, is the quote unquote heat and it's able to permeate and like move through. Yes, all of that packaging in order to make that gas you know, in essence vibrate at that higher frequency so that ignite you know shows up.

Tom: Exactly. This this is what's so fantastic about

Sunshine: My dear Tom, just so that, you know, they're your microphone must be in a certain direction. And so when you turn toward your left,

Tom: Sometimes the scaler instrument dials out. I've tried this before. This is a plastic cover. I'm going to place that plastic covering in front of the light Cool. Now, this is what I did before so let me try.

Sunshine: Oh my goodness, this is so crazy. Heaven I wish you could see this.

Devin: I'm imagining the whole thing in my mind right now and it's, it's still impressive. Would this not work with LED light bulbs? And because there's no gas in that?

Tom: Yeah, you're right, I've had I cannot do with an LED, I've not been able to, I have to potentially have to increase the power. You're right, it will not. My goal is to be able to amplify that 1000 fold or 10,000 fold. Now, if I can light up a light bulb immediately, then I should be able to do it at a distance. If I can do that at a distance, then we're going to solve the energy crisis.

Devin: Right. And so, I wonder then. Okay, so many questions happening at the same time. My philosophical perspective, from a non dual hermetic philosophy perspective, is that? Well, let me let me, let me say this first. So I've always found it strange that we look around in our environment. And we see ocean waves travel through the medium. sonic waves travel through mediums. Seismic waves travel through a medium. But for some reason, electromagnetic waves don't need a medium because they can move through the vacuum of space. I always found that exception that we put on electromagnetic radiation to be so strange to me. And so I believe that as above and below, if it's a wave that travels through a medium, right, so what is ether? 


Tom: Yes,ether. Now, prove that. Going back to my first introduction, these people from India, I have been able to send scalar energy to them from this instrument. So from Florida to India, I can make a quantum connection. Through the telephone wire from my laboratory to India, I don't work with satellites. I don't tap into any substation. There's no cell phone tower next to my home or next to the clinic in India, how do I make a connection between my laboratory and in India? It's the ether. Meaning why? The infrastructure that I use this free, it's safe. And it transmits energy or accomplishes any transmission instantaneously. So I have free energy. And I have free infrastructure.

Sunshine: Oh, you, you better be quiet with that one because I just heard the government is not your best friend.

Tom: Do you see how this makes it obsolete? Much of our technology today? Oh, there's so much energy with free infrastructure.

Sunshine: There's so many things that you're challenging. I want to make sure that we cover this because we are talking about this energy force. And I mean, I love it when you're talking about the medium. I'm like, of course it is. Right. That's how Reiki works. That's how all the magic that I do on the Astral Plane works. That's why I tell the people that I mentor, there's no such thing as space and time. Whenever you do this spell, it's perfect. It doesn't matter.

Devin: What kind of how the mind works as well, isn't it? Yeah, it absolutely is a medium of mind.

Sunshine: Tom, will you share? What do you mean by quantum healing? What does that mean? Right when we are talking about all of this energy, which is fascinating. And I think that's the real kind of like, you know, thing where we get excited because it feels like science. But when you start to say something like quantum healing, I get a bunch of question marks that go, you know, pop up in my head, and I would imagine some of the listeners do too. What do you mean by that?

Tom: Well, all of the terms we're using reflect this new science and there's not what we consider a coordinated viewpoint as to what terms we use it. What is the definition so there's no universal acceptance yet. Quantum healing through energy, specifically non physical energy, quantum healing, and the healing it takes place. As in the force field, I'm not a biologist, I don't work with physical matter. I'm not a medical professional.


I don't work with Western medicine. I don't work with any physical construct whatsoever. I work with non physical, quantum or scalar, energy force fields. What am I getting at? When I place a person's photograph or a group photograph in the instrument, there's energy signatures, obviously, that's a source of light, light is energy. And this source of light is this photograph from India, as everybody's blueprint, so to speak further.

