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Presently, no scientific protocol exists to either prove or disprove scalar light action. Furthermore, only a scalar light instrument can be utilized to monitor and observe scalar light action upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.

The testimonies herein are first-hand accounts as to the efficacy of the scalar light sessions by way of a photograph of a person, animal, plant or object. These testimonies are subjective. Nonetheless, the testimonies serve as the initial body of evidence attesting to the benefits of the scalar light sessions. Scalar light is a new and emerging science and the testimonies listed on the website have been voluntarily submitted.

The scalar light sessions are administered upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. In practice, all scalar sessions act within the scalar light dimension which is distinct from the electromagnetic dimension. Therefore, all testimonies submitted to www.scalarlight.com reflect the subjective experience or observation of people that have e-mailed photographs of people, animals, plants and objects for scalar light sessions. Consequently, the scalar light sessions and the associated testimonies represent the new and emerging science of influencing the scalar light force fields embedded upon photographs.

The scalar light instruments are unique as well as the scalar light protocols which administer scalar light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Thus, the testimonies are unique, first-hand accounts relative to the ground-breaking, private research of Tom Paladino contained herein at: www.scalarlight.com


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Top > Male Hormone Program

Oct 13, 2022 by James on Scalar Light
I noticed quite a few improvements esthetically and energetically
On male hormone program but strangely seem to be getting weaker. Also when on my free 15day program I noticed quite a few improvements esthetically and energetically I'm now seeing and feeling worse than before I started any scalar why is this happening ??
Dec 27, 2021 by ranj on Scalar Light
There is quite big difference
Hello, Tom! I feel very strongly than before without taking this male hormone therapy program sessions / there is quite a big difference that I do experience since I am in this program currently in my body shape / health issues / and some improvement inside of my cells / thank you, scalar light ! / much appreciate ! May God Bless In A Miraculous Way Of Life !
Dec 06, 2021 by randj on Scalar Light
I recommend all the males across the corners to try it on this program
Hello, Tom! I would like to thank you first of all regarding this male hormone program therapy session / [m.h.p.t.s.] that I am still on. However, this program is quite interesting results regarding my health issues such as I have a deep sleep at night like a baby that is quite different than before. Also, I gain some muscular build automatically even if I do not go to the gym recently that I used to be [for summer time] because it's cold right now [winter time] / so, less physical exercise, but this hormone program change my body posture in great shape even [to gain some six packs] / all my friends noticed some quite change in my outlook / like skin-toned / deep male voices/alpha male type look alike. Thank you very much for this program that you offer online / there is nothing to lose but a lot to gain for a big change / to challenge myself for the huge benefits from this program / and I recommend all the males across the corners to try it on this program if they will need some changes for [in/out]/look in physical appearance / but it's up to everybody to make up their minds/thoughts ....... Much appreciate your sessions!
Jun 22, 2021 by Louis on Scalar Light
Scalar Sessions
Under the Male Hormone program, I have been having weird dreams things that never happened this way before, Not sure how to interpret those. Some I sort of can explain but very weird. Not sure how to explain that.
May 06, 2020 by Guy on Scalar Light
Hormone Program
At age 55 years old I lost my sexual drive. My testosterone levels were very low
and I assumed it was normal. I thought I should at least try the Hormone Balance
program to see if it could help. I didn’t feel any changes until my 4th month. I
suddenly became alive and feeling more youthful down below. I am 70 years old,
so it was a big surprise for my wife and myself. I was curious to see what could
have changed and tests showed my testosterone levels had jumped dramatically.
Thank-you, Scalar light.
Dec 17, 2019 by Dylan on Scalar Light
Hormone Program
I would like to start by saying how amazing each one of these therapies are. Each one is beneficial in its own way. So far I have completed 15 days of scalar and 30 days of male hormone. My attitude, sleep, attention span, appetite and all around day to day routines have improved tremendously. Tomorrow I’ll be starting the chemical detox and as someone who has struggled with addiction for 5 years I couldn’t be more excited to move onto the next chapter of my life. I pray that everyone acquires the knowledge and resources to better themselves. This therapy will change your life like it has mine. Thank you again to Tom and all of his wonderful assistants. Much love from New York & Have a Very Merry Christmas!
Nov 28, 2017 by John on Scalar Light
Male Hormone Therapy
Hello Tom,

I am currently passing a message on from John through my email. He has been taking the male hormone therapy for a week now and has reported feeling an increase in energy during exercise and has also reported a major increase in libido.
Jun 13, 2017 by DP on Scalar Light
Hello Tom,

I believe that I have worked through all the testosterone injections from my system. The scalar male hormone is really working for me. I feel really good - even better than before. I have much more energy, clarity of thought, and clear headed.
May 07, 2016 by DH on Scalar Light
My muscles are less sore
Hello Tom,

I just purchased the male hormone treatment and the fat metabolism scalar energy treatment for just myself and for 1 month.

I have seemed to heal already from severe dry eyes and my eye muscles relaxed and stopped twitching and the my jock itch is almost completely gone and my muscles are less sore and the muscles in my right forearm stopped twitching. I also noticed right away how relaxed and peaceful my mind is.
Apr 19, 2015 by A, on Scalar Light
Felt the Effects in Singapore
Hi Tom ,
I could feel the male hormone therapy on the first day of treatment as am feeling very energetic and positively lasting for 4 hours from Singapore time 10am to 2pm but subsequently from the second day onward I do feel a bit of the effect of positiveness,uplifting only.

Thank you , A
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