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Scalar Energy is how divine wisdom is communicated. When exploring the mind of genius, what is often overlooked is that all thought is scalar energy expression.

God is the first cause of all causes in the universe. God is the creator of Scalar Energy. Scalar energy is a primal force in nature. It is responsible for assembling and maintaining all matter. A Scalar Energy wave assumes the shape of a double-helix. Specifically the Phi ration 1.618. This is incorporated throughout the universe in many aspects regarding the form and function of all creation! The sun and stars of the universe manifest and propagate Scalar Energy. Scalar Energy is the means by which God communicates his divine wisdom to mankind. All prayer, thoughts, inspirations, emotions, premonitions, ideas and creativity, memory, knowledge and information. Understanding, deduction, telepathy, calculation, prophesy, Deja Vu, perceptions, visions etc are emanations of Scalar Energy. Scalar Energy is the cause of all spiritual, intellectual and emotional expressions in the universe.