Sunshine: Tom you know, it's crazy, when you're holding the picture up to the mic, that picture must have been in this box so many times or so because I think it is holding on to that energy right now. And that's what like the as you're moving it, like, that's where your voice is literally going in and out. And I'm kind of like, fascinated, Devin, you're not seeing this, but like, I'm fascinated, because like, I can hear you fine, you hold up the picture. But like, I know, it's you're not blocking a microphone because of how you're moving. It's just so there must be so much energy in that photo with the work that you've done in it. That is what's part of doing it. 

Tom: So you're right. The people from India by location to my laboratory, or forcefield Yep. Nobody from India has ever flown to Florida to be treated by people located by way of the photograph. Now you've heard this before people can locate it. I've read about many Catholic saints that when I place a person's photograph in the instrument, their energy field is located. Yeah, when we're working with quantum it's not a physical consideration. We're working in a different dimension of non physical reality. Yeah, so this is not the electromagnetic dimension where you have physical reality. It's still energy, where everything is non physical, everything is spirit.

Sunshine: I'll share this. And Devin, I think you and I've even had these conversations. So I'd love some of your perspective here. But some of what I teach, and some of you know, whether I'm mentoring someone and helping them, you know, step into this path on their own, or if I'm working with a client to try to provide them healing, I always say like, you know, we talk about the physical and we talk about the mental like, as I just said, we've been exploring that from a scientific, but ultimately, at the end of the day, your your physical and your mental bodies are more so directly impacted by your energetic self, the spiritual self, the you know, that you're referencing that you were able to impact with this quantum healing. 


And so, when you're just trying to physically fix the physical or just trying to deal with the mental game, and you're completely ignoring the energetic body, the likelihood you're going to find miracles like curing HIV, right? It just doesn't happen. Miracles happen in the quantum space, they don't happen on the operating room table. Or, you know, in the psychiatrist's office, they're happening in this particular space.

Tom: There are two different dimensions. And this is why I called the website scalar. Light, it's not have the physical dimension, I never do, we never want to establish that it's the spirit realm. It's consciousness that we're working with. I'll show you how I instruct this. Everything is instructions or intelligence, again, the photograph from India. How do I instruct that? Well, I took a photograph, the HIV virus, and I'm able to match it up to this photograph. Follow me, that's a magnified photograph of the HIV virus. 


This photograph of HIV has intelligence and I match it up or I corresponded with the photographs of the people in India. So there's consciousness on the photograph of HIV and there's consciousness of the people. When I place both of these in the instruments simultaneously, now they're in a consciousness environment where you share information where you share a signal. And the energy that intelligence of HIV finds sources the HIV, intelligence and people and negates the molecular bonds or negates the intelligence of HIV. So everything is non physical, its intelligence, its consciousness. I'm not working with physical reality.

Devin: I have a question about the process. What role does your mind and your intention and your energy play in this process?

Tom: I believe in my mind, my intention can augment your action but then action stands alone, that out, no hard feelings a robot could have sorted those two photographs. And the consciousness of this instrument would carry out that function.

Devin: Okay, so follow up question. It is my current perspective, that, in this vast cosmos in which we live, things are generally neutral. There's, you know, the dualistic positive and negative but then there's also this kind of non dualistic neutrality of all things. And so I'm wondering, could this same technology be used for malevolent purposes?

Tom: Yes, and that's why I don't sell the instruments. Let's just cut to the chase. There are some people, some evil forces in this role that I won't sell the edge to.

Sunshine: I love that you have that boundary? I really do. Tom, right, you have to show a lot of integrity in the work that you're doing.

Tom: You can look at the evil in the role. This is why I'm a humanitarian slash researcher, the two have to go hand in hand. You have to have Morality with technology. Yeah, technology without morality, is suicide, self annihilation?

Sunshine: I would agree. I've got another question. Because, you know, we've been talking about it, we've been touching on it, but I want to go really direct. At this one. We're talking about quantum healing, we're talking about, you know, using things that cannot be seen, right, we've even touched upon and Patricia, you kind of called it out, like, you know, this whole thought of like, the proof, right? How does this quantum healing, you know, Tom, and your perspective, and even, you know, Patricia, and how does it relate to an individual's spirituality? How is this aligned? Right? We're here on a spiritual podcast? How is this aligning to an individual spirituality?

