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Minerals & Precious Stones Program

As much as 99% of your body’s mass is comprised of six essential elements and minerals. These include calcium, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, and oxygen. Having sufficient amounts of these and other elements are crucial to our health.

Scalar Light™ Minerals & Precious Stones Sessions Amplify Nature’s Benefits

Ensuring your body has the fuel it needs for optimal health is challenging in this era of processed foods and nutrient-depleted soil. Important naturally occurring minerals are now often missing from our daily diet. The human body is largely comprised of essential elements and minerals. These naturally occurring essential elements and minerals include: calcium, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus and oxygen. Having the proper balance of essential elements and minerals are crucial to a person’s health. Your body functions properly on them, they are the light switch that allows your body to receive and use energetic signals.

Because the human body typically relies partially on food to replenish its balance of essential elements and minerals, with the current depletion of nutrient-rich soil, we are all in various states of imbalance. Scalar Light Minerals & Precious Stones Session can help.

Scalar Light Minerals & Precious Stones Session amplifies nature’s benefits through the use of a variety of minerals and precious stones. Please click the above link for a full list of the minerals and precious stones available.

We have developed powerful light tools, as noted in our What is Scalar Energy section, to amplify and impart the essence, attributes and healing power of minerals and precious stones to enhance your natural self-healing abilities. This amplification nurtures and benefits the human mind, body and soul through the use of photographic energy (all photographs are captured through the use of light and energy, it makes sense that photos themselves have an energetic footprint) and Scalar Light.

The Scalar Light Minerals & Precious Stones Session stones are found naturally occurring throughout the world and are revered for their innate healing powers. With the inner mineral and elements balance, these sessions will provide, your body will function at its peak performance.

Scalar Light Minerals harnesses perfect energy for your benefit.

What's Included


  1. apatite                 ( composed of calcium phosphate, fluorine and chlorine )
  2. aplite                   ( composed or calcium and sodium )
  3. augite                  ( composed of calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron silicon and oxygen )
  4. biotite                 ( composed of chlorine, hydrogen, iron, magnesium, oxygen, potassium, silicon )
  5. bischofite            ( composed of magnesium chloride, hydrogen and oxygen )
  6. boron
  7. calcite                 ( composed of calcium carbonate )
  8. calcium
  9. calcium bicarbonate
  10. calcium carbonate
  11. calcium phosphate
  12. calcium sulphate
  13. carbon
  14. carnallite            ( composed of potassium and magnesium chloride )
  15. chlorine
  16. chromium
  17. clinoptilolite       ( natural form of zeolite )
  18. cobalt
  19. copper
  20. dolomite            (composed of calcium and magnesium carbonate)
  21. fayalite              ( composed of oxygen, silicon and iron )
  22. feldspar             ( composed of sodium, iron, potassium and calcium )
  23. fluorapatite       ( composed of fluorine, calcium and phosphorus )
  24. fluorine
  25. gabbro               (composed of calcium)
  26. geode                (composed of calcite)
  27. goethite            (composed of iron and manganese)
  28. germanium
  29. gold
  30. granite              (composed of calcium and sodium)
  31. hematite           ( composed of iron and oxygen )
  32. Himalayan salt ( composed over 80 minerals )
  33. hydrogen
  34. igneous rock     ( composed calcium, silicon, magnesium and iron )
  35. iodine
  36. iron
  37. iron sulphate
  38. lithium
  39. magnesium
  40. magnesium citrate
  41. manganese
  42. manganese phosphate
  43. manganese sulphate
  44. molybdenum
  45. nitrogen
  46. octacalcium phosphate
  47. oxygen
  48. phosphorus
  49. potassium
  50. potassium chloride
  51. potassium sulphate
  52. pyroxenite       ( composed of magnesium and iron )
  53. selenium
  54. shungite
  55. silica
  56. silicon
  57. sodium
  58. sodium phosphate
  59. sulphur
  60. vanadium 
  61. wadsleyite     ( composed of magnesium, silicon and oxygen )
  62. zinc
  63. zinc sulphate




