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Digestive Enzyme Program

Digestive enzymes are proteins that regulate biological reactions in the body responsible for the digestion of food. These enzymes metabolize or break down food such as carbohydrates, protein, and fats into smaller, nutrient constituents for energy, cell repair, growth, respiration, etc. In so doing, digestive enzymes accelerate the metabolism of food yet are not consumed during these chemical reactions.

The Scalar Light Digestive Enzyme Program assembles digestive enzymes as well as amino acids inside the human body by way of scalar light instructions. Specifically, scalar light assembles or transmutes digestive enzymes, amino acids, and minerals inside each cell of the human body. In so doing, scalar light assures a perfect delivery of digestive enzymes, amino acids and minerals throughout the body thereby serving to promote the digestion and proper metabolism of food. As a result, the Scalar Light Digestive Enzyme Program serves to accelerate the digestion of food and enhance its absorption. Click here for more information on the Digestive Enzyme Program.