Patricia: Well, I have to mention a couple of things. One is, it makes me really curious about when we travel and give conferences, because the people who get to the conference is the people that is in the frequency, they believe they, they're these people is people who meditate, maybe they do yoga, maybe do you know, they're in this this this field, and we can feel that and, and also, we have realized that scalar energy is such a powerful energy, but it's also divine energy. And as we know, we attract while we are not what we want, so, I have to say that there are people that get to scalar energy somehow, they are already awake, for them is meaningful, because they can feel it in their heart. And yes, that happens when you talk about this topic to someone that is not even that known, he doesn't even care about energy or holistic things or though they might not believe and they might not care and they might not even try any piece for free. So yes, there is a type of energy or spiritual mood that gets people closer to scalar energy because it is divine energy. 


So I can say that from all over the place, we've been traveling. And so we are kind of very aware of this, that there is like a, like a first group that is already you know, awake, and they are gonna be the first and and receive the benefit of the scattered light. And then the others, you know, step by step. This is a educational movement with Tom I mean, we have a lot of work to do by sharing the information by opening you know, eyes and in conscience to people to believe for people to believe that this is real, but yes, spiritual people and when I mean, spiritual is not religion is just an open heart and an open, you know, mine and everything. They're the first and the ones that are going to enjoy this spiritual technology more than the other ones for sure.

Sunshine: I got to share something that came to me as you're. I was listening to your talk and I had to quickly jot it down. And it was just like I the question came up of what is spirituality and this, you know, my guides answered, and they said, it's this belief in something outside of yourself that you do not need physical proof to believe in.

Tom: Yes, exactly. In other words, how can you prove the non physical with the physical? I don't know, you can educate me on that.

Patricia: However, I have to say we're kind of looking for someone to have a clear line camera, you know, this one that you can see the chakra balancing everything. Because when people receive the scalar energy through the picture, because we have three programs, I have to, I'm going to spoil it here. We have three programs, one that goes for the chakras, and it's like just eliminating receiving scalar energy, and that works very well for aligning the chakras. So I know there are some cameras, some cooling cameras or something. If someone has one of these cameras, I want to make, you know, we'll love to have an experiment with this. Because in those cameras, I know that people can see.I don't have I don't know if someone lives in the house.

Sunshine: I toured with some shows, and there are two on this show that actually have these they do or photography.

Patricia: That'd be great. We can do an experiment that because of the scalar light, it will provide you know that balance from the their brainwaves and also from the for the chakras. And also we have a cleansing program that works with viruses and bacteria. So what's the way we can prove this? By PCRs? People do a PCR before they have the virus, they get care light, and they do the PCR after that they don't have the virus. That's it. That means you can feel healthy. That's all the proof you need.

Tom: But let me add to that. The gentleman that wears the orange shirt, he's a founder of own Prakash, his name is C Hill. He had HIV for 13 years after we worked with them. He submitted his PCR test. For 13 years, that's the proof, I liked that as proof.

Patricia: Even taking Medicaid medications anymore. It's not like they take medications. No, they're not taking medications.

Tom: Now, if that doesn't cause somebody to consider and ponder what's going on, he's never been HIV negative, not non detected for years. Well, now he is n't taking any antiviral drugs. And he feels fine. And a CD for his lymphocytes have gone up also, he's gained weight. Now, doesn't that make sense? And the other 5000 people that we treated at the clinic, by way of their photograph, they all feel well, and nobody's testing HIV positive? Nobody. So with all of this favorable testimonies, do you think the robots start paying attention? The world is starting to pay attention to what we're doing? 

