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The Science of Remote Healing

It might seem, at first glance, that Remote Healing and Science are somewhat opposite. After all, science emphasizes observation and tangibility, replication via experiments, and underlying provable laws and theories. Scientists are amongst the first in cultures to denounce something, such as the concept of remote healing, instead supporting mainstream medical procedures and practices acquired via accredited universities. While an accredited and solid education is certainly a non-negotiable part of any legitimate medical practice, the process of valid training and effective health practices and tenets do exist outside the realm of what we think of when we speak about the medical establishment and mainstream medicine. This article in no way advocates the patronage of those without proper training and those whose claims lie outside the realm of empirical research findings. However, mainstream science by and large discounts the ideas of energy or remote healing, and this article does aim to provide support for the effectiveness of healing practices such as Reiki for example. 

Throughout our history, many cultures and groups have used techniques to help heal and maintain health, techniques that are generally not accepted by the medical establishment. Many cultures have demonstrated a connection amongst members that is maintained despite distances or time, a connection that may seem dubious at first glance. However, time and again, we find that our world and the universe have barely begun to reveal its mysteries. Likewise, all that is asked here is that the reader will consider the evidence provided, tenets grounded in quantum physics. The arguments here will shed light on the notion that remote healing is not only possible but even demonstrable and has been with us since the beginnings of recorded history.

Remote Healing – How is it Possible?

concept of quantum physics connection

Have you ever had one of those feelings? For no reason, out of the blue, you know something isnt quite right with something or someone, and you feel the need to contact them and make sure they are all right? When speaking to them, have you found out perhaps more than once, that your intuition was correct and that they had indeed experienced something negative, been in an accident, or worse? These sorts of transpersonal phenomena have been documented scientifically and proved many times in laboratories and experiments.  Quantum Physics teaches us that there is a phenomenon called Quantum Entanglement, where paired particles not only affect each other at distances and even anticipate their partners actions, but also that these paired particles may be separated distances equalling thousands of light-years, and despite being such incredible lengths apart, the pair will still exhibit a bond that preserves the mirroring of actions and equal and opposite reactions between the two. Scientists in the early 1900s like Neils Bohr and Max Planck provided evidence for what was termed as the Zero Point Field, via mathematical equations. They became aware that all things are connected by a quantum field, a kind of energy soup in which all things were afloat and intertwined. We, ourselves, are made up of the same types of quantum material, so these scientists demonstrated that we, along with all things in the universe, are connected at a quantum level. Not only does this field exist, but it has also been shown to carry vast sums of information across this quantum, energy soup. In and of itself, this shows that energy, the fundamental component of remote healing, is possible and real, due to the interconnection we share across the quantum world:  

In studying this sea of quantum potential, David Bohm saw implications for location, — or rather non-location. At the level of our everyday lives, things have specific locations, writes Michael Talbot in The Holographic Universe. Bohms interpretation of quantum physics indicated at the subquantum level, the level in which quantum potential operated, locations cease to exist. All points in space become equal to all other points, and it is meaningless to speak of anything as being separate from anything else. Physicists call this property nonlocality. Regarding the sending and receiving of the form of information we call healing energy, therefore, nonlocality implies that it is not really going somewhere. Its already there, and its already shared. Quantum Non-locality . . . indicates that information is subtly but effectively transmitted throughout the quantum world, Ervin László writes in Science and The Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything.  As this informational linking is both instant and enduring, it appears to be independent of time and space, as well.

The Science of Remote Healing is Real

Research has also shown the reality of distance healing and how it is possible. The work of Dr. Larry Dossey effectively showed that ones body or corporeal form does not contain consciousness and that concentration and the willful desire to impart healing on another being can take something that is disorganized and chaotic and form order. Dr. Dosseys research also demonstrated that groups and individuals can administer remote healing and that they can even absorb energies from another and the surrounding environment, as well.

unravelling string and putting it in order

Even those that do not make a lifes work out of the search for knowledge know that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what is knowable and factual. At innumerable points in our history, what was thought of as factual became shown as false not only through research and science but also through making space for ideas that, at the time, seemed impossible. That is all that is asked here. We should never become so comfortable in our present knowledge or so dogmatic in our beliefs that space for new ideas, or ancient ideas that supposedly have no grounding in empiricism, is negated. Remote healing is not a new idea, even though the science that shows it to be possible may be relatively modern. As such, we come to realize that our ancestors were perhaps, not so primitive in their beliefs and knowledge, and that science, though meant to be approached with healthy skepticism, should never be composed entirely of outright cynicism. Einstein himself touted the endless possibilities and power of imagination, thought, and intent. Likewise, we should explore these ideas and be ever mindful that what we believe is a fact on one day can change the next. As such, we are forever students and forever connected in our searching, just as remote healing and the science that shows it possible forms part of the quantum field in which we are all unified.

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