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The Goat Matrix Continues its Successful Development in Tanzania

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goats in Tanzania

Originally posted on Phoenix Voyage

Communities and families in Tanzania proceed to benefit from a very effective project of Phoenix Voyage’s initiative known as the Goat Matrix!
Providing goats to villagers can change their lives for the better immensely and in a short time. These enormous benefits assist people in breaking the cycle of poverty and also offer the chance for a better life for their children.

Owning a goat:
  • One of the most valuable advantages of owning a goat is having access to fresh, healthy goat milk.  
  • Also, goats produce wonderful wool. Think about weaving nice and soft blankets, sweaters, or scarves from it.
  • Another benefit of utilizing a goat is that they enjoy eating weeds. They devour a wide variety of weeds. Goats also clean brush and brambles from streams without harming the habitat. 
  • Any of the aforementioned advantages can be used to produce money by goat owners. Goat milk and other products, such as cheese and yarn, have a viable market.

That is why, Tom Paladino, a pioneer in Scalar Light Technology and the unique vision of healing the world did not hesitate to get the first goats for the villagers.  After the astonishing results, Tom proceeded to help the communities in Southern Tanzania.

Tom himself has long been known for his humanitarian initiatives. Scalar Light is new and emerging science and a key component to its advancement is educating the world about its existence and benefits. Tom promotes the origin of scalar light and its healing potential offering it to villagers for free. He offers a year of remote free scalar light treatments to the impoverished segments of Tanzania’s population.

The new year was marked by a gift of another 15 goats from Tom. The initiative continues to grow successfully bringing health and joy to more and more families for four years, already.
The goat giving event on March 29th, 2022 was attended by the village government leaders of Sogea village, Tukuyu district in the Mbeya region. The leaders promised to monitor the Goat Matrix to make sure they multiply and other needy families benefit from them.
People with their goats in Tanzania

Scalar Light is a "divine" energy and the application thereof represents a new and emerging science. The administration of Scalar Light, a divine light, upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and / or any other US Governmental derivatives thereof, known or unknown. Furthermore, no governmental agency in the world has defined Scalar Light or regulated the administration of Scalar Light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Presently, the scientific community has not been able to duplicate the Scalar Light instruments utilized to administer Scalar Light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.
The scalar light sessions operate exclusively within the scalar light dimension upon the scalar light force fields embedded upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. In specific, the scalar light sessions are non-physical, divine instructions as scalar light is the omnipresence of God. Furthermore, the scalar light sessions do not operate within the electromagnetic dimension. Thus, the scalar light sessions are not physical in character nor do the scalar light sessions observe any recognized scientific protocol. Rather, the scalar light research and protocol developed by Tom Paladino and contained herein @ www.scalarlight.com are unique and have not been duplicated. Scalar light is a new and emerging science that has not been defined by any government, legislative or judicial body. As a new and emerging science, the scientific laws of scalar light as well as the description of scalar light phenomenon remains poorly understood.