Sunshine: Yeah, I mean, I think we're right for a time that we are. People are looking for a different way. They're not willing to take what's been and I mean, this both in a literal and figurative metaphorical sense. They're not willing to just take what's being prescribed to them anymore. Right. I and I say that very intentionally, that that lovely pond very intentionally. I am curious, because you did say that folks are able to do this for themselves. I know you've dropped out and we'll make sure that when, you know, this is out there live we share your website and but you how do people do this for themselves? 


How do they, you know, take advantage? I would even love to know what kinds of things are right because you're, we've referred to, you know, HIV, we refer to these like viral, you know, Patricia, you shared your little story around, you know, the herpes and stuff. These are virals. What other things though, are you able to help? I mean, I'm familiar with the chakras and if you're healing your chakras, you can heal just about anything that you want to do but share with some of the listeners. Where are you seeing some The biggest successes?

Tom: Probably the chakra balancing is the most important problem. This is my photograph. When I placed my photograph in the instrument, once again, it received so much energy, it's that same amount of energy that would illuminate a lightbulb. That's the energy that's going into my chakras right now. Yeah. That's how powerful that is. Now, that's what I call self directed or self generated from the Godhead. It's not me. So when that's downloaded into your brain, into your mind, your mind and your seven chakras, the favorable results, our people are no longer addicted sometimes to drugs and alcohol, or junk food. So the chakra balancing seems to balance the brainwaves to correct the conscience. Now, I've said this before, that chakra balancing is probably the most important therapy treatment that we can administer. Because you're correcting behavior. You're correcting the mind, you're correcting the imbalance. It's a spiritual awakening for some people.

Sunshine: I wholeheartedly believe, and I love that you're doing that. I mean, it's something I do. I mean, I do it for myself. I've done it for clients, you know, using. I'm not using the Tesla coils, which I know, man, I'm so jealous. I'm super jealous that I don't have a very cool tool like that. But yeah, I will, I would agree with you wholeheartedly that if you can get people to get their chakras open, aligned, and allowing that energy to flow through, you know, the benefits that we feel in our physical body and our mental body from, you know, addressing things like depression, anxiety, you know, behavioral patterns that were, you know, not not serving us. Fear. 


You know, I always like to say, ego stories that, you know, Patricia, I hope you let go of the one that you wrote for yourself, which is that you don't speak English very well, because I think you do speak it very well. Better than maybe some people thinking that they know that first language. Yeah, I mean, I agree wholeheartedly that there is a lot. Are there any other things that you're finding, you know, that folks would like real big things? Or let's be real, like, this is cutting edge? Is there anything that you want to tell our listeners that you want to go out and test, you're looking for folks to come forward with certain ailments or things that are troubling them, and you're really looking for some testimony in what areas would those areas be?

Tom: We are looking for testimonies, let me make this clear. The fact that I use a source of light, which is a photograph, a photograph of epstein barr, any photograph I placed in this quantum field will be eradicated. So what have we established, we've established easy way to eliminate microbes, eradicate microbes, there's hundreds of diseases that are caused by microbes, but the people must testify, as did Patricia's friend you once had HIV, no longer has a viral load as the people at the clinic in Delhi, India. Now the chakra balancing many people have written us testimonies, they are no longer addicted to recreational drugs, they're no longer taking recreational drugs. This is why we need a body of evidence testimonies. No, you can't prove this mathematically, but by measuring certain values No, but you can prove it or at least subjectively by testimonials.

Patricia: Also, so ensure you know, I wanted to share that I work with bio decoding and as a therapist, I always go to the unconscious origin of the disease. And I have realized I have found that scale light helps a lot with the brainwave and the balancing that helps people to manage better the emotions, because those those emotions are the ones who are going to take them many times to the diseases. So when you can handle that better when you can, as you were saying, the anxiety or depression that this These are behaviors that can be much harder have lots of improved with scalar energy but it's not only that, I wanted to add something that I would like to Tom show you how it works, but also it's kind of like the same way that can let's say this assemble the molecular bones of the viruses can do the opposite. 