  1. agate
  2. amber
  3. amethyst
  4. andalusite
  5. andradite
  6. apophyllite
  7. aquamarine
  8. aragonite
  9. aventurine
  10. azurite
  11. beryl
  12. bloodstone
  13. carnelian
  14. chalcedony
  15. charoite
  16. cheralite
  17. chiastolite
  18. chlorite
  19. chrysoberyl
  20. chrysocolla
  21. chrysoprase
  22. citrine
  23. clinohumite
  24. corundum
  25. cristobalite
  26. crystal quartz
  27. demantoid
  28. diamond
  29. dravite
  30. emerald
  31. fluorite
  32. garnet
  33. helidor
  34. Herkimer diamond
  35. heulandite
  36. iolite
  37. Isis crystal
  38. jacinth
  39. jade
  40. jasper
  41. jaspilite
  42. kyanite
  43. labradorite
  44. lapis lazuli
  45. lepidolite
  46. lizardite
  47. malachite
  48. moldavite
  49. moonstone
  50. mordenite
  51. morganite
  52. nuummite
  53. obsidian
  54. onyx
  55. opal
  56. pearl
  57. peridot
  58. phenacite
  59. quartz
  60. red coral
  61. rhodochrosite
  62. rhodonite
  63. ringwoodite
  64. ruby
  65. sapphire
  66. sardonyx
  67. sillimanite
  68. sinhalite
  69. sodalite
  70. sugilite
  71. tanzanite
  72. tiger’s eye
  73. topaz
  74. tourmaline
  75. tremolite
  76. turquoise
  77. unakite
No items found.

The Larger Your Group, The More You Save!

Purchasing Scalar Light Sessions comes with many options to tailor for various needs, preferences and budget sizes. The more family and friends that join you, the more you save!

Single Month: You can pay for a single month at a time. Pick it up and put it down as often as you like with no ongoing financial commitments. This is ideal for people who want to try Scalar Light for a while to see how they feel about it. Most people want to progress to “Monthly Recurring” to save money.

Monthly Recurring: If you are passionate about receiving Scalar Light and want to continue indefinitely then the Monthly Recurring Program is for you! This works out cheaper for you and your payment is debited from you automatically every month.

12 Months: The best value for money is our 12 Months Program where you pay for a full 12 months upfront and benefit from a generous discount!

Group Scalar: You may have up to 6 others with you on any Scalar Light Program. The more people you bring with you, the more money you save.

Mineral & Precious Stone
Single Month

per month / per person
  • 1 Person: $2.50 per day
  • 2 People: $4.50 per day
  • 3 People: $6.17 per day
  • 4 People: $7.83 per day
  • 5 People: $9.50 per day
  • 6 People: $11.17 per day
  • 7 People: $12.83 per day
Mineral & Precious Stone
Monthly Recurring

per month / per person
  • 1 Person: $2.23 per day
  • 2 People: $3.90 per day
  • 3 People: $5.23 per day
  • 4 People: $6.57 per day
  • 5 People: $7.90 per day
  • 6 People: $9.23 per day
  • 7 People: $10.57 per day
Mineral & Precious Stone
12 Months

per year / per person
  • 1 Person: $2.13 per day
  • 2 People: $3.33 per day
  • 3 People: $4.38 per day
  • 4 People: $5.47 per day
  • 5 People: $6.48 per day
  • 6 People: $7.66 per day
  • 7 People: $8.76 per day
More Info

Scalar Light™ Mineral & Precious Stones Sessions details 

The Scalar Light™ Minerals & Precious Stones Sessions broadcast instructions 24 hours each day to facilitate a constant informational exchange between the Scalar Light™ instruments and your body’s energy field.

As your body understands these instructions it will quickly begin to form the molecular bonds that create the essential minerals and elements usable by all the cells in your body.

The informational input (magnified photo) used by Scalar Light™ instruments are simple electron microscope photos that take waveforms (information) and help turn them into matter. In this case, that matter is minerals and essential elements.

Scalar Light™ Minerals & Precious Stones Sessions run 24 hours a day for the entire duration of your trial or program. We offer trials several times per year. You have the opportunity to try this one time if you are on our mailing list or newsletter list.

After the trial, your investment to continue with the Scalar Light™ Mineral & Precious Stones Sessions is $75.00 per month – only about $2.50 per day. Your photograph is destroyed at the conclusion of the sessions.


The United States Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the products, claims, and testimonials made about specific products or services on or through this site. Results vary by individual and we cannot guarantee results. You should not use the information for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem, nor do we encourage you to discontinue any medication or ignore advice from your physician. Any attempt to diagnose and treat illness should come under the direction of your healthcare provider. Your photos are confidential, and we will never share them with anyone.

In my estimation, the Scalar Light Natural Foods Session offers exceptional nutritional support for people of all walks of life. It is my fervent desire that the Scalar Light Natural Foods Session will serve to provide the nutritional needs of the world.
I myself, consider this program to be “My Magnum Opus.”

Tom Paladino

Researcher, scalarlight.com