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Create Your Own Bundle

Create your Bundle Program to your needs for only $ 199.00 / month. The Bundle Program already includes the Standard Scalar Light Sessions. You will add three (3) additional Specialty Programs. In total, there are four (4) Scalar Light Programs included in the Bundle Program for $ 199 / month.


An example of the Scalar Light Bundle Program is found below for $ 199 / month / person:


1) Scalar Light Standard Program

2) Scalar Light Natural Foods Program

3) Scalar Light Mineral & Precious Stone Program

4) Scalar Light Endorphin & Neurotransmitter Program


Your option is to register for the Bundle Program for either one (1) month or a recurring subscription. Only (1) person is allowed to register for each Bundle Program. Multiple people can not register for one (1) Bundle Program.

Current Promotional Discounts CANNOT be applied to bundles as this bundle offer is discounted by $201.00 from the original single month pricing.

The Standard Scalar Light sessions are already selected and included in the Bundle Program. Please choose three (3) additional Specialty Programs below in order to complete your Bundle Program.



Standard Scalar Divine Intelligence, Single Month, $199.00 USD

Standard Scalar Divine Intelligence, Monthly Recurring, $199.00 USD