So you can get nutrients and vitamins, by way of scattering light, and that is something that I. It's so amazing when we go to conferences, because we explain this very well. And also, I like to you to tell you tell me if you can share the, the experience of the astronauts at the Apollo there because they were, they have they received scalar energy and they were treated not only for the viruses they have at the time they got it to the moon, but also they got they got nutrients. And because this also can be done with scalar energy and it's amazing how we can receive all these nutrients, vitamins, and also get rid of metals and things that, you know, many people have asked because of the things that happened recently, and their blood that also can be solved with scanner energy.

Tom: So you're right. Scanner energy can be used to work at a distance. My predecessor, the actual inventor of these instruments, a man by the name of Galen Hieronymus Hieronymous, was working with the Apollo 11 astronauts while they were orbiting the moon, he took their photographs, and he placed the photographs of the Apollo 11 astronauts in an instrument. And he was able to measure their bio rhythms, their heartbeat or their blood pressure while they were orbiting the moon, that was a subjective process. But nonetheless, it showed that even though you're a quarter million miles away, you can still make a connection by way of a photograph. 


So we've developed also another program where we can deliver nutrients now scalar energy can assemble or disassemble, yep, so that that inward force can assemble a vitamin I'm holding up a photograph of riboflavin, B to if I were to place riboflavin right next to mind photograph, the two energy fields share the energy of riboflavin downloads into my quantum field. So in practice, I took a photograph of riboflavin. Place it right next to my photograph. And the two energies, the two fields, the two force fields are sharing. It's not a chemical process, it's an intelligent process, we're sharing the intelligence riboflavin into my quantum body. Everything is non physical, everything is intelligence.

Devin: I need to interject here to go for it. So wow, this, this really lights me up. So what I'm seeing here again, I I approach things through the lens of of hermetic philosophy and understanding everything that we experience in this reality as a symbol for what it truly is, what it truly is being God's source, the all the thing that we can't actually experience when we're here, rather than in the spiritual world. So what I'm, the way I connect to this is, and again, I'm not seeing the video feed here, but I'm imagining the photographs of of whatever it is, I mean, I guess it could be a a photograph of that you took with an electron microscope of a particular molecule, or a photograph of a particular vitamin supplement. I'm not sure. 


But it seems like those are just keys that access the collective consciousness that is connected to the thing that these photographs are a symbol for. Yes. And that communicates what we want. So it's, I'm seeing the evolution of the human species here. And this swinging pendulum where it swings one way into the microcosmic, where we are fascinated with understanding the building blocks of reality down to the levels of molecules and atoms and even even deeper than that. And by going there, we have sort of unlocked a new language for understanding the building blocks of reality. And you can use photographs of these building blocks to activate the scalar energy to just get those things without needing to do anything else.

Tom: Yes. Now you see how we address scarcity. So instead of having to provide vitamin tablets for everybody, we can work with millions of people with a scalar energy instrument, and provide riboflavin to millions of people.

Patricia: I found this type of nutrients because when with this program, people receive more than 300 different nutrients, vitamins and all that at the same time, and they, the way he is to put in the vitamin, vitamin D right now, he has, like hundreds of pictures of this different type of nutrients and vitamins. So we get all of them the same way to happen with the viruses. He put the sample of the HIV, but he has 400,000 types of viruses in pictures. So he put all of them together, and it's like, okay, this is a scanning, you know, if you if we have those viruses or violent bacteria, then they're gonna get out of our Kuantan

Tom: There's a photograph of a collage of viruses.

Sunshine: Yeah, this I mean, it's just incredible. I mean, I know I have a client who I'm automatically Tom, I'm like, they're gonna love what you're doing because they explore this kind of stuff. And, like, are you so interested in it? I, I mean, I am just fascinated, I am so fascinated. But I do want to make sure once again, because you've said this, you said the website. But why don't you go ahead and say like, you want people to reach out to you, like, tell people how you want them to reach out what they should be reaching out to you for? Right Like, let's hear that from you. 


Tom: Okay, Patricia, and I want to prove what we're doing, or at least have people experience that the experience will allow people to prove it to themselves. So on our website, anybody in the world can sign up for 15 days of free sessions, you're going to email us your photograph. The website is scalar light.com, SCA la are scalar live.com. You can send in photographs of your pets with your family's permission sending photographs of your family members. And let us work with you free, no obligation for 15 days will balance your chakras, will provide nutrients and will eradicate pathogens, germs. And after 15 days, then you decide how you feel. Patricia and I would love to treat a million people next month. So if a million people go to the website and sign up fine.

Sunshine: I absolutely adore that I keep getting this ping to tell you do you have something about adrenaline in your program?

Tom: I have been able to work and sleep tossed around or for instance, if somebody wanted to stop around or Yeah, so just around we have a female hormone program we have a male hormone program.

Sunshine: So this is me, my guides are telling me to give you this tad bit of information that I have here. Tom, adrenaline excess adrenaline in the human's body itself is one tends to tend to be the result of constant stress. And so if you can actually create a program that helps remove excess adrenaline, that will also help people that have chronic anxiety. So just a note that came through was like that detox part that you're talking about. One of the things that you're focusing on is removing any excess adrenaline because it is through diet that normally people need to do this and not everybody loves the diet that you have to follow. so it just popped into my head and like three times they yelled at me to tell you and I'm like fine, I will tell him thank you.

Devin: This brings something up for me actually, this. So what comes up for me is the implications of this kind of technology, not only for the health and prosperity of human beings and the creatures of Earth and the planet itself. But the implications that it has for souls. Those who I'm not sure what, where we are here in the concept of reincarnation or the purpose for incarnating as humans or what a soul actually comes here for. But I wonder if, you know, Sunshine you said, I know a lot of people who don't really like to follow the diet to remove excess adrenaline from their body to achieve these results. 


Well, maybe we can just direct some scalar energy in their direction and remove the excess adrenaline. But what does that do? To? How do I put this? So working with the concept that we are here to learn? Yeah, Earth is a school. And so, what happens when we don't even need to concern ourselves anymore with our well being because scalar energy technology is so active and prevalent that everyone is, well, everyone is healthy? We're feeling content, joyful, even creative, innovative, energized, and we don't have the same kinds of struggles, as we used to have, which create the suffering that is kind of the engine for the evolution of the soul. You know, where am I going with this? When everyone's better and healthy, and well.

Tom: Roll scalar energy will liberate mankind, free healing, free energy. We're going to liberate the role, humanity will be liberated. That's my end goal. That's why I'm humanitarian.

Patricia: Devin regarding where you're saying that , I understand very well your point. Because as a viral decoding therapist, when the sanction was mentioned, the excess of adrenaline, we have to be aware that everything that we produce in our body is has a main reason to be to be produced by whatever like do with this, you have an unconscious program that is creating that because our survival thing is not you're not a person doesn't create adrenaline, just because it is creating adrenaline is creating adrenaline, because it has some conscience program or survival program that is telling that person that he or she needs adrenaline. 


So it is important always to go to the emotions and work on that problem that is creating that, that even if that problem is coming from the past and is already done and solved, unconsciously that person feels that is not solved. And that that can come back to his life or her life. So it's, it's unconsciously producing adrenaline. So what do we do here? With emotional therapies, we work on that. But definitely with scanner light, as I mentioned before, it kind of helps to balance the brainwaves, and also helps to better manage emotions. So when you have this combination, it's perfect because you can overcome the issue and they'll come back to that point again. Because now you're imbalanced with your emotions so you can handle that situation better. It's not like Okay, now I'll have his color light so I don't have to worry about anything right now. 


I have a pain in my knee because I've been carrying rocks. So I have to be responsible for that, you know, and and everything it happens with diseases, he has a main unconscious reason why is this happening, but definitely, we have the you know, if we can use the scanner light to also to help ourselves to, to handle better this, these emotions and these situations, it will be a moment that we don't even we won't even need to get to an equipment to get a scanner like because there's going to be so much in our heart in our cells in our spirits in an aura that we are going to be so aware that we are light and that we are the medicine ourselves. So that's something we have to be very responsible with.

Sunshine: I love that the dam and the when you read into and I read books and I read things and I get things shared and I don't always remember where but I do know that this is a belief that has permeated in a number of different in areas that ultimately, humans, you know, kind of path is the path of enlightenment is getting to this point that we are no longer suffering. And there have been times in humanity's history that we've been in these places, and then we've lost it, right. And so even some of the stories state that once that happens, there are still those that will rise and they will ascend, and they are no longer, you know, restricted by the ailments of the physical world. And so, to me, Tom, this sounds like a bit of what you are introducing.


I mean, a perfect day would be when you no longer have to put anybody's photo or, you know, disease into that box. But until that day comes, you know, there's plenty of humans out here that will benefit from this very, very beautiful technology that You've given birth to this healing modality that I think aligns in the spiritual world so wonderfully. You know, I, myself, am a healer. So I'm fascinated and adore what you are doing. Very, very much there. We need more of us in this world in some way, shape, or form. I don't really care how we're doing it. But yeah, the world needs more healers out there. That's for damn sure. Yeah. Well, we've been at this for a while. And we probably could continue on for a very extended time.

Devin: That  I would love to have you both back next season. If you're interested.

Tom: Yeah. mate. Do a follow up. You know, let's do it. Yeah. Your audience. The key is how did the people feel? Is there merit? Is there validity to what Patricia and I are saying? And after your audience samples, experiences, the free trials that will let your audience speak?

Sunshine: I love that so much. I love that so much. Well, Patricia, and Tom, I mean, bless you for the work that you are doing in this world. I think it's amazing. And I'm so glad that you joined us today. And as always, we are going to wrap up today's podcast in the same way you can hold on tight. Well, we'll cut it off. And then you know, but I just want to say this, we say this every episode, we are here to just help each and every one of you and encourage you to always find your own path. follow your own path into your own deepest spirituality. And with that I love sunshine to all of you. Until next time, Devin, you want to sign out?


Tom: Let's see. Well, I'm wishing you all wellness and always, always.

Sunshine: Always. All right, well, Much love to all of our audience. Until next time. Take care.

Patricia: Thank you very much.

Sunshine: All right. Oh, my goodness, what amazing work. I mean seriously what amazing work you're doing. I've seen the website. I'm already fascinated. And you better damn, well believe I'm gonna take advantage of this. I got to just pick like, what do I? What would I want to potentially do? This, you know, trial. So this is an amazing time. I mean, seriously.

Tom: Thank you for seeing the big picture. Patricia, and I want to work with millions of people. This instrument can easily work with a million people 2 million people a day.

Patricia: Oh,how many people that you worked with yesterday, Tom?

Tom: I've worked with half a million photographs. Yesterday. I really appreciated Patricia, I greatly appreciate your effort to help us get the word out. It takes time. You know, that's not gonna happen overnight. If you know of other podcasters that will interview Patricia or me, please bring them. I need to get you know, we're all grassroots. Obviously, Bill Gates is not going to help us. How's that? 

Sunshine: I know. Like I said, I have a client that I know will be very fascinated and interested in both using but also even seeing that he's a big proponent of sharing things like this. And so he may have some ideas of some other folks who'd like to connect to you, but I'll keep my eyes, my eyes open in my ears. And I know my guides will do that as well for me, but I thank you seriously for an amazing topic, amazing conversation. I would say you know, feel free to keep in touch through email with anything going on as well. We'd love to keep hearing the story. I'm not always so good on social media. So don't please please don't try to ask me to connect with you on social media because I'm horrible at that but email would be great.

Tom: Kids to get this out to your friends, your family members, the general public once we do that, have us back next year. And then absolutely, we'll get the feedback from people Oh, yeah. 

Devin, thank you so much for your intention, Devin. Thank you, sunshine.

Sunshine: Thank you guys very much. 

Devin: You're very welcome. Thank you for coming here.

Sunshine: Yeah. I hope you guys have a beautiful rest of your weekend and hope that we connect again soon. Well, God bless.